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  • Season 3 Episode 15: Quentin Costa

  • Goof: In the sequence in which Kit is packing her belongings and detailing Quentin (and indeed her own) backstory she can be seen placing the lid on the box she is filling. The scene then cuts to a wide angle and we see Kit place the lid on the box again despite having already done it in the previous shot.

  • Music:
    Santa Maria by Gotan Project (played when Quentin "operates" on Christian and Sean)

  • "Cherry Peck/Quentin Costa" was watched by 5.7 million viewers. Thus making it the most watched program in FX history.

    It also drew 3.9 million viewers in the 18-49 age demographic. This made it the highest watched cable series for 2005

  • This is the second time Sean is "attacked" by The Carver. Interestingly, it was episode 15 last season as well.

  • Season 3 Episode 14: Cherry Peck

  • Goof: When the anesthesiologist is giving Kimber gas to put her under, [she's at McNamara/Troy to have the "surgeries" given her by The Carver repaired] he is not wearing surgical gloves, a second later he is.

  • Season 3 Episode 13: Joy Kringle

  • Unlike Kim, Joy Kringle undergoes general anaesthesia when she has her micro-liposuction done. Christian gave micro-lipo to Kim with local anaesthesia.

  • Real Life Comparison: Joy Kringle carries a "stone baby" for 17 years. This is actually a real phenomenon. It is called Lithokelyphopedions. They occur when a fetus dies during an ectopic pregnancy. In 2000, a 49-year-old fetus was found in a 76-year-old woman. In 1999, a 39-year-old fetus was found in a 67-year-old woman.

  • Music:
    "Oh Holy Night" by Aaron Neville (at the end of episode)
    "The little drummer boy" by Arthur Lyman (Sean examines Julia and talks with her about their Christmas plans)
    "Santa's going to rock" by The Bellrays (Matt and Ariel dismantle the nativity scene at school)
    "Hark the herald angels sing" by Jingle Punx (Matt and Ariel repaint characters of the nativity scene)
    "Under Dark Rain In Our Room" by Russell Mills (Ariel puts prescription grade bleaching cream on her face, it burns her skin, Matt puts her in the shower to flush the chemical)

  • Despite her comments in a past episode of plastic surgery being the work of devils, Ariel comes to McNamara/Troy for aid.

  • Season 3 Episode 12: Sal Perri

  • One of the few episodes where there's no consult at McNamara/Troy.

  • This is the second time in Nip/Tuck history that Julia is a "surgeon". Interestingly, it was also in episode 12 last season that she was given a chance to "operate" .

  • Quentin is now unemployed, having been fired by Julia, and having left McNamara/Troy last episode.

  • Season 3 Episode 11: Abby Mays

  • Music:
    'Fat Bottomed Girls' by Queen, 'War' by Frankie Goes To Hollywood and 'Love To Hate You' by Maria Lee Carta are played during the various surgeries in the episode.

    Other songs heard during the episode:
    "We come in peace" by Sam Black Church (Sean and Julia discuss outside Matt's room; Matt argues with Sean; Matt tells Ariel that she loves her)
    "Paz" by Troubleman (Quentin and Julia are together at De La Mer)

  • The Soldier being consulted by Sean should be wearing a "Combat Action Ribbon".

  • Season 3 Episode 10: Madison Berg

  • Music:
    "Wishin' and Hopin'" – Ani DiFranco (Christian performs Kimber's stomach micro-lipo )
    "This is Not a Love Song" {Public Image Limited cover} by Nouvelle Vague (Christian asks Sean and Matt to be his best men at his apartment)
    "Cherish" by The Association (Christian and Sean sample wedding cakes)
    "Atomised" by Forss (Ariel pierces Matt's ear)
    "Honeydew" – Tom Quick (Christian looks at Sean &Julia's wedding photos/Kimber confronts Christian/Kimber informs she's staying at hotel to observe wedding 'tradition')
    "Canon in D Major" by Pachelbell (Christian practices wedding vows with Sean outside church waiting for Matt)
    "Jesu O Joy of Man's Desiring" by Bach (Julia visits Christian as he gets ready for wedding)
    "Canon in D Major" by Pachelbell (REPRISE) - (Kimber waits in dressing area before wedding begins)
    "I've Been Loving You Too Long" – Otis Redding (Sean informs Christian that Kimber left / Matt/Ariel hugging after stealing patient files from McNamara-Troy / Sean sitting w/Christian in church / Sean reveals he'll come back to the practice)

  • Season 3 Episode 9: Hannah Tedesco

  • Goof: When Christian tries to convince Sean to help with the facial transplant, a crew member's elbow is briefly visible as Sean resumes packing boxes.

  • In the initial consult, mention is made of the 'conjoined twins' surgery. This is a reference to 2.9 'Rose And Raven Rosenberg' when Sean and Christian separated conjoined twins.

  • Real Life Comparison: On November 27th 2005, a team of French plastic surgeons performed the world's first facial transplant. The real life surgery occurred after this episode first aired. However, face transplant surgery had long been a theoretical possibility in the plastic surgery community.

  • Music:
    "Faith in me" by Pole Folder featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw
    "As the rush comes" by Motorcycle (Gabriel and Dresden Chill-out Mix)

  • For the first time in the show's history, a surgery takes place without any music. It's the closing scene of the episode, and Liz claims that she can't find any "suitable music for this moment".

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