Season 1 Episode 9

Sophia Lopez II

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 23, 2003 on FX

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  • Some Things Can't Be Undone Written by Sean Jablonski Directed by Nelson McCormick

    We’re officially two thirds into the first season and things are really beginning to hit their stride. After weeks of frustration and after a three episode absence and savage under-utilisation when she did appear, Liz is finally back and actually given worth of Roma Maffia’s screen time as she befriends Sophia Lopez and the two spend a night of unseen passion together which forces Sophia to back out of her gender reasigment surgery. I was actually shocked to see these two hook up but in a nice way. Their flirtation was really sweet and quite hilarious but the fact their brief sexual encounter primarily stemmed from their own mutual loneliness is what would hinder them as a couple. Their attractions for the different would do that and it was nice to finally have Liz’s sexuality tapped upon. Yes, her moaning about being single wasn’t exactly the most original thing I’ve ever heard but it is relatable and if the writers can also bring back previous cases and give them quality stuff like they did here with Sophia, I wouldn’t object.

    However one thing I do object to is Kimber, who as a character I’m extremely surprised hasn’t been slammed by every female viewers for her pathetic doormat like personality. She finally twigged that Christian treats her like shit and doesn’t give a crap about her when the equally infuriating Bobolit returns and tells her that Christian traded her in for his rival’s Lamborghini. Gee, Kimber, what took so long to figure out what most people would deduce in a shorter time period? After last week’s sympathetic turn, Christian migrates into a true idiot with his belittlement of Kimber. Okay she may act like an imbecile but even still, no-one deserves that kind of treatment, so I did applaud her little revenge when she tied up and threatened to kill Christian in the most memorable scene from the episode. Unfortunately just when it appeared Kimber may have finally gotten a backbone, she takes two massive steps backwards and enters a relationship with Merrill, despite not being into the irritating surgeon. It’s also safe to assume that Christian didn’t learn any respect for women either, although he did learn Kimber was responsible for thrashing his boat and cars.

    Speaking of lessons, it seems the fog has lifted for Julia when she learns from Suzanne (with friends like her, is there really a need for enemies?), that Jude is more high-class hooker man than personal trainer. Well to side with Jude for a second, Suzanne is a bitch and now that important piece of information is conveyed, can someone please gag Jude already? Seriously, we’ve had to go through his nauseating flirting with Julia and even though he raises a point about how Julia shouldn’t judge him as she herself wants to seen differently, it’s been vastly pointed out that Jude is too slippery a character and tonight he got exposed. At least Julia, despite feeling foolish about trusting didn’t become another notch on his bedpost.

    Meanwhile in an interesting intersecting of moments, I still can’t actually believe San got tricked into telling Matt about him and Megan. Okay so Matt was trying to connect with his father and I think was actually on the verge of telling him the real story with Cara but thanks’ to Sean’s revelation that is off the cards. We got a truly stellar scene with Dylan Walsh and John Hensley as the similarities between father and son were nicely played out with conviction from both men. Both of them have guilty secrets (Matt is now unlikely to reveal his and Sean can’t stay away from his) and the end revelation of Megan’s cancer resurfacing adds an extra complication to an already compelling arc.

    Also in “Sophia Lopez Part 2”

    No actual other patients this week outside of Sophia.

    Christian: “Sweetheart, it’s Christian with a ‘C’ not a ‘K’”
    Kimber: “Really, has it always been that way?”

    There was no previous on bit in this episode and they didn’t open with the usual “tell me what you don’t like about yourself” spiel either.

    Liz (re Sophia): “If she’s gonna be a real woman, she needs to start lying about her weight”.

    When Cara started moving, it looked like she was scared of Matt. Does she remember what happened to her?

    Sean (re Sophia): “Actually I admire her conviction. It takes ..”
    Christian: “-Balls?”

    Christian and Kimber have been dating for three months, so that’s how much time has passed since “Megan O’Hara, right?

    Valerie Cruz is no longer in the credits. Am I then only glad to see the back of Grace?

    Jude: “I’m a trainer, Julia, not a whore”.

    Kimber: “You’re sorry, huh? Then cry for me. Cry for me! Goddamn it, cry for me. I tried so hard to make this relationship work, Christian. Why couldn’t you just love me?”
    Christian: “It’s not you, I’ve never loved anyone”.

    Standout music in this episode was “About The Sun” by Trevor Lissauer (Sean/megan in the hotel) and Daniel Ash’s “Fever”.

    What can I say? This was the first time we had a second story for a patient and it worked a treat but it was mainly our main characters who excelled in this great centre-piece and made this a killer of an hour.
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