Season 6 Episode 12

Willow Banks

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 13, 2010 on FX

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    Although this episode didn't really have any have any over the top situations, i liked how the first 2 of episodes are mellowed, and hopefully the last 6 pick up the pace. I want the rest to be intense, can't wait till we see the dream sequence of Christian's i need Julia and Matt back soon!! There was alot of internal conflicts especially with Sean and Kimber hooking up and i know that Christian has a clue about what's going on. Really excited about the next episode because it looks like Christian is going to try to commit suicide

    Rating: A-
  • Make Me Un-Beautiful

    It feels like they're really disbanding the Sean/Christian relationship with these final episodes. Sean making moves on Kimber could easily be interpreted as both an attempt to destroy their partnership, or as simply an attempt to just destroy Christian himself. Or to protect Kimber? Who knows exactly? While the Sean/Kimber coupling produced heat, it was annoying that the writers essentially had to make up reasoning for Kimber's interest in him. Christian has never been a slob, and I didn't buy that he'd suddenly become so uncaring about his appearance and his weight just because he's married. They could have easily scrapped that part of the storyline and had Kimber only falling into Sean's bed after growing tired of Christian's treatment of her. I'm guessing anybody with sense could predict that her picture-perfect ideal of marriage was quickly gonna sour. Christian still treats her like dirt, and if anything her infidelity is justifiable payback.

    Both surgery cases didn't really work for me. The Willow Banks story was crazy formulaic, reminding me of a whole bunch of past episodes, Roxy St. James being the most recent. We have a patient requesting an unorthodox surgery, something McNamara/Troy refuse to do, so the patient flies off the deep end and does the surgery themselves with horrific results. Even the climatic "twist" to the story fell flat.

    Elsewhere, the coma dude's subplot seemed to end abruptly, and I didn't really see any kind of connection between his trauma and Sean. I guess they were trying to say that Sean is pretty much in the exact same boat as Kenney, only he (unfortunately) hasn't been comatose for eighteen years. I don't know, too little time was spent on this to produce any kind of resonance. I did like Riki Lindhome, though, especially her line about "Obama and Britney".

    Great direction this episode from Tim Hunter, memorably in the first two scenes. Really loved the editing between Kenney explaining his history and Sean waking up on the mattress, as well as the insanely awesome montage of Kimber getting ready for that interior decorator expo to the sounds of Are Friends Electric. Speaking of interior design, Kimber's redecoration of Christian's apartment was ridiculously hideous, but I thought Sean's vintage pad was pretty sweet. I guess her talent is schizophrenic that way.

    Part of me likes the direction the season is taking, but I was underwhelmed by the patients and some of the more forced parts of this episode's script. Eh. Pretty average episode.

    Director: Tim Hunter
    Writer: Brad Falchuk
    Rating: C+
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