No Kitchen Required

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  • Season 1
    • Florida
      Episode 10
      The Chefs travel back in time to test their culinary skills with the Native American Seminoles. Prehistoric danger awaits them in the swamps of the Florida Everglades where they encounter a fish with scales like armor, an alligator, and weaponry that dates back thousands of years. Confronted with the perils of dangerous territory and unpredictable prey, the hunt leaves one chef unable to join the others for the forage. As the clock winds down, the extreme Florida sun isn’t the only challenge the group must face as they struggle to overcome the inherent challenges of an unknown culture and foreign ingredients.moreless
    • Belize
      Episode 9
      Our three chefs chopper into the heart of the ancient Mayan world amidst the lush jungles of Belize, where the modern Mayans welcome them and treat them to traditional Mayan cuisine. The chefs tangle with local animals such as armadillos, iguanas and gibnut using the traditional methods of the locals: knives, machetes and slingshots. The cooking competition finds all three chefs battling not only each other, but also the native ingredients that have never crossed their plates before. The Mayans prove to be tough critics at the tasting and the chefs can only hope they’ve done enough to win them over.moreless
    • New Mexico
      Episode 8
      The chefs head into Apache country, arriving on horseback as they begin their quest to win over the fiercest Native American warriors. New Mexico is known as the land of enchantment, but as the temperature drops toward freezing the hunting grounds turn grim. Cold weather is only the beginning of their troubles when the chefs learn that they will be cooking with almost no extra ingredients. The cooking competition gets heated and the Chefs find themselves fighting the clock just to finish their dishes. In the end, one Chef is honored as a true Apache warrior.moreless
    • Koh Lanta
      Episode 7
      The Chefs ride wooden longboats to the shores of the Uraklavoy Sea Gypsies. The boats are a way of life for the Uraklavoy, an ancient nomadic people who have survived for hundreds of years by fishing these waters. All three try their hands at traditional fishing techniques using handmade nets and traps. For the first time, however, they must give up some of their catch to barter for the vegetables they need, just as they Uraklavoy do.moreless
    • Louisiana
      Episode 6
      Michael, Kayne and Madison find themselves in the backwater swamps of Louisiana where they must honor one of the most revered American culinary traditions: Cajun cooking. Their Cajun judges are tougher than any restaurant critic and much less likely to be impressed by their efforts. The dark allure of the bayou with its alligators and snakes proves seductive for the chefs, who risk life and limb to secure their ingredients. At last, our three culinary creators put the hunt behind them and get down to cooking – but will it be enough to impress the Cajuns?moreless
    • Hawaii
      Episode 5
      The three chefs fly above the dynamic landscape of Hawaii’s Big Island before their chopper touches down on a beautiful bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The Hawaiians treat them to a traditional luau on the lava rocks where they learn about the native culture and culinary tradition. As the sun sets on their first day they find out that they’ll be hunting for wild boar, casting nets into the surf for fish, and diving deep underwater to spear octopus. After a thrilling hunt, the fight is on as they attempt to cook up the winning dinner for their hosts using the traditional earthen oven known as an imu, all while battling the elements and the sands of the hourglass.moreless
    • Chiang Dao
      Episode 4
      The chefs battle a mighty language barrier and even mightier prey as they head to Chiang Dao, Thailand, home of the Palong hill people. The hunting and cooking methods of the Palong have remained the same for hundreds of years, but the chefs must do their best to put their own spin on ancient traditions if they hope to win. Madison tests his fears exploring the dark abyss of an eerie bat cave while Kayne struggles to keep hold of his game. Meanwhile Michael charms his way to a successful hunt. During the cooking challenge, emotions flare as one chef is accused of hoarding the hottest ingredient. Will the chefs be able to overcome their unfamiliarity with the local ingredients and find a way to win?moreless
    • Fiji
      Episode 3
      Michael, Madison, and Kayne speed across the South Seas toward Fiji, a land where the locals were once feared as cannibals. They disembark on a sandbar and half wade, half swim to the blindingly white shores. For Kayne, the journey takes a brutal turn when he heads out to the reefs to hunt. Meanwhile, Madison unexpectedly confronts deep emotions when he is faced with the possibility of taking a wild goat and Michael nearly loses a finger to a crab. The cooking competition becomes fierce as the chefs battle to win the hearts of their Fijian hosts.moreless
    • New Zealand
      Episode 2
      The three chefs, Michael, Madison and Kayne, must summon their inner warrior to win over the Maori people in rugged New Zealand. The pressure is on native son Kayne to prove himself and honor his Maori heritage. Commanding the difficult terrain and finding success on the hunting grounds proves to be only part of the challenge at hand for the chefs. When the ice-cold winds descend upon the cooking challenge, Michael and Madison really turn up the heat in order to best the hometown favorite.moreless
    • Dominica
      Episode 1
      Michael, Madison and Kayne, arrive at picturesque Dominica literally hanging from a rope as they rappel down a mountainside. After getting a crash course in the traditional food of the Kalinago people, each chef goes on the hunt for a different main ingredient. But in order to dish up the catch of the day, they must first master spear fishing, track a possum-like animal through the dense jungle, and blindly hunt for crustaceans in dangerously murky water. Mother Nature seems to have it in for our chefs when she unleashes fierce rain and wind during the cooking competition. The chefs struggle just to keep their fires going, not to mention cook the food properly before time runs out on them.moreless