Season 6 Episode 10

Wesley Clovis

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 16, 2009 on FX

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  • The Born Ultimatum

    I can't stand critics and ex-fans that slam this show, claiming that it's all random craziness and ridiculous soap opera melodrama. When you have an episode as assured and emotional as this one, you realize that the old Nip/Tuck never really left. Obviously a lot in the last couple of seasons blew, and there are still certain moments where the writers go way off the rails in regard to sanity and believability, but this mid-season finale showed that when real effort is put into the interactions between our core cast and things are set in motion that could potentially destroy everybody, Nip/Tuck is still freakin' genius.

    Kimber. Poor, sad, tragic Kimber. Her actions this episode were entirely in character. She is obsessed with Christian, so much that she would abort her baby to be with him. I adored her scene with Liz, where she confessed that she's still crazy about Christian, admitted her terrible parenting in the past, and seemed to come to terms with what she is capable of doing for the man she loves. But, like Liz said later in the episode, Christian cannot possibly screw Kimber over again, not after seeing what she has given up for him. This is one of those defining moments for both characters, and I swear to god if Christian does anything to harm her over the final nine episodes, I'm gonna set fire to my TV set.

    In regards to Matt, I didn't understand Christian's desire to get him out of jail, especially since he seemed to be the major instigator in getting him locked up in the first place. Or Sean's claim that he belongs in prison, when he helped him evade the police earlier this season. It's like they completely reversed the characters. Lazy. Of course, Matt's claim that he'd turned over a new leaf turned out to be more Matt McNamara boo-hicky, since he completely screwed over an innocent man to protect his own butt. I've never liked the guy. He needs to get some major kind of punishment next year, because I'll go crazy if the writers allow him the happy ending that he so does not deserve.

    I'm so used to seeing Eric Stonestreet as the big gay clown Cameron on Modern Family that seeing him put in such an affecting, devastating performance really blew me away. Wesley was so tragic, a total Baby Huey-type, and the entire subplot was handled beautifully.

    Coupled with some great lines ("It's vintage, baby - like us") and an unsurprisingly great choice in soundtrack (loved that Nick Cave song playing over one of the surgeries), this made for a great mid-season finale. Props too to Tate Donovan, who directed this episode. I remember he directed some Damages episodes earlier this year, and he definitely has talent in this department.

    Seeing the "Final Cuts" preview at the end of the episode really made it hit home for me that the show's ending. It's really done. And coming so soon after that great closing scene with the ridiculously convoluted, insanely dysfunctional Troy/McNamara family gathering together for dinner just made it even more heartbreaking. Not that I don't want it to end, because I do, but it's still saddening. I'm hoping that the final nine will bring it back to the six characters we know and love. No more distractions from the guest stars (besides the returning ones, heh!), but an emotional closing chapter for these people we've watched since 2003. I'm praying this show will go out with a bang.

    Director: Tate Donovan
    Writer: Jennifer Salt
    Rating: A
  • Still bizarre after all this time ...

    I have not been able to catch this series for a couple of seasons now. The major networks in the viewing area of this part of Canada do not run it or do so and just don't advertise it.

    I happened upon this season 6 finale by accident so was dropped in without knowing what happened in the meantime. It remains bizarre if still not rather fun to watch though and I will follow the final season.

    I am going to follow season 7 because I am hoping that there will be some major comeuppance for Christian and Matt. I found this episode to be extremely disturbing. Kimber really does seem to be a smart enough woman to know that Christian is a selfish jerk and always will be. Her decision to bend to Christian's wishes and then suffer the permanent complications was quite tragic. She should really have gone the other route which at least offered some happiness in her future.

    Not really quite sure why Sean went against his principles and participated in the Wesley Clovis surgery. He did though and will probably have to face up to that situation.

    Matt is the most disturbing character right now for me though. That he withheld and twisted important information regarding Clovis just to gain his freedom was reprehensible. Matt remains the spoiled selfish brat (in the image of his father) that he has always been and I am sure/hope that he pays for this and for whatever else he has done to date.

    I will fill myself in on what I have missed and probably be back when I have seen the remainder of season 7.
  • Oh Kimber, Why are you so Stupid?

    In this episode, there was alot of character development. Kimber is pregnant and she asks Christian to be the father but he says that he will marry her but NO BABIES! So she decides to get an abortion because she loves him so much and it turns out that she cant have anymore babies! Giving this up is really hard for Kimber, i won't be surprised if Christian leaves her again :/ The patient this week Wesley, is getting executed and his story was irrelevant to me, exept that Matt is free out of this. Kimber and Liz are finally connecting in this episode which is great, she really is like a mother! OMG at the previews for the final 9 episodes, Escobar and Ava will be back! CANNOT WAIT!! Tune in Jan 6th for the final episodes!

    Rating: B+