Season 6 Episode 15

Virginia Hayes

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 03, 2010 on FX

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  • Everything comes full circle.

    Finally this season is becoming better! The whole episode actually went back to the roots of season 1, which really intrigued me. The whole storyline between Virginia Hayes was excellent!! I loved how the two actresses were portrayed and how she killed her in the end, PERFECT. When Escobar's daughter came back to haunt Sean and Christian's past, this actually helped bring them back together. I love how in the end they bury the lady and in the car there was a long silence with a song playing. Very touching, really made me love this episode more! I am excited about the next episode because it looks very revealing and CANT WAIT!!!

    Rating: A++
  • Daughter of the Devil

    Things are beginning to come full-circle. Escobar Gallardo was such an important character on this show that they needed him for the final season, and his re-appearance didn't disappoint. Loved the throwbacks to Gary Numan as well as the very first surgical case back in the pilot. Sean continues to bug, however. I just don't get what he wants anymore. He constantly screws up, he hates Christian, yet he hasn't got the balls to just get out and move on.

    While it was crazy heavy-handed to use the Rosemary's Baby theme whenever Aurelia was on screen, it was pretty funny. I really liked Sandra Vergara in the part, but was surprised that the character wasn't batsh*t crazy like every other female on this show. It was actually refreshing to see somebody who's willing to go the legit route in their pursuit of some kind of justice, instead of just going on a killing spree or something.

    Kimber's suicide briefly affected Christian in the Virginia Hayes subplot. Seven years after the show began, these young women are still coming to the big city desperate for fame, requesting surgery to make themselves a Hollywood "10". Obviously, this part of the story was wrapped up pretty quickly, with "Virginia" revealed as a con artist. Both actresses in the story were pretty convincing, especially Tamara Clutterbuck as the real Virginia. She really nailed the frantic, unbalanced thing.

    The story was pretty good until fake Virginia was murdered, and then it just spun out of control. The only major complaint I have about Nip/Tuck (and this is coming from somebody who's always been able to excuse some of the show's more insane moments) is the complete lack of growth each character should have experienced over the years. The decision to dispose of Virginia's body just didn't ring true, considering that Sean and Christian had already gone down that road in the past, and because I too didn't understand what they were so worried about anyway. Surely forging some surgical contracts or whatever would be easier than dumping her body in the desert? It was just a really dumb turn of events, made even more ridiculous since the feds were already snooping around McNamara/Troy this very same episode over a cold case. Plus it's another example of crazed individuals being able to walk around the practice and getting away with murders and stabbings. Even after Colleen, Teddy and the Ass Bandit, they still can't invest in some night watchmen? Gah!

    A mostly entertaining episode, if again pushing both Sean and Christian into positions where I can't sympathize with either of them. Christian is again doing the stupid thing, while Sean just lets Christian walk all over him. We're in season seven, and everything's the same. I don't know what to feel anymore.

    Director: Hank Chilton
    Writer: Hank Chilton
    Rating: C+