No Angels

Channel 4 (ended 2006)


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    • Episode 206
      Episode 206
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      Jamie's quest to become registrar has lead him to desperate measures. It's the annual hospital ball and, to impress the powers that be, Jamie asks Lia if she'll pretend to be his fiancée. At the ball, senior consultant Mr Asquith is clearly very impressed with Jamie's choice of bride. However, when Lia takes a fag break at the bar, she pulls Marcus, a medical sales rep. As they share a post-coital fag, Marcus asks if he can see her again but Lia is not to sure... Kate finds herself rushed in to A&E and is horrified to find herself a patient in her own ward, and Anji and the girls are more than just a little uncomfortable at having to nurse their own mate.moreless
    • Episode 308
      Episode 308
      Season 3 - Episode 8
      In the final episode of the series, Lia gets a surprise when a familiar face returns, Callum reveals his feelings for Anji while Kate is preparing for her wedding.
    • Episode 306
      Episode 306
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      Anji is planning a camping trip with her friend Rob but another mum-to-be puts her off the idea, so Beth goes instead. Kate thinks that Peter is going to 'pop the question' but his reaction to her excitement disappoints her. Beth sets her sights on a plastic surgeon
    • Episode 303
      Episode 303
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      Ex-army doctor Peter Compton, begins on the ward and is shocked by the way that Dr. McManus treats both patients and staff. Kate is defensive of Dr. McManus and finds something revealing about the erratic doctor. She clashes with Peter but ends up accepting an interesting proposal from him. Lia is upset that Jamie has been offered a job in Australia. They struggle over the decision whether she should accept it. Callum takes part in a drug trial and upon discovering the effect it is having on Callum, Beth and Justyn are eager to join inmoreless
    • Episode 307
      Episode 307
      Season 3 - Episode 7
      Kate excitedly prepares for the wedding, Beth and Callum fight over who will be Anji's birthing partner and while Lia prepares to give a sex talk at a school she gets some teenage sex lessons of her own.
    • Episode 208
      Episode 208
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      Jamie has finally been made registrar and Kate gets tipsy on the celebratory cheap champagne. At the water cooler, she meets Dr Templar, makes a fool of herself and ends up agreeing to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. A new agency nurse, Justyn, has already got on Beth's nerves because she thinks he's trying to pull her. After biting his head off, Beth eventually agrees to go for a drink with him, when the girls break the news that he's actually gay. Meanwhile, Callum is convinced that a dishevelled looking man is stalking Anji and persuades her to tell him he mustn't come to the ward anymore. And Lia realises she's not in love with Marcus, even though he is quite clearly besotted with her.moreless
    • Episode 207
      Episode 207
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      Anji's cousin Sujata has called up in a crisis. She's had a huge row with her parents and needs somewhere to stay. Meanwhile, Kate's been accepted onto a Medical Nurse Practitioner course, which will give her advanced skills on the ward. When Jamie asks Lia to accompany him to another function as his fiancée, Lia's daughter, Emma, is quick to organise Marcus as her babysitter. Elsewhere, Beth has a dinner date with new registrar Dr Tim, but she's convinced he's a nutter when he starts behaving very strangely.moreless
    • Episode 205
      Episode 205
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      The Trust are looking for 'the face' of Yorkshire nurses to star in posters and documentary style adverts for their new recruitment campaign. Although Beth's cynical, the other girls are excited and think Kate would be perfect for the job. However, Beth is not quite so cynical when she finds out that she is 'the face'. Meanwhile at home, the girls have signed up to cable TV much to Anji's disgust; why would you want to waste valuable drinking time watching TV? Student nurse, Simone, confides to Beth that she's got a crush on a doctor. Beth jokingly tells Simone if she wants him to notice her she should be really forward with him so that's exactly what she does...for Doctor Jamie. Jamie's obvious glee at having scored with a sixteen-year-old is too much for Beth and she decks him in front of the ad campaign's cameras. Jamie's furious at being hit by yet another nurse and as the girls and the doctors try to break them apart the whole ward descends into chaos.moreless
    • Episode 301
      Episode 301
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      Kate finds herself on a nurse practitioner course. Before long she soon has ideas on how to improve the ward, much to the other's displeasure and her own embarrassment. Beth is still disappointed after thinking Justin tricked her into bed and plots revenge,soon playing tricks of her own.

      Elsewhere, Jamie and Lia's relationship is stronger than ever and to their horror, they've become true soppy romantics. Finally, after a big night out with an old crush, Anji turns up late for work. How will the new nurse practitioner handle this situation? Does friendship come before regulation?moreless
    • Episode 304
      Episode 304
      Season 3 - Episode 4

      As her 30th birthday approaches, Kate starts to worry about her age and her relationship with Peter. Her mother comes to visit and Kate is overjoyed. However, her mother is not quite as happy to be there. Later at Kate's birthday party, the girls receive a shock.

    • Episode 203
      Episode 203
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      Anji has decided it's time she stopped shagging around and looked for Mr Right. As part of her plan, she persuades the girls to go speed dating with her. The night comes up trumps when Anji meets Alex and Beth meets Nigel. However, four days after, Anji is yet to hear from Alex and finds comfort in the arms of the hospital porters. Beth, on the other hand, is the one doing the dumping when she discovers that Nigel has a daughter. Meanwhile, there's an outbreak of MRSA and Dr McManus is on the rampage. As usual, he blames the nurses and Kate is appointed infection control nurse. Lia decides it's time to end the enmity between doctors and nurses by helping Jamie out of a fix, but when neither of them can bring themselves to trust the other, it all begins to fall apart. Despite Kate's best endeavours she is baffled as to the cause of the MRSA outbreak until she realises Claire could well be the cause. Claire swiftly resigns and, to the others' delight, Kate is appointed as new Ward Sister.moreless
    • Episode 202
      Episode 202
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      Disastisfied with her job, a writing competition raises Lia's spirits only to have her relationship with her daughter jeopardised. Meanwhile Clare wages war on Kate, Beth is thrilled to be nicknamed 'Mary' by a man who crucified himself and Anji juices away her problems with Calum.
    • Episode 201
      Episode 201
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      Beth dates a wealthy visitor but someone from her past jeopardises both her relationship and her job. Anji tries to win Callum's affections away from Daisy and Kate talks to Claire about her behaviour and ends up becoming her new best friend.
    • Episode 204
      Episode 204
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      Kate breaks the nurses' golden taboo and starts dating a patient, Robert Miller - well, what's a girl to do when he's so good looking? As Robert becomes increasingly ill, Kate finds she's compromising herself both as a nurse and a girlfriend and comes to the conclusion that she just doesn't much like sick people. Beth is increasingly irked by Jamie's unctuous social climbing in his attempt to become registrar, and determines to bring him down a peg or two. Lia has to look after her daughter Emma's school rabbit as a symbol of her responsibilities as a parent, whilst Anji volunteers to help a PHD psychology student who becomes convinced she's on the verge of a mental breakdown.moreless
    • Episode 305
      Episode 305
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      Anji new-found spirituality comes to an abrupt end when she realises the reality of the situation. She makes plans for her baby including finding the potential father. Kate and Peter exchange presents but she is upset when she thinks that he may have exchanged his. A scornful Lia and Emma attend a craft evenings for single-parents and their children. Beth decides to teach a jealous girlfriend a lesson with a practical joke that involves superglue!moreless
    • Episode 103
      Episode 103
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Lia has to attend a meeting at Emma's school. She discovers Emma's dads got a new woman. They are planning to move away and Lia's not in the picture. Lia's not the parental type but with the thought of losing her, she realise that no matter how unusual their relationship is, she loves her. Al, her ex, realises Lia's feelings and takes the house of the market. The ward have to fill in a pointless questionnaire, Anji however solves a medical mystery. The surgeons removed the wrong kidney. Jamie takes the credit for the find, so Beth contacts a solicitor in revenge. The patient decides not to sue but Beth's still 100 pounds better off. Callum also makes a serious mistake during an intimate examination, that will be all around the district before his shifts finished. Kate's back! and shes no longer going to be a 'doormat'. Whilst taking her anger management course shes learned to say 'NO!', but how long will she last??? The girls take the mickey out of Beth, for faking her orgasms to the tune of Celine Dion's 'My heart will go on'.moreless
    • Episode 109
      Episode 109
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      Lia tries to be somebody she's not. She meets an irish man who's visiting his dad in hospital but she only wants sex with him; the last time she had sex was on new year's eve... 1999.
    • Episode 110
      Episode 110
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      The girls are horrified by the prospect of a new ward sister. However, a hospital training day provides them with an opportunity to fight back. Anji coaches Callum for a date.
    • Episode 105
      Episode 105
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Anji is thrilled to learn that she has been seconded to train as a nurse. The new female registrar, Jane Salter, is finding it hard to fit in. The rumour is she's a lesbian! and her peers can't help but take the mickey. Anji provides her with support and advice, Jane finds that humiliating, so puts Anji in her place. Jane suggests that Anji was only considered for her new role because of race and the NHS wanting to promote 'Equal Opportunity'. When the other girls are made aware of that, Beth arranges a female stripper-gram for Jane's welcome party. After an amusing death, Kate befriends Ray, a morgue attendant with a morbid sense of humour. Beth diagnoses a patients heart complaint as 'Munchhausen'. When the PR dept find out about Beth's discovery, they use it to promote the Nursing Profession. Beth is made a local celeb...until the patient is re-admitted after drinking fabric conditioner. Callum confesses to Anji that hes only a doctor because his dad wanted him to be. Anji is inspired by Callum's confession and decides she doesn't want the same fate for her, shes happy being a support worker.moreless
    • Episode 108
      Episode 108
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      Anji's future marriage plans are shattered when she discovers that Ajesh isn't going to marry her. At first, she suspects he's gay, but he confesses that he's been seeing another woman for the last 18 months. Anji's devastated. Beth doesn't listen to a word she says, so Anji turns to Callum for support. They're both under pressure from family and he's not going to put up with it. He takes a sabbatical from the hospital to re-evaluate his career. Anji vows to change – to be sensible, organised and grown up. Stella's questionnaires cause the girls to consider their futures. They've spent all their windfalls on cosmetics and holidays, while Stella's got plenty of cash squirreled away. They attend a meeting about nurse's finances, but their priorities are perfectly illustrated on the ward. The girls support a relative whose mother had a stroke just before what would have been a holiday of a lifetime. Maybe 'spontaneous and groovy' is the best option. In Anji's words, you don't know when you're going to die but come Saturday night, you know you'll need a kebab and a cab. Meanwhile Kate's confused about her relationship with Jamie. When she remembers his one-off shag with Beth, her paranoia is overwhelming.moreless
    • Episode 302
      Episode 302
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      After quitting her job in the previous episode, Anji has taken the plunge and decided to travel. Back at the hospital Beth is worried about her best friend's welfare, but at the same, is paranoid that both Lia and Kate were only friends with her because of Anji. Her anxiety ends in an argument between the girls and she too, leaves her job at the hospital to work at a private hospital. Meanwhile, Lia campaigns for free car parking for staff and Callum tries to be 'camp'moreless
    • Episode 107
      Episode 107
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Beth is appointed 'Discharge Champion' for the ward but is a little overzealous, discharging patients who are at death's door. Kate suspects she's doing it to impress Paul. Kate's new, partying lifestyle means she's rarely sober and the girls are losing all respect for her. Beth's the first to actually say so and they fall out. The holistic healthcare approach of the new Dutch registrar, Willem, raises a few eyebrows. While he's busy quizzing patients on their housing benefit, they're crying out for morphine. Crazy Kate is seduced by his holistic ethics and attempts to conform to his ideals. Finally, she realises that the only answer is to be herself. A coked-up Jamie tells a drugs rep that the hospital has fixed some research by throwing away any petri dishes which produced unfavourable results. The news gets back to McManus and the research grant is pulled. Beth misinterprets an off-hand comment from Paul and assumes that he'll pay for her to have her own flat. She couldn't be more wrong and by the time she finds out, she's already told the girls. In an effort to make peace, Paul finally manages to give her an orgasm.moreless
    • Episode 104
      Episode 104
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Beth's got a new target in her life, Paul, whose been headhunted for a management position. Hes got everything; a good job, platinum credit card, a sports car and best of all doesn't bore her to tears. His only problem is, he has a game plan, and hes not playing Beth's game. Beth's then shocked by the admittance of her aunt, who's as common as muck, shes diagnosed with a foot infection. The girls think Beth's preserving her image by avoiding her, but in reality there's something more sinister afoot...Her cousin Kevin turns up and Beth's character changes completely, and it doesn't take her aunt long to put two and two together! McManus takes Callum under his wing, he bets that Callum will beat a rival consultants protege in a round of gulf. With all the socialising and coaching, Callum makes serious mistakes on the ward. Kate is dissatisfied by her 'motherly' image, so she ignores the housework and goes clothes shopping to discover her 'inner' self.moreless
    • Episode 101
      Episode 101
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Responsible Kate is all but certain to be promoted to 'Sister', however fails to prevent herself from falling in love. SHO Jamie continues to ignore Kate's calls and text messages. He makes a serious mistake and discharges a very ill patient. The patient dies and Jamie's left to console the father but tells him, he never got the test results because of Kate. Kate loses her cool and punches Jamie out in the middle of the ward and then resigns. HO Callum is learning that making a nurses life hard is asking for trouble. Beth seeks revenge with the use of medical knowledge. At the '999' night, Beth sneaks a sedative into his drink. Lia's daughter Emma wants more than the weekly visits, she wants to spend time with the girls on a regular basis. Lia not being naturally maternal is against the idea. Anji meanwhile is not liking the new uniform which includes plastic petticoats, plus her one night stand isn't clear of what 'one' night means.moreless
    • Episode 106
      Episode 106
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      Paul is back in town, having been appointed Clinical Services Manager. He seems to be on the nurses' side, cutting down on the time wasted by doctors finishing their rounds of golf. Unfortunately it just creates more red tape. Jamie's sick of Callum being McManus' pet. Surely his skill on the ward should be worth more than his talent on the golf course? Lia gives Callum a few tips on sticking up for himself, but in his eagerness to use his initiative he overdoses a dying cancer patient. When he and Lia get dragged in to face Grizzly, Callum takes full responsibility. Beth attempts to rekindle her relationship with Paul, but he seems to have lost interest. On the spur of the moment, she takes Jamie home instead. Kate's not having much luck either. Ray won't take the hint and in an effort to dump him she has to resort to telling him she's allergic to his sperm. In a bid to become Leeds' answer to Carrie Bradshaw, Anji attempts to write an article about her sex life. Her attempt at a threesome is a terrible let-down, but she can still use her imagination…moreless
    • Episode 102
      Episode 102
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Anji's feeling guilty because of her promiscuous lifestyle, made worse by her future husbands celibacy. After he nearly catches her in a compromising situation she feels she has to come clean. She befriends a psychiatrist who's been abstinent for 3 years. With Kate gone, the running of the ward is male nurse Carl's responsibility. Carl's sense of humour isn't shared with the ward and he resents being the joke! When he forgets to label patients dentures, the girls have to get a set from the morgue. Beth seeks her revenge by conspiring with an obese patient to clutch him to her HUGE chest. Carl makes a sexual harassment complaint against them, this ruins his chance with Lia. McManus and Matron Adams attempt to rehire Kate. Kate has given up on the caring profession and refuses. After her passionate speech, she agrees to return but as a 'Staff Nurse' only. The hospital has been given a water feature but the girls assume its a water fountain.moreless