Season 6 Episode 14

Sheila Carlton

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 27, 2010 on FX

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  • Yawn...

    Wow, this is by far the worst episode yett. The monkey lady was really annoying and i hate how things never change with Christian. I mean seriously? Sleeping with your wife's mother? WTF This episode was really boring and i hate how this show is ending. The past 3 episodes were good but this one was horrible. The only good part was when the lady screwed Sean over in the end. That's all! The patient storyline, i had no sympathy for, at least Matt was back in this episode. Well i really think it's time this show ends, i honestly think the damage has already been done, i really wanted good storylines like the ones in Seasons 2&3 but i guess that's all in the past, this show feels like a soap opera you would watch on daytime television. I love this show to death but this episode was really bad :(
  • The Mother Load

    So Kimber's officially dead. Color me bummed. While I'm sad that my favorite character is off the show (minus floaty vision sequences), I actually liked her demise. It was very fitting for such a tragic character. Also fitting? Melanie Griffith as her mom. While I've always had problems with Griffith herself (that voice, the questionable talent), she was perfectly cast here, capturing well the naive 50-something lady that could be responsible for raising such a screwed-up daughter like Kimber. Her face was a big no-no, however. But enough about that.

    It was interesting that Kimber's brief appearances as Christian's sub-conscious were both likely reflective of how he saw her. One was the emotionless, apologetic good wife: "I'm sorry I was never good enough for you", the other the angry, disappointed girlfriend-from-hell, calling him out on his actions. Both sides of Kimber, one desperate and slightly pathetic, the other resourceful and strong. Christian liked to pick and choose what parts he wanted, but in the end Kimber couldn't give him that. Now she's dead and he's feeling guilty. It's sad all round. He's like the male version of Julia, never happy with what he's got. Maybe they should end up together, heh?

    It wasn't surprising that Brandy had her very own Christian in the form of the sleazy car-dealer Les. While Christian regularly hits all-time lows, Les was just a petri dish of grease and spray-on hair dye. Jerking off to your daughter-in-law days after she killed herself? Trashing your girlfriend for not showing up to dinner after her daughter's just been pronounced dead? Class-ay. Robin Thomas was great in the part, though.

    Sean's subplot was a little strange. Like most of Sean's storylines that don't involve psychotic females, I was never hugely invested in his dreams of pro-bono work in Africa, but they sure did resolve this particular arc pretty abruptly. Christine Adams is becoming one of my favorite guest spot actors (Pushing Daisies, Heroes) and I thought she was reliably alluring as Sarah, but the storyline itself felt a little strained.

    Frances Conroy, who I adored on Six Feet Under, was compellingly nutty as the crazy chimpanzee lady, in a story obviously ripped from the headlines (no pun intended there, by the way). For whatever reason, the writers actually relaxed the crazy with this one, since I remember the real-life woman bathed with the chimp and drugged it with Xanax. While Jane's relationship with "Wayne" was sufficiently squicky, they could have gone deeper, especially since Sheila Carlton herself was played by Christine Estabrook, who memorably portrayed the equally nutty Mrs Huber on Desperate Housewives years ago. I was surprised they didn't allow her to be a little more "eccentric" in this part too.

    Matt returned briefly, and I'm eager to meet the new lady in his life. Knowing this show, she'll likely be psychotic. But hopefully with Kimber gone, Matt will actually piece his life together and get some goddamn sense for once.

    A difficult episode to review. Sheila Calrton successfully wrapped up Kimber's story, but only helped in making Christian even more of a sleaze. I'm still intrigued to see where the writers are heading...

    Director: Craig Zisk
    Writers: Lyn Greene, Richard Levine
    Rating: B