Season 3 Episode 8

Tommy Bolton

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 08, 2005 on FX



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    • Music:
      "Whatever Lola Wants" {Gotan Project Remix} by Sarah Vaughn (Quentin visits Julia at De La Mer)
      "Por Una Cabeza" by The Tango Project (Julia/Quentin at dinner, talk about business, they dance)
      "Family Affair" by Sly & The Family Stone (Tommy Bolton's rhinoplasty surgery, Christian putting together photo album)

  • Quotes

    • Christian makes a subtle play on words in referring to Julia's business, De La Mer, as 'De La Merde'. The former is French for 'of the sea', while the latter replaces 'sea' with 'sh*t'.

    • Sean: Who cares where she spends her last few days before she's sent off into the abyss?
      Dr Sagamore: You should! And if you'd bothered to look further than where your dick reaches, you'd see that the woman you so casually invited into your home is not what she seems.

    • Sean: Your bedside manner leaves something to be desired.
      Dr Sagamore: You've never been in combat, Dr. McNamara. Following protocol saves many more lives than being sensitive.

    • Tommy Bolton: I got Down Syndrome. Its not my fault. I was born this way. I did not choose this. And what I want is to look like (takes out a family picture) the people that I love. What's wrong with that?
      Christian: Nothing. (looks at picture) I can see why you want to. You have a very nice-looking family. You're lucky.
      Tommy Bolton: Why? Your family is ugly, Dr Troy?

    • Quentin: This business needs to be a bullet train, not the Little Engine That Could.

    • Christian: De La Mere is a glorified massage parlour. And once everyone find out its proprietors are a dyke, a whore and a housewife, those three 'businesswomen' will be stuck giving rub and tugs just to keep their client list up.

    • Gail: (to Christian) My kids don't know about you. There are some places inside you where children don't ever need to go.

    • Nikki: (in bed) Do you wanna stay? No strings. Just not alone.
      Sean: Not alone sounds great right now. (gets into bed next to her)

    • Dr Sagamore: Mrs Morretti's husband wasn't killed because he was talking to us. She killed him because he found out she was. We'd invested enough in her to give her immunity but this is not the victim of unfortunate marital circumstance.This is a woman who bought a gun, got her husband drunk on cheap chianti and blew his head off.

    • Christian: I grew up in foster homes with nothing. Now I have a life. I have a fiancee, friends, a business. You can get through anything if you want to.
      Gail: Not if you have a living reminder of your pain coming over for dinner every Friday night. I have worked hard to build walls around my family so that none of that ugliness that your father did to me would ever get in and stain us.
      Christian: Is that what I am to you? A stain?
      Gail: No. You're my son. But I can't be your mother.

    • Matt: (to Quentin) Look, just because you worked on my face doesn't mean you can tell me what to do. Comprende ese?

    • Sean: That's what families are for -- breaking our hearts.
      Nikki: And putting them back together.

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