No Angels

Season 3 Episode 2

Episode 302

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 2006 on Channel 4

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  • Anji leaves and Beth goes off the rails

    This is such a funny episode. I didn't watch the end of the last episode so I was shocked to discover that Anji had been sacked and was now leaving. I was definitely left wondering if she'd make it back (she does of course!)

    Beth's feeling of insecurity are valid but leaving the hospital I think was a bit of a stupid decision.
    However her antics at the hospital are funny and made me laugh, but they turn out to be fateful as one of the other nurses dislikes her laddish style.
    The scene after the club night was shocking and I can't belive those nurse could actually leave her there when she was clearly off her face. I was so glad when she slapped them.

    Brilliant episode but the presence of Anji was missed- 8.5/10
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