Season 1 Episode 9

Sophia Lopez II

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 23, 2003 on FX

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  • La soledad

    Por las noches la soledad desespera. Bersuit Vergarabat y su cuota de realidad necesaria.
    El no tener con quién puede traer consecuencias... nefastas? no... Consecuencias... que palabra sería...? Nocturnas. Sí, la noche tiene sus sabores distintos, sus propias consecuencias. Y la soledad suele salir a pasear de noche causando, a veces, esas vueltas de la vida que son tan extrañas y tan necesarias. Esas cosas que te hacen llorar, reflexionar, recapacitar, cambiar el rumbo, sentirte tan humano.
    Disculpas pero la inspiración no me vino a visitar esta tarde de trabajo monótono. Espero que el próximo review sea con la luna de testigo.
  • Gigolo Jude

    Sofia Lopez made such an impression in her first appearance, so it's no surprise they wrote her back into the show. I loved seeing her growing relationship with Liz, even though it was sad too in equal measure. Both of them were in completely wrong places in their lives, so you knew things couldn't work out. Liz is a gay woman, while Sofia wants to be a straight woman. And if Sofia didn't have her gender surgery, Liz would still see her as a man in the sexual sense of the word.

    Jonathan Del Arco and Roma Maffia really played off each other well, and it's really sad that they couldn't end up together. They'd make a perfect couple, if it not for the awkward sexuality thing. Yeah.

    Meanwhile, Kimber finally grew a pair, and went all knife-happy on Christian. As much as I love Christian, he really treated Kimber like dirt. She's a really beautiful girl, who's clearly willing to do anything to make him happy, yet he still trades her for a flashy car. Of course, my love for Kimber did plummet downhill in the last 10 minutes, when, after tying Christian up and leaving him to rot, she shacked up with creepy, fuzzy-haired Bobolit. I actually found it really interesting after she "rated" Bobolit's looks after their night together, almost remaking the post-coital moment she had with Christian in the pilot. She's one interesting lady, that Miss Henry.

    I found the whole Jude thing a little ridiculous. It wasn't surprising that he was a gigolo, but the fake accent reveal was completely silly. The other McNamara emotional affair saga, the one with Sean and Megan, was a lot better. But it really showed Sean's self-involved attitude when he completely ignored Matt's clear signs of admittance over Cara's accident, instead thinking he was talking about the affair.

    Director: Nelson McCormick
    Writer: Sean Jablonski
    Rating: A-
  • Christian: \"We\'re both going to hell for this you know.\" Bobolit: \"As long as it ain\'t tonight.\"

    Christian managed to hit an all time low today, as he traded with Bobolit Kimber for a Lamborghini. Kimber\'s stupidity though was getting fairly annoying. Christian with a K? Give me a break. I really didn\'t remember her character being so idiotic and such a cliché blonde. In later seasons she actually grows something resembling a backbone.

    A theme throughout this episode was that that you can\'t escape your past. Just as Matt\'s guilt convinces him to confess to Sean about Cara, Sean misinterprets Matt\'s statements about never escaping your mistakes. As a result he confesses about his affair with Megan, thinking Matt already knows. We got a really good scene between Dylan Walsh and John Hensley, and I actually could see a father son connection between the two.

    Now just as Sean promises Matt to break things off with Megan, here comes Megan with the information that her cancer came back. Sean can\'t possibly break off thing with her now, as he probably feels guilt since Megan\'s relationship with him is what caused her to get the implants. Frankly I don’t want Sean and Megan to break things off. Okay I know it’s not fair to Julia what Sean is doing. But just as Megan said, she needs Sean right now and I think Sean still needs her.

    The final scene between Kimber and Christian was effectively creepy (Fever playing in the background was a nice touch). Both actors did an excellent job, and Kimber looked near psychotic yielding a knife screaming \"cry for me!\" at Christian. Kimber\'s assessment of Christian during the scene was fairly accurate (\"I see an **** who\'s spent his life hurting other people because he hates himself.\"), although one has to agree that her payback was a bit overboard.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - I was happy Liz finally got to get some worthy screen time. We actually got to see a new side of Liz as she confessed her loneliness to Sophia.

    - We got to find out Jude\'s real job today (let\'s just say a Duece Bigalow in the way, although now near as funny), and we received a satisfying scene as Julia finally broke things off with him. All I have to say to Jude is: Don\'t let the door hit you on the way out!

    - I loved the look Liz gave Sean when he indirectly suggested Liz using Botox.

    - Bobolit: \"Good in bed, not too bright. Oh my god she\'s my dream girl.\"

    I found it pretty pathetic that Kimber went straight back to Bobolit after the fiasco with Christian.

    - Liz: \"Sophia, you are the neediest chick I ever almost dated.\"

    Final Rating: 3 out of 4 stars

    - Tim Bronx
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  • Good episode!

    Christian flirts with a day spa masseuse until Kimber interrupts them. Christian learns that Kimber has scheduled them in the same room. After Kimber leaves, Christian meets up with Merril, who after seeing Kimber offers a trade, Kimber for his Lamborghini.

    Sophia, Liz, and Sean discuss the operation Sophia wants and the conversation soon turns to Liz and her sex life. Sophia and Liz agree to meet at Sophia's place to discuss beauty secrets.

    Matt visits Cara Fitzgerald, who is still in a coma, and sees her finger move. Matt rushes to his father and almost catches him and Megan in the act. Afterwards, Megan informs Sean that she won't do it in the office anymore.

    Christian returns home with Merril to watch the fight on TV knowing that Kimber made dinner reservations. After insulting her dress, Christian leaves to change and Merril offers his sympathy and his card so she can talk with him.

    At Sophia's place, Sophia and Liz discuss their sex lives and after getting emotional the two kiss.

    At the fitness center, Jude helps Julia with her workout when Suzanne arrives. When Jude leaves, Suzanne informs Julia that he has sex with women for money.

    At the office Sophia informs the doctors that she has changed her mind because of what happened last night. Because Sean knows who she was with last night, he adds it up.

    With the operation canceled, Sean sets a date with Megan. The two have stripped down and started kissing when Sean gets a call on his cell, but he refuses to answer. We see the call is from Matt.

    Christian and Kimber are having dinner when Christian receives a call from work supposedly and leaves her there. Kimber calls Merril and when he arrives the two start talking.

    Sean returns home and Matt confronts him. Matt questions why he and Annie weren't raised religiously. He then makes some comments about confessing wrong doings and Sean assumes he is talking about his affair with Megan. Sean starts apologizing and in turn informs his son. At Sophia's place, Liz talks her into continuing with the surgery.

    The next morning Kimber awakens in Merril's bed and she learns the truth about the trade.

    Julia invites Jude over and gives him a chance to come clean. He informs her that he isn't British, drops the accent, and informs her of where he's really from. Julia questions about his clients and he denies it and informs her that Suzanne hates her.

    Christian and Sean perform the operation on Sophia. Megan meets with Sean in his office and informs him that because of the operation, the cancer has gotten worse and chemo won't work. Sean rethinks what he said to Matt and agrees to see her again.

    Christian returns home to find Kimber. Kimber informs him she's not mad and wants to role play. She ties him to his bed, takes out a knife, uses lipstick to mark his face, and slices the skin on his stomach a little. She then decides he isn't worth it and leaves him there, taking the car keys with her.

    Kimber returns to Merril's place, Sean sits in his office, Matt holds Cara's hand, and Christian remains tied up the next day.
  • Some Things Can't Be Undone Written by Sean Jablonski Directed by Nelson McCormick

    We’re officially two thirds into the first season and things are really beginning to hit their stride. After weeks of frustration and after a three episode absence and savage under-utilisation when she did appear, Liz is finally back and actually given worth of Roma Maffia’s screen time as she befriends Sophia Lopez and the two spend a night of unseen passion together which forces Sophia to back out of her gender reasigment surgery. I was actually shocked to see these two hook up but in a nice way. Their flirtation was really sweet and quite hilarious but the fact their brief sexual encounter primarily stemmed from their own mutual loneliness is what would hinder them as a couple. Their attractions for the different would do that and it was nice to finally have Liz’s sexuality tapped upon. Yes, her moaning about being single wasn’t exactly the most original thing I’ve ever heard but it is relatable and if the writers can also bring back previous cases and give them quality stuff like they did here with Sophia, I wouldn’t object.

    However one thing I do object to is Kimber, who as a character I’m extremely surprised hasn’t been slammed by every female viewers for her pathetic doormat like personality. She finally twigged that Christian treats her like shit and doesn’t give a crap about her when the equally infuriating Bobolit returns and tells her that Christian traded her in for his rival’s Lamborghini. Gee, Kimber, what took so long to figure out what most people would deduce in a shorter time period? After last week’s sympathetic turn, Christian migrates into a true idiot with his belittlement of Kimber. Okay she may act like an imbecile but even still, no-one deserves that kind of treatment, so I did applaud her little revenge when she tied up and threatened to kill Christian in the most memorable scene from the episode. Unfortunately just when it appeared Kimber may have finally gotten a backbone, she takes two massive steps backwards and enters a relationship with Merrill, despite not being into the irritating surgeon. It’s also safe to assume that Christian didn’t learn any respect for women either, although he did learn Kimber was responsible for thrashing his boat and cars.

    Speaking of lessons, it seems the fog has lifted for Julia when she learns from Suzanne (with friends like her, is there really a need for enemies?), that Jude is more high-class hooker man than personal trainer. Well to side with Jude for a second, Suzanne is a bitch and now that important piece of information is conveyed, can someone please gag Jude already? Seriously, we’ve had to go through his nauseating flirting with Julia and even though he raises a point about how Julia shouldn’t judge him as she herself wants to seen differently, it’s been vastly pointed out that Jude is too slippery a character and tonight he got exposed. At least Julia, despite feeling foolish about trusting didn’t become another notch on his bedpost.

    Meanwhile in an interesting intersecting of moments, I still can’t actually believe San got tricked into telling Matt about him and Megan. Okay so Matt was trying to connect with his father and I think was actually on the verge of telling him the real story with Cara but thanks’ to Sean’s revelation that is off the cards. We got a truly stellar scene with Dylan Walsh and John Hensley as the similarities between father and son were nicely played out with conviction from both men. Both of them have guilty secrets (Matt is now unlikely to reveal his and Sean can’t stay away from his) and the end revelation of Megan’s cancer resurfacing adds an extra complication to an already compelling arc.

    Also in “Sophia Lopez Part 2”

    No actual other patients this week outside of Sophia.

    Christian: “Sweetheart, it’s Christian with a ‘C’ not a ‘K’”
    Kimber: “Really, has it always been that way?”

    There was no previous on bit in this episode and they didn’t open with the usual “tell me what you don’t like about yourself” spiel either.

    Liz (re Sophia): “If she’s gonna be a real woman, she needs to start lying about her weight”.

    When Cara started moving, it looked like she was scared of Matt. Does she remember what happened to her?

    Sean (re Sophia): “Actually I admire her conviction. It takes ..”
    Christian: “-Balls?”

    Christian and Kimber have been dating for three months, so that’s how much time has passed since “Megan O’Hara, right?

    Valerie Cruz is no longer in the credits. Am I then only glad to see the back of Grace?

    Jude: “I’m a trainer, Julia, not a whore”.

    Kimber: “You’re sorry, huh? Then cry for me. Cry for me! Goddamn it, cry for me. I tried so hard to make this relationship work, Christian. Why couldn’t you just love me?”
    Christian: “It’s not you, I’ve never loved anyone”.

    Standout music in this episode was “About The Sun” by Trevor Lissauer (Sean/megan in the hotel) and Daniel Ash’s “Fever”.

    What can I say? This was the first time we had a second story for a patient and it worked a treat but it was mainly our main characters who excelled in this great centre-piece and made this a killer of an hour.
  • Good episode, but could've benefited from being longer. Episode summary in review.

    As the title suggests, this episode is a sequel to the fourth episode. Many facets of that episode, including Merril and Christian’s relationship and the titular Lopez, are explored further, and a few choice revelations help prepare us for the final arc. Megan’s getting sick. Matt learns about the affair. Julia breaks off her friendship with Jude. A lot happened this week. Unfortunately, it feels like too much for one hour.

    While Cara Fitzgerald made us sympathize with Christian because of his traumatic childhood, we can go back to hating him as he negotiates a trade between Merril: Merril’s car for Kimber. Christian and Kimber’s relationship hasn’t been good since the failed attempts to spark their relationship. In addition, she isn’t bright, not remembering that Christian’s name starts with a ‘C’ and not a ‘K’.

    Although Megan was the first recurring patient, Sophia was the first to appear. It’s great to see her back on the show. Having Jablonski, the writer of the original, pen this one added to the continuity. As I said in the original’s review, Nip/Tuck fully utilized their eagerness for controversy by handling a topic other shows would be too afraid to tackle. It was a risk of offending people and maybe upsetting those in the community. Luckily, they looked beyond the surface and developed a character you could relate to even if you would never be transgendered.

    Sophia is ready to complete her transformation into a female by changing her penis into a vagina. Her return on the show had promise that they would stick with this character. She provided a venue for Sean’s compassion, which helped flesh out his character in the early stage of the show. Unfortunately, this is her penultimate appearance. Her character had much potential, especially with her relationship with Liz. More frustrating is the lack of follow up with her former doctor and Sean’s former teacher.

    How many shows have you seen where a lesbian and a pre op transsexual have sex? It’s certainly water cooler worthy, but again, Nip/Tuck doesn’t merely exploit these characters for that sake. Both characters are middle aged and live unusual lifestyles, which makes finding someone even harder. Through that moment of weakness, they bond.

    Their night provokes Sophia to cancel her first appointment just before she gets the anesthesia. Certainly, there would be ramifications as a man who identifies as a woman having sex with a lesbian. The resolution does make sense, but seems far too convenient. This relationship, even if it was confined to a friendship, could have been interesting to see play out, especially since it would give Liz a substantial long term story. However, you could argue that a transgendered individual forgoing surgery for a relationship with a lesbian would be a cop out and would belittle such lifestyles.

    While working out in the gym with Jude, Julia finds out from one of her friends that Jude is a male prostitute. I wish they did more with this storyline in this episode, since it was such a big part of her character in this season, but I did get a kick that Jude is from my home state of New Hampshire. However, it does resolve their relationship when she finds out how deceitful he really is and how she fell for it through her loneliness.

    While Matt tends to Cara to ease his guilt, her fingers twitch. This probably could’ve been a bigger moment, but actually is a McGuffin. As he opens the door to tell his father, he sees he’s with Megan. Matt thinks nothing of it, but Sean is nerve wracked. They decide to conduct their affair in her apartment. Unbeknownst to Sean, Matt calls him as they are about to make love. He ignores it.

    When Sean gets home Matt confronts him about the call. We don’t know why he called, but we can assume that it had to do with Cara. It seems as if Matt genuinely wanted to come clean to his father about what he did to Cara, but Sean reads his hints differently. He tells him about the affair and Matt breaks down. Both Dylan Walsh and John Hensley play their roles extremely well, especially considering that they could’ve overacted.

    It isn’t the end of their affair. Soon after, Megan comes to his office, after several unanswered calls, to tell him that her cancer is back and is untreatable, which convinces him to stay with her. Luckily, we were prepared for this when Megan mentioned the lowered immune system and when she finally decided to risk the implants anyway. They were able to avoid major problems with a few simple hints.

    Christian can be cruel as we’ve seen before, but trading a woman for a car is one of his lowest deeds. Merril returns in this episode, which is fitting if only to show us someone who can be a bigger scumbag than Christian can be. He casts Kimber aside because he doesn’t have to nerve to do it himself, whereas Merril is only faking nice so he can sweep her up on the rebound. His price is the car, what he forsook in Sophia Lopez because of what he turned into in pursuit of it.

    He doesn’t realize what he did until Kimber confronts him. Merril told her about the deal not out of courtesy, but so he could get the car back and have the woman he wants. As he crudely referred to her “ass’ inevitable downward slide,” it’s clear he isn’t doing this out of the goodness of his heart, but she still goes back to him. Despite his involvement in the activity, he was honest with her. Perhaps that’s what she liked about him.

    Of course, there has to be consequences for Christian’s callous attitude, and Kimber gives it to him. Playing into his desire for role playing, he strips him and slashes his chest superficially. She humiliates him by pointing out his potential flaws. At this moment, he realizes that she trashed his cars and his boat. He is spared by confessing to her that he never loved anyone. Although we do know he loves Julia, and everyone else is second best to him, which is one reason why he can’t stay with one woman for a long period. This clearly doesn’t work with Kimber, who has issues, like loving a man like Christian. These issues seem to be forgotten after this episode, but I wouldn’t say that this is the end of Kimber’s psychotic tendencies.

    This episode had too much in it. Had it been 90 minutes like the premiere or commercial free like the first and last episodes of the second season, they may have been able to cover everything. Some things in this episode, such as Matt’s doting over Cara and Jude’s New Hampshire residency revelation, didn’t have enough time to get the attention Sophia, Christian and Sean’s storylines had. However, it is still good stuff and starts to set the stage for a stellar final act.