Nitro Circus - Season 2

Thursday 10:00 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Feb 01, 2009 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Nitro City
    Episode 1
    The Circus barges the City of Angels for some urban mayhem: from getting tased by S.W.A.T. tactical instructors to back-flipping a 75-foot gap across two buildings 130 feet high to Andy trying to one-up Travis in their continuing three-wheeled rivalry by back-flipping a rocket-powered tricycle. It's So Cal to the extreme!moreless
  • Hydro Circus
    Episode 2
    The Nitro Crew heads to Lake Havasu in Arizona. Stunts include: Bridge Ropeswing, Slingshot ramp, Tube Ramp, Jet-Ski Blob, and water-ski pyramid. Kirby Chambliss (Redbull stunt pilot) takes Andy for a sickening ride. Travis and Kirby Chambliss attempt a Motorcycle-Airplane Crossover Jump.
  • Go Big or Go Foam
    Episode 3
    The Nitro Crew is back at the Redbull Compound. Stunts include: Tricycle Distance Jump, Quarter Pipe High-Airs with Travis and Ronnie Renner, and Tomato baseball. Tommy jumps 7 stories into a foam pit while Jolene, Special Greg, and Roner get launched from Cannons. Final stunt is wingwalking on a Biplane.
  • 9/17/09
    The Circus travels to the East Coast to take on the Mecca of fast cars and big horsepower: Charlotte, North Carolina. The cast shuts down the city streets in a head to head stock car race, reaching speeds of 120 miles per hour. Andy gets introduced to Dr. Danger who schools him in the art of backyard pyrotechnics. And pro skydiver Scott Palmer and the cast leap from an 80-foot construction crane into the mouth of the world's biggest outdoor wind tunnel - will they soar to safety...or plummet to disaster?moreless
  • No Right Churn
    Episode 5
    The Circus travels east to the heart of Amish Country and the home of pro skateboarder Bam Margera: Pennsylvania. The cast do some damage to Bam's compound, from racing dirt bikes through his garden and launching them over his pool to performing some freestyle motocross on his garage roof (with his prized Lamborghini parked below). Andy pilots a four-wheeled space shuttle 60-feet into a scum-covered pond, with the Nitro crew and a terrified Bam along for the ride. And Chad Kagy joins the cast for a series of catastrophic attempts to tame the mother of all mega ramps, using everything from razor scooters to golf carts.moreless
  • Mud And Guts
    Episode 6
    The Circus gets down and dirty in North Carolina when they visit monster truck legend Dennis "Grave Digger" Anderson's Mud Park. Cam McQueen joins the cast as they take on the grit and the grime in high-powered style: Jolene and Street Bike Tommy pin it to win it in a fiery monster truck tug-o-war, Erik gets some big air as he goes tubing across a choppy trail of sludge, Travis attempts to get a winged motorcycle to fly, and Andy has one of the most epic and violent fails in Nitro history.moreless
  • 10/8/09
    The circus is in town and the Nitro crew are front and center for some three-ring madness: Tommy performs tricks with his elephant twin and Andy goes huge over the big top. Mat Hoffman and Tony Hawk offer some pro advice to Jim and Mike "Rooftop" Escamilla as they take on a sketchy BMX rail grind loop. And Pastrana choreographs one of the biggest displays of horse power and precision in Nitro history.moreless
  • Nitro Ut-Opia
    Episode 8
    The Circus heads home to Utah to wrap up their insane second season...and they're going out Nitro-style. Joining the finale madness is DC owner Ken Block, who challenges Travis to a game of fuel-injected, high-stakes S.U.C.K. Erik and some skydiving friends strap on their wings and engage in a down and dirty sky-scraping dogfight. The Utah Jazz Bear and his mountain bike take a mean hit on a colossal ski ramp. And a base jump from a 600-foot bridge turns into a near-epic disaster for some of the Nitro cast.moreless
  • 10/22/09
    The cast put on the brakes long enough to spill their guts about all the jaw-dropping makes and laughter-inducing misfires from their risk-fuelled second season: piloting a rocket-powered tricycle, walking chute-less on the wing of a biplane, back-flipping a 75-foot gap across two buildings 130 feet high, and nearly drowning in a foam pit after a 65-foot fall. Whether a stunt ends in epic pass or epic fail, the Nitro crew never gives up and never gives in.moreless
  • Hits and Misses
    Episode 10
    The Nitro Circus looks back at their greatest hits and misses so far and then give a sneak peek of the rest of the season.