Season 2 Episode 14

Trudy Nye

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 21, 2004 on FX

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  • Incest/Bad Guy

    Ava tiene relaciones con su hijo adoptivo. Reflexionemos acerca de esto: quién podría hacer algo así? Cualquiera en las condiciones a las que Ava fue sometida (piénsenlo como una víctima del universo que le tocó vivir, las cosas que le pasaron en la infancia, en la adolescencia, en su vida sexual y sentimental, etc.).
    Christian deja de una forma no muy agradable a su novia ciega: no puede evitar mostrarse ante el mundo como un mal hombre, escondiendo inexplicablemente (también podríamos aplicar el criterio que utilizamos para comprender a Ava) su lado amable y tierno. Mala actitud la del ex preso que golpea a su mujer y la de ella que lo perdona una y otra vez...
  • Changing Lines

    Famke Janssen gives another amazing performance. Despite knowing that Ava is a demanding, manipulative, lying, soul-destroying, family-wrecking, incestuous hag, Famke's performance still makes her somehow sympathetic. It almost makes my skin crawl to admit that, but her last scene with Matt really got to me. I'm not surprised so many people are drawn to her. As sympathetic as Ava is, it's nothing compared to Adrian, who is just a tragic example of what abuse can do to somebody. His life is a mess in almost every way possible, and because of Ava's actions, his abilities to connect with people and how to treat those around him is completely screwed up. It's so sad, knowing what one woman did to him.

    I don't know how anybody could not love the relationship between Christian and Natasha. This episode showed both the humorous and heartbreaking elements to their coupling, with the sad but kinda funny opening with Natasha completely unaware that Christian's car is being taken apart while she's inside, and then later when Christian dumps her. Rebecca Gayheart's sincere and endearing performance didn't make the scene any easier on the audience either. Christian couldn't stand that Natasha was so blind to all his bad qualities, and realized she deserves someone better. The only way he could really send her packing was to be as cruel as possible, and while it was completely devastating for both Natasha and the viewer, it had to be done.

    Kimber continues to crack me up. I loved her surgery this episode, getting her "love lines" surgically placed together, as apparently that'll mean she won't suffer a romantic tragedy in her life anymore. It's something so showbiz and ridiculous, you just have to love this girl.

    The Trudy Nye story was really tragic. She's one of those women that constantly blame themselves for their husband's violence, and it's so sad to see Trudy keep going back to him. While it's a little more extreme in this case with the issue of child murder, I thought the writers did well with the story, and I liked how Christian brought up his childhood, and how any type of abuse still affects him. It's ironic that Trudy's full name features the word "deny", since that's essentially what she's done all her life.

    An excellent episode with several heartbreaking storylines running all at once. Episodes like this really show what an amazing series Nip/Tuck is. Superficially it's nothing but trashy entertainment, but some people fail to realize how deeply moving and well-written it is beneath the surface.

    Director: Elodie Keene
    Writer: Hank Chilton
    Rating: A+
  • Adrian: (to Ava) "You treat me like a dog. One day you hand me scraps from the table, and the next you lock me in the basement! You're the goddamn mother of the year!"

    The Moore family's twisted secrets have finally been revealed today. Ava should have known Adrian would blab about their relationship (he had no problem awkwardly sharing with Julia Ava's relationship with Matt), and it didn’t come as much of a surprise when Adrian revealed to Julia the truth during zennis lessons (A Zen like approach to tennis. I love saying that word, zennis, zennis, zennis). I loved seeing Julia and Sean team up to take Ava down, and the explosive confrontation between them was one of the highlights of the episode. Man, does Ava have some serious guts though or what. She blatalantly lied about her relationship with Adrian, and she didn't even blush or appear nervous when Adrian yelled at her and discussed their sexual relationship in front of the McNamaras. After all this, one would think that Matt would finally get the hell out of there, but Ava somehow has managed to real him back into her manipulative web again. Sean and Julia are really going to have to start taking drastic actions if they want to get their son back. Christian's been way too sympathetic this season, and it was only a matter of time before he returned to form. Christian was unnecessarily cruel in the manner he broke up with Natasha in tonight’s episode. There was no reason for him to throw in her face her disability, saying he’d grown tired and impatient of nurturing her. It really is a shame what he did, because Natasha really was one of the best girls Christian’s dated, and it’s just unfortunate that her intelligence and quality scared him out of a relationship with her. While I do think Natasha is too good for Christian, there was no reason for why he had break things off in such a harsh manner. The scene was effectively emotional though, and I really felt for Natasha. Final Notes and Quotes - I hope Natasha doesn't let Christian's behavior keep her down. Hell, I would take a girl like Natasha any day. - I was really glad that Sean finally saw the light on Kimber's superficiality. She never was right for him, and Christian actually was on target when he said Sean belongs with somebody like Julia. - Big reveal of tonight's episode: Adrian isn't really Ava's son; she adopted him when he was child. While it does take away some of the incestuous blows, it still doesn't take away from the fact that Ava’s a child molester. - Your relationship with one of your closest friends has been on the rocks lately, what do you do? Well apparently if you're Christian you sleep with his girlfriend. Christian was lucky Sean interpreted the act as Christian giving Sean a reason/way to break up with Kimber. - Main patient of the week was Trudy Nye: a woman abused by her husband sixteen years ago. Trudy immediately returns to her husband when he is released from jail, even though he continues his abusive behavior. Trudy knows their relationship is wrong but she just can’t help herself. Sort of like Matt with Ava. - Nightmare (video store clerk): "Avoid Britney Spears in Crossroads at all cost. It's been known to cost spontaneous combustion."

    I don't know about the combustion part, but let me tell you that’s some solid advice right there. I wish someone had given me a warning before I checked it out. - Outstanding Performance of the Week: Famke Janssen stole the show. - No Liz today. Her absences are always so glaringly obvious whenever Sean and Christian perform a surgery. What’s up with the producers only having her in every other episode? - Christian: "I keep on putting myself in situations where I should be broken up with but nobody will cut me loose."

    Natasha: "Because we see the good fighting the dark." Final Rating: Another slam dunk. 3 out of 4 stars. - Tim Bronx
  • We find a lot..

    Christian begins to get himself crazy when he is confronted by Natasha that is convinced that he is a really good man, but Christian tells her that he would never get to be as great as she is, and that makes Christian to take out all his rage against her. Sean and Julia confront Ava after they learn that she has been having sex with her own son, Adrian, and when Adrian shouts at Sean and Julia about that is truth the fact that he has been having sex with his own mother, Ava tells them that Adrian is not her real son and that she thinks that Matt is sick, and that causes Matt to lose his trust in her, but still make out again. Meanwhile, Sean and Christian begin to operate a woman that have been hit by his husband.
  • its deffinatly differnt and pack with little stories..

    dr.troy gets rims and the front of his car stolen. christian sleeps with the blind women he's dating but is so turned off by her eyes not being in. then kimber wants her love lines longer and during sex sean agrees to it. sean still wants his "X"wife. shes go on a date with a guy from zennis. christian take out sitches from the love lines and then dose him. sean walks in on it and this that christian purposally did it since he wanted to dump her anyway. the find out matts g/f is having sex with her son to. and ava matt's g/f really isn't adrians mom. Adrian runs away. christian breaks up with the blind women(hes a total butt about it too)... matt trys to pack and leave from ava but she charms him and they are of course back together.
  • Breaking Up Written by Hank Chilton Directed by Elodie Keene

    As the synopsis for this episode on the Season Two DVD said, it’s open season on relationships and hey, many are put under the microscope in this hour.

    To tackle the least interesting one first, after a two episode sabbatical Kimber is back and is under the false illusion that her relationship with Sean stands a better chance of longevity if her palm lines are done. Whatever will this girl come out with next? Fortunately this seems to be the straw that breaks the camels back as Sean realises his new girlfriend is superficial. Gee, Sean what makes you think that? Kimber is the kind of superficial girl who doesn’t even realise she’s superficial and it’s a riot that she is the one who wrecks the relationship by being caught having sex with Christian. Not that Sean is entirely devastated but this betrayal but I kind of am.

    It has nothing to do with Christian his best friend’s girl, it’s more of the fact he uses his escapade with Kimber as a way to break up with Natasha. If Sean wanted rid of Kimber because she was superficial, then Christian wants rid of Natasha for the opposite, along with the fact (his words) she’s too good for him. I wholeheartedly agree with that statement but for the first time in a long while, Christian was quite the asshole in how he dealt with Natasha. She took it better than most people would’ve taken being dumped in such a cruel manner but for Christian to use her disability, as a factor was low. Even though he did show no real pleasure in breaking up with her, why does he feel the need to ditch a woman of substance like Natasha and renew ties with someone like Kimber? Some things I’ll never understand.

    Still though, if these two threads did very little to excite, then hopefully the Matt/Ava/Adrian plot made some impact as it continued on it’s dark and disturbing path. After being rejected by Mommy Creepiest, Adrian tells Julia about him and his mother during a Zennis session (its basically tennis with a Zen like feel and Julia’s dating the instructor, much to Sean’s dismay). The upside is that Julia and Sean finally have a reason to team up and that I loved but Ava is so smug, she denies everything until Adrian rams home the incest notion, letting loose another reveal – he’s adopted.

    This still means she’s a child molester and when it looked like the latest bombshells were finally making Matt see sense, Ava still manages to dig her claws in much further. Famke Janssen may be doing a bang up job playing such a manipulative and charming character but I’m beginning to question Matt – just how dense is the lad? The look of guilt on Ava’s face when Adrian laid into her should’ve been enough for him to figure out Adrian wasn’t lying. With two episodes left to go Sean, Julia and Christian would want to stop with making threats and actually carry them out.

    Also in “Trudy Nye”

    Main patient: Trudy Nye broke her nose sixteen years ago thanks to her abusive husband who was jailed for killing their son. Unfortunately Trudy hooks up with her husband (who is denied surgery by Sean and Christian) and the abuse continues wich Trudy revealing to be pregnant again.

    Ava (to Adrian): “If you have a sexual urge, then masturbate”.

    The opening sequence with Christian’s car being torn apart while Natasha listened to music not noticing was hilarious. Natasha doesn’t like Val Kilmer movies and the guy at the video store warned him against Crossroads and a legendary Marlon Brando flick.

    Natasha: “I think I’ve figured out how to get you in my thumb”
    Christian: “I want you to use all five fingers”.

    Julia’s new partner is called Kevin Hodgekiss. They’ve been dating for week. Joely Richardson definitely outshone Kelly Carlson in the looks department.

    Sean: “I can’t break up with Kimber. She’s been so sweet to me”
    Christian: “That sugar turns to acid when she’s crossed”.

    Did anyone else notice that during the sex scenes, Kimber dominated Sean, yet allowed Christian to dominate her?

    Christian: “You and me, we had fun together, didn’t we?”
    Kimber: “Yeah, they were some good times”.

    Adrian: “You screwed me when I was twelve and you said you loved me”
    Julia: “Do you want to be a part of their sickness, Matt?”
    Ava: “It’s didn’t happen, Matt”.

    If Ava hadn’t gotten Matt back with her, would she have resorted to blackmail? She does know the true extent of Cara and she’s prone to doing it.

    Speaking of Ava, I loved that design on her bedroom wall. It looked like some small photographs trying to shape out a fish.

    Sean (to Christian): “I have to share my son with you, I won’t share my girlfriend too”.

    No Liz in this episode. I hate the back and forth routine with Roma Maffia on this show.

    Natasha: “You are generous of heart, you’ve been wonderful with me”
    Christian: “I cheated on you”.

    Standout music: “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do” by Neil Sedaka.

    “Trudy Nye” is definitely better than the previous episode and with the suitable amount of shocks, it’s time for some more. Only two episodes left, what else do we possibly wait for? Oh that’s right, The Carver of course.

  • I can't actually think of a title for this review, so I'm gonna give it this one - Trudy Nye is dumb.

    Compared to last week's episodes, "Trudy Nye" didn't sparkle. It was a good episode, but certainly not one of the best. However. N/T's low points can easily be the high points of several other dramas.

    Before writing this review, I looked over untouchable67's review and discovered that he'd covered most of the points that I was going to say. I'll start with Trudy Nye. Such a weak character, and in my mind I knew that we'd be seeing the husband. Sean and Christian were right to deny Mr. Nye the surgery. How could she go back to him after he killed their son? Incredibly needy.

    Ava is the driving power of this season. However, I'm starting to wonder how many twists this storyline has to take.
  • More plot revelations, Julia goes on a date, and both Christian and Sean go back to being single again. Shame the patient storyline lets it all down though...

    It's the episode after Merril's accident, and to cheer things up a bit, Nip/Tuck tonight opens with a bit of humour.

    Christian- still going out with Natasha - goes to the video rental store in search of some entertainment for the night, and tells Natasha to stay put. He puts on some music, and it's not long before she's dancing away, unaware of everything else that's happening around her. Some teens pull up next to where she's parked, they soon notice she's blind, and it's not long before they're stealing all of Christian's alloys and car parts. It's dark humour, but it was fun to watch. You couldnt help but feel sorry for Natasha at the same time though.

    While this is happening, Christian's still of course in the store. He exchanges some equally humourous lines with staffer "Nightmare", before picking a random video and leaving. Had it been anyone other than Christian the theft wouldn't have worked, but because he's all about image and material goods, the joke works, and it gets away with poking fun at Natasha in the process.

    So it's with much despair that the patient this week is definately unimaginative. Sure, she's got a story, there's scenes of surgery, but her lines along with the acting does little to stimulate, and she just dissapears into the background. As such, I dont really think it important to mention her anymore, so let's move on!

    The real juice of the episode is without a doubt once again found over at the Moore household. After metting Julia earlier on in the day, Adrian tells of his sexual desires, and what he and his mother were upto last night. Apalled, Sean and Julia (no longer single) join forces to go round and visit Ava herself, and warn Matt what he's getting himself into. It's revealed shortly after that Adrian is in fact adopted, and with that, Matt leaves.

    Ava has been the real driving force behind this season, and it's nice that the writers continue to treat us week in week out with more plot twists and revelations. Adrian, as a supporting character to her ongoing storyline has been brilliant as well, and continues to be the "weird kid that no-one likes".

    It'll be sad to see them both leave...
  • more shockes and turns

    The first episode of the double-bill, it isn't often i get a chance to laugh but when those guy stole Christian car hubs i thought it was amusing, the fact they took advantage of her being blind was slighly funny. i know it was awful but hey i'm kinda of surprised christian left his car window open so the guy could pop the hood.

    Ava, even after what happend end of last week episode she determined to contiue her relationship with Matt, i don't really like Matt so i don't really care much about what happends to him. Still i liked the tag-team Juila and Sean to bring Mat back when Julia found out she was sleeping with her son but then another twist happend which was the Adrian wasn't her son, he was adopted, ok what more surprise, i know but u will have wait for the biggest shock about Ava in finale episode next week.

    Sean wants to break up Kimber doesn't have the guts so Christian decides to screw her and Sean catchs him and i liked how he handled ' i already share my son with him, i don't want to share my girlfriend', i liked how sean said that he won't tell Natasha, this made him feel guilty about it and for once being a man break up with her. Still how many bets that after what happend to his car he wanted to break up with her but didn't know how to.
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