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Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 26, 2006 on FX
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After having a nipple bitten off by her dog, Shari Noble comes in to have it reconstructed before her husband returns from Iraq. Julia meets a breast-feeding expert. Christian and Liz hit a lesbian bar where Christian tries to attract one of the women there but she's attracted to Liz instead. Sean and Christian meet with a kidney specialist for one of their patients.moreless

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  • Great Episode

    I thought that this episode of Nip Tuck was great. There were many great things in this episode. Here are some of the things that I liked. I liked it when Christain went with Liz to the bar and Liz got her kidney removed. I thought that that was very shocking. We also got to see a dream sequence from Sean that was very entertaining. While Sean was with Monica we got to see if he would chose Monica which is what Escobar wanted him to do or if he would choose Julia which is what Megan O'Hara wanted him to do. We got to see two characters from Season 1 and I thought that that was very entertaining. Also the male nurse gets a little closer to Julia and Connor, while Christain gets closer to Michelle. The preview for next week looked very good and I can't wait until it airs. Overall this was a great episode of Nip/Tuck.moreless
  • this totally took me back on the line,after that terribly retarded season finale.

    Once again they\'ve managed to screw up their lives alittle more,and once again we got an slapping episode of nip/tuck telling us how sick the world can be.A woman fxcking a dog, Sean totally losing it,weed-cake dream scene,Troy being a total **** to get into the pants of that woman,that sick new Jake character...The episode was really disturbing and hard to watch,and just as i love it; not because of gore scenes or anything;it is the drama inside.The musical score piece that kept playing in connor\'s room was great;the one that gets louder every time they look into the mirror.and \"perfect world before the fall\" tells me there\'s a much bigger storm on the way.i cant wait to see what will happen in the rest of this season,cos it officially started to blow!moreless
  • Review up. Now that is more like it!

    So far this season has been alright, as they’re trying to shake off the problems that bogged down the third season. Thankfully, this episode is what good Nip/Tuck should be: crazy things going on, but at the center is that human drama that works very well on the show. This show is all about excesses, so it’s appropriate that they deal with temptation often. It’s the theme this week, as Sean got deeper into an affair that he doesn’t want, Christian got forbidden fruit he’ll possibly regret and Shari, who found a bizarre way of dealing with her husband’s military time away.

    The title character’s (#8, half pint Melissa Gilbert) story went from being slightly risqué, mostly because of what the dog bit off, to flat out crazy, which is just what this show should be. They did a good job hiding that reveal, even when the initial story didn’t work within the theme of temptation. When Mr. Noble comes in with the duffle bag, you think at first he’s a control freak. But in the end it is far more disturbing and memorable.

    Elsewhere at the office, we learn that James is a madam who hired Michelle, but still holds her in her ruthless clutches. It is a bit anticlimactic, but forgivable since it was only revealed a few weeks ago. It seems that she is set up to be the real villain this season instead of Michelle, who is merely a pawn. Perhaps Michelle will side with the doctors to bring her down by the end of the season.

    Christian once again gets to show just how awful he can be, extorting sex out of Michelle in exchange for keeping quiet about her past to her husband. Despite his conflicting feelings about which “team” he’ll play on, there was no way he wasn’t going to pursue the gorgeous woman who he sees every day at work. It also plays into the theme of temptation. This decision, as many where Christian places his desires over telling Sean the truth is setting James up to take even more power in their lives. It adds to the rift last week, which would add to why Christian acted as he did.

    Marlowe’s character is developing rather well. There is clearly some connection between him and Julia, as he manages to calm her to breast feed Conor (which apparently is the way they’re going to spell it). Although I think he’d be too professional to sleep with a client, this is Nip/Tuck, so he must have something to him. He does have an unusual ability to cut to whatever psychological problems are facing the other characters.

    I’m undecided about the hot organ thief seducing Liz and stealing her kidney. For those who don’t know, this is a play off a popular urban legend advising against picking up people in bars. Granted, the show has always done bizarre things like this, but reaching into urban legends for story material doesn’t feel like a good omen. It reminds me a bit of when Boston Public did an episode where someone was attacking people in the parking lot by slashing their ankles.

    I am glad they have given Liz a little more substantial material this season as she usually acts as a reactionary character to what the docs do. So is this kidney ordeal going to be an ongoing story? Was she targeted? Considering this was a bar, it may not be the best place for healthy kidneys. Was this an elaborate sting operation where someone managed to get Liz’s medical records? This also could be shaping into another multi-episode storyline, which may be a bad decision unless it is only a few episodes. They briefly tackled organ thieves back in season one with Escobar blackmailing the docs to operate on a mule, so could this connect back to Escobar’s crew, finally out to get revenge?

    Although having Robert Lasardo and Julie Warner in the credits spoiled the surprise of their appearance, having them appear in Sean’s hallucination worked so well. Escobar was great as the “devil” back in “Joan Rivers” when Sean was figuring out how to deal with The Carver that they should’ve done that more since then. It was also great to see Megan reappear, both because she represents the “angel” and as a remembrance of the last woman Sean had an affair with. As for what these hallucinations meant, I’m not sure, but man did Sean screw himself over by saying he loved Monica.

    Speaking of which, Monica is going full speed down the road to Alex Forrest territory. She has no self esteem and is placing everything into Sean, who clearly is only into her because she doesn’t argue with Sean the way Julia does. It’s no coincidence they picked “Obsession” for her to dance to instead of something romantic. So what is going to happen when Sean finally cuts those ties for good? And what happened to the first dad?

    When it comes to temptation, no one stands to gain from yielding to it. This is what sets Nip/Tuck apart from mere titillation for its own sake. It is a welcome return to form for the show, and hopefully indicative for where the season is heading.moreless
  • Sweet Temptation, Tangled Webs And Forbidden Fruit *SPOILERS*

    Even by Nip/Tuck’s standards, ‘Shari Noble’ really pushes the envelope. A wonderfully weaved story about temptation plays out against the backdrop of some of the most extreme scenes ever on the show. There’s an awful lot going on in this episode: illegal kidney removal, inter-species erotica (thankfully not seen), a drug-fuelled hallucination and more blackmail than you could shake a stick at means you’ll need a fairly hardy constitution for this one but it also makes this episode one of the strongest episodes of the series so far.

    Whilst I believe the actual quote from Oscar Wilde is ‘I can resist everything except temptation’, it certainly runs as a good motto for both Sean and Christian in this episode. The flirtation between Michelle and Christian is really ratcheted up here, despite her fierce rebuff of him when he tries it on initially (way to go, girl, with that slap!). But of course by the end of the episode, after a bit of flirtiness during an impromptu surgery where Michelle assists (she went to medical school but never graduated), the two of them are in each other’s arms, albeit that Christian is blackmailing her to sleep with him- more on that later. Sanaa Lathan really impresses in this episode, really running the gamut of emotions; by turns sassy, determined and downright desperate.

    Meanwhile, Sean is revisited by the slightly deranged Monica Wilder (the would-be night-nurse who he screwed then did a nose-job on), who says she can’t stop thinking about him. She asks him to come see her again, which he foolishly does after believing that Julia’s gone on anti-depressants for post-partum depression. When there, Monica gives him a hash brownie and he goes into a wild trip involving Escobar Gallardo and Megan O’Hara as the metaphorical devil and angel on his shoulders, alternately tempting and trying to stop him. It was marvellous to see both Robert LaSardo and Julie Warner reprising their roles in such an unusual way and that scene is great, if a little weird. In my limited experience, hash doesn’t make you hallucinate like that but sometimes dramatic effect is more important. Eventually, good wins through and Sean goes back to Julia without sleeping with Monica again.

    Other story strands include patient-of-the-week Shari Noble, who comes in asking for her nipple to be reattached after her dog bit it off. She tells Christian it happened whilst trying to prevent a dogfight, but it is later revealed by her irate husband that she used to use peanut butter in order to seduce the dog! Quite what that entails is never explained and thankfully never seen, but the rather bemused look on Christian’s face says it all. To cap it all, the dog-molester is played by none other than Melissa Gilbert! What a change this all must be from Little House On The Prairie.

    Then there’s the whole subplot with Liz. After revealing she’s had the occasional erotic dream about Michelle, and that’s it’s been over a year and a half since she last had a date- bemoaning the ‘gaming’ that goes on in the bars (hey, preaching to the choir on that one, sweetheart; gay bars are terrible for that- and I speak from experience), Christian decides to take her out and coach her. They hit a lesbian bar and start to sort out the possibilities. A rather good looking woman- as Liz puts it, a ‘ten’- appears to be looking over; Christian thinks it’s at him and tries it on. She rejects him roundly and sends a drink over for Liz. They go back together for more drinks and some heavyish petting… and Liz wakes up with a cellphone taped to her hand, which rings and tells her she’s had a kidney removed. Urban legend comes to life. When Sean and Christian go to the hospital to see her, they discover she’s the latest in a line of victims. An organ-smuggling ring is in operation in town. Could this be important later? Maybe, maybe not. We’ll have to see. Roma Maffia plays an absolute blinder in all her scenes (as she always does), and my heart just melted when she started crying that she didn’t have anyone to look after her.

    Also, Michelle’s mystery woman (from the parking lot in ‘Blu Mondae’) reappears. Bizarrely, she is called James and is played to steely perfection by Jacqueline Bisset. James brings one of her ‘girls’ to McNamara/Troy to have some work done, a new nose and chin, to be done pronto. Michelle mentions only having one last payment to make and she won’t recommend the girl for surgery. Unperturbed by this, James casually smashes a marble paperweight across the poor girl’s face, thus breaking her nose and making her eligible for the surgery. That was an absolutely shocking moment and directed excellently. It seems quite clear that James is not a woman to mess with and will do just about anything to get what she wants. At the end of the episode, Michelle reveals the truth to Christian- she used to work for James as an escort but quit, but James just won’t let her go. She begs him not to tell Burt (Larry Hagman, who makes a brief cameo) thus giving Christian the ammo he needs to blackmail her into bed. Oh dear.

    Finally, Julia’s having trouble breastfeeding Conor and believes she needs some kind of medication to help with what she thinks is post-partum depression. Wise male nanny Sawyer (Peter Dinklage, excellent throughout) tries putting a warm washcloth on Julia’s breast to see if that helps, but Sean sees this, thinks the little guy is copping a feel of his wife and promptly sacks him, suggesting that Sawyer’s own disability has led him to touch up vulnerable women as he can’t get it. In a wonderfully written exchange (one of many by credited writer Jennifer Salt), Sawyer sets Sean straight about Julia and a few other things. It seems that Sawyer’s a bit of a player, having two women on the go. Sean rehires him. Sawyer’s painting a mural in Conor’s nursery (of Adam and Eve, nicely tying in with the theme of temptation running through the episode), which Julia likes. They talk about Conor’s disability and Julia gets to get some stuff off her chest. As she manages to exorcise these thoughts, she’s able to breastfeed her baby.

    There’s a great use of music in this episode, and the guest cast and regulars turn in some of their best performances. No Kimber or Matt, but there’s more than enough drama as it is. This episode is certainly the best of those so far and, in my own humble opinion, sits alongside ‘Adelle Coffin’, ‘Agatha Ripp’ and ‘Rhea Reynolds’ as best episodes of the series to date. Genuine class.moreless
  • Wake Up Call Written by Jennifer Salt Directed by Nelson McCormack

    With the substantial lack of US imports until the start of next year on UK TV, I have to admit that my other method of catching the latest episodes of Nip/Tuck while time consuming is definitely becoming worth it as I’m reviewing an episode so delightful, I can definitely say “50 minutes well spent”, which is strange, because there’s a lot of stuff in this event filled instalment that’s hard to swallow. Then again, that’s always been this series greatest strength and occasional weakness.

    When it comes to lesbians on television, Liz has definitely been one of the most obvious disservices and increasingly looking like a vestal virgin compared to the ladies of The L Word or her oversexed employers, so you can imagine the delight that after briefly bonding over a mutual appreciation of Michelle’s hotness, Christian decides to help out Liz and get her some action as they hit the first lesbian bar they find in Miami where an attractive lady spurns Christian’s sleazy advances in favour of getting to know Liz a bit more intimately. Christian’s reaction to being turned down in particular is quite priceless as Liz’s now date firmly puts him in his place.

    Meanwhile Liz and her new girl go back to her place, listen the kind of music that Sugar Rush have played to death (Nouvelle Vague), enjoy cocktails and some heavy foreplay that we only get to see a fraction of before the next morning when Liz awakens to her girl toy gone and a cell phone duct taped to her hand. Not quite the morning after you would expect and for Liz it gets more unpleasant too.

    It seems that Liz’s one night stand is a part of an organ stealing gang who not only pick out vulnerable victims to seduce and organ pinch from but then decide to call them the next morning warning them not to move before the paramedics arrive. Honour among thieves or despicable bastards you decide (I’m leaning towards the latter), but if somebody stole my kidney, not only would I be traumatised but I would also be incandescent with fury.

    You really do have to feel for poor Liz though. As an audience, we’ve had to wait for four seasons (Sophia aside) for the lovely anaesthesiologist to get some much deserved action and what happens to her? The poor woman gets a frickin’ kidney stolen from her – how crappy is that? Does Ryan Murphy hate Liz in some way or is that a part of a wider scheme for us audiences to recognise Roma Maffia’s talents as an actress because you would have to a very cold hearted individual not to feel for Liz or be impressed by Maffia’s performance in this episode.

    Liz’s nasty case of bad luck brings a much needed kind and softer side to both Sean and Christian as the lads sensibly let her recuperate at McNamara/Troy, although why Christian didn’t at least offer a place to stay at his now butch digs is a bit mystifying. He obviously felt guilty and partly blamed himself for the whole debacle but still didn’t offer part time accommodation at Casa de Troy? Still, at least he showed some humanity by caring for Liz, as did Michelle but sadly for our lovely newcomer, her condolences only drew suspicion despite the seeming sincerity attached.

    I wouldn’t have found Michelle’s heartfelt sympathy suspect if parking lot lady James hadn’t returned and blackmailed Michelle into getting Christian and herself into performing an operation on an escort named Analise who recently compromised a client. Analise’s misfortune doesn’t end there when after Michelle challenged James’ authority, Analise paid the price by having her face smashed in with a marble paper weight. I can only imagine the pain that had to have delivered.

    Michelle is clearly scared of James (played to eerie perfection by Jacqueline Bisset) and given how much of a psycho James is revealed to be, even I’m a bit scared of her. James didn’t even flinch when she bashed Analise with that marble paper weight and Bisset looked like she was going to snap Michelle in half at one point.

    The odds of Michelle being indebted to James and the revelation of her being a former escort for the psychotic pimp isn’t groundbreaking stuff but it’s handled well enough to be praised and Sanaa Lathan also seems to generate a sympathetic enough performance as a pretty much screwed Michelle. Escorts/prostitutes don’t necessarily have to weak characters and if Michelle gets a similar styling of former companions on shows such as Firefly and Deadwood, my interest in the character will remain but learning of her past, now puts Christian in the advantage spot he so desperately does not need to be in.

    Christian’s attraction to Michelle has been in no way subtle and seeing as she has repeatedly rebuffed his smarmy advances, Christian loses major points in this episode as instead of doing the decent and either offer to help Michelle or inform the clueless Burt of his wife’s past, Christian uses Michelle’s former profession as an excuse to blackmail her into having sex with him. That’s nice, Christian – are you so hung up about rejection you now have blackmail a woman into sleeping with you? Granted Michelle is probably the most attractive woman you’ve bonked this season but even for you, that’s a new low.

    Michelle is an interesting lady and if she has any involvement with the organ thieving plot, which I definitely think James does by the way, I’m not sure how I’ll deal with a character that knowingly has hurt one of my favourites. As a gay man, even I think Sanaa Lathan is gorgeous but unlike Rhona Mitra or Kelly Carlson, this girl can seriously act and if her and Christian were gonna hook up, I was hoping that that Michelle would’ve been the one who had initiated and that the circumstances hadn’t been something sleazy like what we got here. Christian you are becoming a serious dick this season.

    Speaking of dicks, how horrible was Sean’s comment about Marlowe having difficult getting laid because of his own disability when he tried to fire him for “fondling” Julia? I really hated Sean at that moment and I loved the verbal Marlowe so richly delivered to Sean, aided with the bite of the Manny having a pretty regular sex life. Marlowe and Sean did something in common with how they both felt that Julia needed to breastfeed Connor and steer clear from the anti-depressants she so wanted to take this week. Julia, you spend most of your life depressed, so the post pardum crap doesn’t really wash. Plus Marlowe was easy to spot the spark with Sean and Monica too when the annoying Akron girl paid a visit to the surgery. I think every show should have Peter Dinklage as his casting has been a stroke of genius.

    But for some odd reason, it’s Julia who generates more sympathy as unlike Sean, Marlowe’s constant talk of accepting Connor’s disability hits home for Julia when after several unsuccessful attempts to milk him, she admits to Marlowe that not only was Connor a final attempt for her and Sean to work as a couple but a part of her had wished she had gone through with the abortion we nearly saw in “Joy Kringle”.

    It’s not a particularly pleasant thing to hear but Julia should be commended for her honesty and some parents often feel the same the way Julia does even if they don’t vocalise it and it’s the same heart to heart that gets her to bond with Connor and finally breastfeed him without feeling overwhelmed. Even Sean’s pessimistic viewpoint of Marlowe’s unconventional but cool mural at the end doesn’t seem to dampen Julia. Sean did enough of that by pressuring her to breastfeed so Connor would have the strength to survive the operations Sean has planned for the little guy.

    As for Sean and accepting little Connor, it took a drug fuelled hallucinatory sequence where Escobar called him a **** and told him to punish God and Julia for Connor’s condition while a heavenly Megan persuaded him to go home and forget about screwing Monica. I loved that Sean finally admitted to loving Connor but I’m still not convinced that he’ll get Connor’s Ectrodactily that quickly, even if it is feeling like a broken record at the moment.

    The return of Escobar and Megan is the ultimate highlight of the hour and it also contains some of the sharpest written scenes in the series since “Julia McNamara” as well as providing the much needed slap in the face Sean so needed as even I cheered when he decides to reject Monica, even if it’s unlikely that the crazy girl will leave him be. Sean’s comment about a perfect world before it falls was ironic. Did he learn anything from his drug addled state?

    Also in “Shari Noble”

    Patients Of The Week: Aside from Analise the escort, we had Shari Noble who got her nipple bitten of by her pit bull that she used for sex. Her control freak husband killed the dog as revenge. Surely both of them should’ve been arrested for this level of cruelty to an animal?

    Christian: “Just so you know Sweetie Pie, I’m not into S&M”

    Michelle: “And I’m not into you”.

    The pit bull attack story is interesting as three reports of attack from this particular breed of dog have occurred in the past two months.

    Liz: “Do you think you could teach me to be as full of **** as you are?”

    Christian: “I thought lesbians didn’t play games that it was about cuddling and sharing depilatory cream”.

    Julia: “Don’t you think that’s a little inappropriate for a baby’s room?”

    Marlowe: “Well i’m not finished. When I’m done it will be filled with magic and colour”.

    I liked the continuity at the beginning with Christian rejecting the chocolate cake for the non fat yoghurt and him and Liz rating women out of 10 at the gay bar. Little things like that make me appreciate the show.

    Woman (to Christian): “First off all, I do the munching; second of all, you’re an ****

    Sean: “You need to forget me”

    Monica: “I can’t, I tried but I can’t”.

    Info Dump: There have been four organ thefts since Christmas, Liz has been single for 18 months, which is the same amount of time that Michelle was an escort, Marlowe has dated both Gilda and Rosie and Monica believes that hands are the window to people’s souls.

    Michelle: “I don’t owe you this”

    James: “I don’t think you realise what a boom your business is, pet? What’s good for me is always good for you”.

    Speaking of businesses, when are we getting an update on De La Mer and Gina?

    Sean: “What are you doing here?”

    Escobar: “Hell was full so I came to chaperone your ass”.

    Although obvious, I loved Escobar dressed in red (going lizard like in one bit) and Megan as white. Sometimes clichés can be fine.

    Megan: “This is what you want, who you want to be”

    Escobar: “Sean your baby’s a freak. Make her pay for what she did to you, make God pay for giving you a baby with lobster hands”.

    Julia: “Do you still love me Sean or do you blame me for Connor? Is that why doing this, to make me pay, to hurt me?”

    The chronology is about a week and a half since “Monica Wilder”. Also Matt and Kimber are missing from this episode.

    Michelle (re James): “She’s a psychopath”

    Christian: “So you have a fatal attraction for the high life?”

    Anyone else think that Marlowe’s mural looked like a dark version of the title sequence to Desperate Housewives?

    Sean (to Julia/Marlowe): “The murals beautiful, a perfect world before the fall”.

    Standout Music: “There was so much excellent music here but my personal favourites were “Domingo” by Gotham Project, “The Mating Game” by Bittersweet, “Brother Louie” by The Stories and “Obsession” by Animotion.

    Wow, this episode blew me away because while certain parts grossed me out to no end and certain people annoyed me to no end, “Shari Noble” is the closest thing to excellence that was exhibited in the opening two seasons and with some great continuity and a series of truly mind blowing parts, even the most reserved of viewers should have a hard time knocking this episode.moreless
Monica Dean

Monica Dean

Organ Thief

Guest Star

Cher Ferreyra

Cher Ferreyra

Butch Bartender

Guest Star

Melissa Gilbert

Melissa Gilbert

Shari Noble

Guest Star

Sanaa Lathan

Sanaa Lathan

Michelle Landau

Recurring Role

Larry Hagman

Larry Hagman

Burt Landau

Recurring Role

Peter Dinklage

Peter Dinklage

Marlowe Sawyer

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (21)

    • Sean: (seeing Sawyer's completed mural of Adam and Eve) Your mural is beautiful. A perfect world before the fall.

    • Sawyer: You don't say it out loud but sometimes you must think to yourself that Conor is so imperfect
      Julia: It's not something I like to talk about.
      Sawyer: You have a deformed child, Julia. It's not going to go away just because you don't say it out loud. I just can't help thinking you can't feel all the loving tender things without feeling the painful things too. You can't have one without the other. My mother told me once that she wished she had aborted me. Naturally, I was a pretty angry kid. Not unlike your son.
      Julia: We were at an abortion clinic, Sean and I. Conor was a mistake. We were separated at the time and… we just got lonely. I never knew what happened but we were sitting there and then we just got up and left. We never said it to each other but we knew that this baby was our last hope of making it together. (pause) God forgive me, we should have gone through with it. I wish I had. Sean can't handle it either. Y'know, he acts like he can but he feels the same way I do, I know it. We blew it with our normal healthy child, what hope do we have of doing right by this one?

    • Michelle: Her name is James. She runs a modelling agency and… I'm indebted to her.
      Christian: So indebted you agree to work on her little protégé for free? Hmm? And you let her squeeze your tits. So what's real, Michelle? Was it all lies? Did you go to medical school?
      Michelle: Yes. I did. And James paid for it.
      Christian: In exchange for what? A modelling contract?
      Michelle: In a way.
      Christian: Give me a straight answer, goddamnit!
      Michelle: I was an escort. (pause) I did it for a year and a half and then I couldn't take it anymore, so I quit medical school and then I quit working for her.
      Christian: So when did you meet Burt? Before or after you quit sucking dick for lunch money?
      Michelle: After.
      Christian: And you saw your route and you married him. But now James wants a piece of the action, I get it.
      Michelle: I thought I made my final payment but now she won't let me go or let me forget where I came from. She's a psychopath.
      Christian: So you have a fatal attraction for the good life.
      Michelle: Just like you do. (pause) Please, please don't tell Burt. He doesn't deserve to be hurt. He loves me.

    • (Sean trips after eating the hash brownie)
      Sean: What do you want?
      Escobar: No, my friend. I believe the question is… what do you want? (he grabs Monica's ass and she giggles) I believe you want this. So take off your pants and be a man. I think that's what I would do.
      (Megan O'Hara appears to Sean)
      Megan: It won't turn out well, my love.
      Sean: Megan! Oh God, sometimes I miss you so much.
      Megan: I'm always with you, Sean.
      Escobar: Hey Sean, screw this bitch. She's a dead lady. You got a live one here all ready to go.
      (all three of them watch Monica dancing)
      Megan: She's not what you want.
      Sean: I don't know what I want anymore!
      (Escobar holds out a plate full of red apples to Sean)
      Escobar: Here's what you want. It's called Daddy's Little Helper, from the Tree of Knowledge. Knowledge is power, Sean, and power… is taking that bitch's ass. Come on. (Sean takes an apple from the plate and goes to eat it) That's right, that's my boy. You can do it. Come on. come on. Bite it!
      Megan: (taking the apple from Sean) You're just afraid. Go home. They all need you now.
      Sean: I can't keep being everything to everybody. I can't take the pressure anymore.
      (Sean sees Escobar on the bed having sex with Monica)
      Escobar: Then bust a hard nut, Sean, and relieve the pressure, man.
      Sean: I don't want this! I'm not you!
      Escobar: Ah, Sean, yes you are.
      (Escobar's sex partner changes from Monica to Megan)
      Megan: Is this what you want? Is this who you want to be?
      Escobar: Sean, your baby's a freak. Make her pay for what she did to you. Make God pay for giving you a baby with lobster hands.
      Sean: I love my baby. I love him no matter what.
      (Escobar's sex partner changes from Megan to Julia)
      Julia: Do you still love me, Sean? Or do you blame me for Conor? Is that why you're doing this? To make me pay, to hurt me?
      Sean: I don't want to hurt you. I love you.
      (Sean looks again, the bed is empty; Monica turns to him)
      Monica: I love you too, Sean.

    • (after eating a hash brownie, Sean imagines Escobar Gallardo is in the room)
      Sean: What are you doing here?
      Escobar: Hell was full so I came up to chaperone your ass.

    • Michelle: Liz, I'm so sorry about what happened to you. If you ever need anything, anything at all, don't hesitate to ask.
      (as Michelle leaves, Christian eyes her up; Liz notices this)
      Liz: Careful, Christian. Based on recent events, it should be crystal clear that there is a reason that some fruit is forbidden.

    • (Shari Noble's husband Mark comes to see her when she is in a consult with Christian)
      Mark Noble: I saw an open peanut butter jar by the goddamn bed, Shari. I thought we agreed this wasn't going to happen again.
      Shari Noble: I told you I didn't clean up. I didn't know that you were coming back.
      Mark Noble: So now you just keep it there by the bed in case the spirit moves you? How often? Every night?
      Christian: Sergeant, if your wife's peanut butter addiction is a problem, you'll have to deal with this at home.
      Mark Noble: I'll be done in sixty seconds. (puts his duffel bag on the bed) You know, on our very first date, Shari, as you sat there chattering away, my mind ran through all the things about you that could become a problem for me. As you know, I like to anticipate.
      Shari Noble: You know what you failed to anticipate, Mark? How lonely I would get with you gone months at a time.
      Mark Noble: And I also failed to anticipate that you would turn into a faithless, demented whore who would use peanut butter to seduce your own DOG!
      Shari Noble: What's in your duffel bag, Mark? What did you do?
      Mark Noble: What was I supposed to do? What any man would do to his wife's lover.
      (He tips opens the duffel bag and out falls the dead body of Shari's dog)

    • Monica Wilder: Would you hate me if I told you I wasn't having trouble breathing? What I'm having trouble with is getting you out of my mind. How you touched me.
      Sean: Monica, I'm not… gonna be with you again. I'm married. We both made a mistake.
      Monica Wilder: (taking his hands in hers) People say that eyes that are the windows to a person's soul. I say it's the hands. I love your hands. They're so sensitive and confident. Come see me tonight. You know where I live; you dropped me off.
      Sean: You need to forget about me, Monica.
      Monica Wilder: I can't. I tried. I can't. (she goes to the door) I'll be at home tonight, thinking of your hands on me.

    • Sean: A month's severance, I think that's perfectly fair.
      Sawyer: More than fair. But I'm also entitled to a reasonable explanation.
      Sean: You crossed the line, Marlowe. You fondled my wife's breast. It was right in front of you and you couldn't resist touching it.
      Sawyer: I said reasonable explanation. I was trying to help her milk letdown.
      Sean: Listen, I get it. You're working around vulnerable women in a state of semi-undress, it's gotta be tempting. Especially when you might have some … frustrations in that area
      Sawyer: Meaning I have problems attracting women. Therefore, in my sex-starved state, I couldn't help but cop a feel of your wife's breast? Wow. Too bad. I liked this job. And, strangely enough, I thought you and I were on the same page
      Sean: About what?
      Sawyer: About keeping Julia off of anti-depressants so she can nurse Conor. He needs that from her. But you know what? He's not my kid; he's yours. And about me and the ladies? Between Gilda, she's a dancer with Miami Ballet, and Rosie- buyer for Saks- I get more… (he stops himself) Send Julia my regrets.

    • (James has asked for surgery to be done on Annalise)
      Michelle: And what am I supposed to say to the doctors? They'll take one look at her and say she doesn't need anything at all. They will turn her down. I guarantee it.
      James: (to Annalise) Come here, darling. Let's see if we at least have a case for a chemical peel. (she picks up a marble paperweight from Michelle's desk then smashes Annalise across the face with it, breaking her nose; to Michelle) Does that solve your problem? Put her on the books. Now.

    • (At the offices, Michelle is confronted by the mystery woman from the parking lot- known as James- and one of her 'girls', called Annalise)
      James: Annalise has been sloppy. I'm afraid she's compromised a client. We need to make some changes, don't we, Annalise?
      Michelle: Changes?
      James: Yes. Specifically, a new nose and chin for our girl here. And it needs to happen today.
      Michelle: I don't owe you this. I owe you one last payment and then we are finished.
      James: I don't think you realise what a boon your new business is, pet. For all of us. What's good for me is always the best for you.

    • Liz: They told me I'm gonna be out of commission for four to six weeks.
      Sean: We'll get someone to cover for you. That's not a problem. Take all the time you need.
      Liz: That's not the problem. (she starts to cry) I don't have anyone to take care of me. I don't have anyone.

    • Christian: Here's something to think about when you're nibbling on that swizzle stick. I can munch, dive and go fish better than any girl in this place. Plus I have in my possession a very life-like dildo just in case you decide to get kinky. What d'you say?
      The Girl: First of all, I do the munching. Second of all, you're an asshole.

    • Julia: I think I have post-partum. I told Sean I was considering taking medication. He's against it, of course. I'm just tired of letting people down, especially Conor. He'll be fine on formula. Millions of babies take it.
      Sawyer: Julia, I've been around a lot of mothers with post-partum, and you don't seem like someone whose hormones are running amuck. Can I make an observation? (Julia nods) It just seems to me like you feel… responsible. For all of it. For Conor's condition, everything he's going to have to go through. Who could sit and enjoy the simple act of nursing their baby with all that weight on their shoulders?

    • Liz: What makes you think you got a shot with her?
      Christian: Michelle is the kind of woman who wants to feel like a spider and I'm a helpless little fly caught in her web.
      Liz: Do you think that you could teach me to be as full of shit as you are?
      Christian: I thought lesbians didn't play games. I thought it was all about cuddling and sharing of depilatory cream.
      Liz: Have you been to a lesbian bar lately? There's more gaming going on than a Vegas casino.

    • (Julia is having problems breast-feeding Conor)
      Sean: We need to think about his surgeries, honey. His first one's in three months. Breast-feeding helps him gain the weight he needs so his immune system will be strong. Skin-on-skin contact also makes him secure, so he can handle the stress.
      Julia: Yeah, but what about my stress, Sean? You know, the milk won't flow! I've tried everything! I know you judge me, and you think I'm a bad mother!

    • (Christian moves closer to Michelle)
      Michelle: What are you doing, Christian?
      Christian: I think Oscar Wilde said it best. To get rid of temptation, you need to give in to it. (Christian touches her cleavage; Michelle slaps him hard across the face) Just so you know, sweetie-pie, I'm not in to S&M.
      Michelle: And I'm not in to you.
      Christian: Who do you think you're kidding? You and I both know you spent hours deliberating which dress in your closet best displays that world-class cleavage of yours. (Michelle gets up and gets ready to leave) Since you love being a businesswoman so much, Michelle, let me give you the bottom line. You either get real with me and give in to what we're both feeling, or sell me my business back. Although my nurses might enjoy it, I don't like doing surgery with a hard-on.
      Michelle: If you're uncomfortable with the way I dress, or in fact anything about me at all, Christian, then you're the one who should consider leaving. Cos me and my 'world-class cleavage' ain't going nowhere.

    • Michelle: Y'know, I don't think I ever told you. I went to medical school. I wanted to specialise in reconstructive surgery.
      Christian: But you never finished?
      Michelle: In my second year, my mother was diagnosed with lymphoma and I had to go back and help with the family. But I have no regrets. I'm not exactly the surgeon I dreamt of becoming, but I do own one of the top ten plastic surgery practices in Miami. I have big dreams for this business. Let's make the most of this association.

    • Sean: We've got to talk.
      Christian: I think you pretty much made your point when I was late for Conor's birth. I'm a shallow, insensitive dickwad and a disappointment as a friend.
      Sean: Christian…
      Chrstian: And you're probably right. But this is called the break room. As in, I need one.
      Sean: I want to apologise for being a self-righteous hypocrite. You were right about the night-nurse. I screwed her and I gave her a gratis nose job so she wouldn't say anything to Julia. After Megan, I swore I'd never cheat again. And now I've done just that with somebody I don't even like.
      Christian: Don't be so hard on yourself. Julia's been closed for repairs lately, right? It was a one-time thing. Cut yourself some slack. Just don't do it again.
      Sean: I want to do it again. Badly.
      Christian: (taking Sean's phone) What's her name?
      Sean: Monica.
      Christian: Monica. (deletes her number from the phone) Gone. The little slut's history. Easy as popping a zit, huh? The thing is, Sean, some men can't handle temptation. Some men can.

    • Christian: I won't tell him your secret if you don't tell him mine.
      Michelle: What's your secret?
      Christian: That I made love to his wife before dinner.

    • Michelle: I didn't see any papers of resignation on my desk so I will assume we're back on track.
      Christian: Your chocolate cupcakes are looking very tasty this morning, Michelle.
      Liz: Oh I get it. A straight man mentions sex, it's not sexual harrassment. It's foreplay.

  • NOTES (7)

    • First appearance by Robert LaSardo (Escobar) since the season 2 episode "Joan Rivers".

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: December 10, 2008 on TV Nova

    • Although listed in the opening credits, John Hensley and Kelly Carlson do not appear in this episode.

    • Jacqueline Bisset (James), Peter Dinklage (Sawyer) and Sanaa Lathan (Michelle) were credited as "Special Guest Stars". At the same time, Lathan received the "And" credit.

    • Melissa Gilbert (Shari (credited as a "Guest Star")) received the "And" credit.

    • Larry Hagman receives the 'Special Appearance by' credit.

    • Music featured in the episode:
      "Domingo" by Gotan Project (Christian and Michelle drink together and he tries to seduce her)
      "Heaven" by Bitter:Sweet (Christian and Liz talk with each other during a surgery)
      "The mating game" by Bitter:Sweet (Christian gets rejected by the girl at the lesbian bar)
      "Marian" by Nouvelle Vague (The mysterious girl from the lesbian bar seduces Liz)
      "Brother Louie" by The Stories (Christian calls Michelle and asks her to join during the surgery)
      "Obsession" by Animotion (Sean's has visions of Escobar having sex with Megan, Monica and Julia)


    • Daddy's Little Helper:

      This is an allusion to the Rolling Stones song Mother's Little Helper

    • Liz's being picked up in a bar and ending up with one of her kidneys removed is a depiction of a popular urban legend.

    • The painting by the male nurse hired by Julia in Conor's room refers to Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve are a biblical couple that explained what happened after the creation of man. In the painting, Adam and Eve are holding the forbidden apple with the snake in the background to symbolize the period of time where everything was perfect; before Eve disobeyed God and took a bite from the apple.