No Angels

Channel 4 (ended 2006)


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  • Another episode of that sexy nurse uniform show No Angels last night on Channel 4. It was the one were Kate (Kaye Wragg) got fingerd in resturaunt by one of her fellow docters.

    Well any way as far as that goes she loved it and went back for some more, God she really was looking like a huni, i dont know exactly how old she is but ever since i watched the episode were she was getting some one to stick a needle in her anus or something i sort of had a soft spot for her. Quite simular to the one that random doctor was playing with when he took her out for a meal. I mean maybe i should try next time i take some one out for a meal to take there under wear off in the middle of the resturaunt so i could put my fingers up there whole and ask them how work was.But any way sorry for being discusting im sure this review has proberly made your stomach churn or given you erect nipples or a hardcore boner what ever your into.Kaye was brilliant again in the show and some thing about it being her 30th birthday and her mother coming to see her with breast implants. This episode did really focus on Kate the class chimp,but it did have some humer going on between the blonde lass and that curley haird, my little pony lover boy.
  • Naughty Nurses at their best.

    There are four very different nurses in this dramedy, based in a fictional hospital.
    All other medical shows, present medics as perfect, angelic people, who run around all day saving lives.
    No Angels is one of the funniest TV shows on Brit TV, because it's closer to how the profession really is.
    Patients dumped in beds, doctors and nurses squabbling over who knows best, PR more important than patient care, and staff shortages.
    The show is so close to reality that Britains Nurses governing body were so concerned they tried to ban it.
    I prefer this show to Casualty or ER. I think people see through the positive stereotypes, these days. They want drama they can relate with.
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