No Ordinary Family

ABC (ended 2011)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • 4/5/11
      The mysterious Mrs. X kidnaps JJ for his super brain while George is imprisoned on a doomed plane. Meanwhile, the Watcher and Katie reunite, and Jim and Stephanie turn to King for help finding their son.
    • No Ordinary Future
      Episode 19
      Stephanie ends up traveling to the future and seeing her family's secret revealed, and the consequences that result. Returning to the present, she tries to prevent the future from occurring. Meanwhile, Jim and George track down the criminal responsible for the death of a cop, and Mrs. X assigns someone to watch the pregnant Katie.moreless
    • No Ordinary Animal
      Episode 18
      While a new super stalks the family on Mrs. X's orders, Daphne and Chris ditch school for a music video shoot, JJ tries to determine Mr. Litchfield's plans, and Katie learns more about her former fiancé.
    • No Ordinary Love
      Episode 17
      King's mysterious superior, Mrs. X, sends a super to seduce Jim and George with her ability to compel men to obey her. Meanwhile, Chris suspects that Daphne and her family have special abilities, and Stephanie has to compromise her principles to maintain her cover as a loyal worker for Dr. King.moreless
    • 2/22/11
      Jim feels guilty after his actions inadvertently injure a bystander. The Watcher proposes to Katie, Chris steals the trilsettum serum and injects it into his crippled father, and Mr. Litchfield forces JJ to join the academic decathlon team.
    • No Ordinary Powell
      Episode 15
      Dr. King orders Victoria to use her abilities to slip into the Powell home and kill one member of the family. Meanwhile, JJ and Daphne investigate the death of Natalie's mother.
    • 2/8/11
      Jim refuses to let Stephanie help him stop a super-powered individual who is targeting her friend, she takes offense and the two end up in a competition to take out the bad guy. Meanwhile, Daphne objects when Jim lets JJ date a senior, but won't let her do the same. And Katie learns something unexpected about her boyfriend.moreless
    • 1/18/11
      Thugs invade the police station during an Internal Affair investigation into a rogue cop, and Jim has to choose whether to risk revealing his powers to stop them. Meanwhile, HR VP Victoria Morrow begins snooping around the Global Tech labs and gets close to Stephanie's secret.
    • 1/11/11
      When Jim's brother Mike learns that his brother has powers, he attempts to use JJ's powers to win at the horse track. Meanwhile, Katie receives a promotion, and Daphne comes to believe a student accused of drug use is innocent.
    • 1/4/11
      Jim saves a man's life, and bonds with him, his wife, and their kids. However, Jim wonders if their new friends are concealing something. Meanwhile, Daphne runs for student council President, and Katie talks to Stephanie about her boyfriend.
    • 12/7/10
      When George gets credit for one of Jim's secret crimefighting activities, animosity breaks out between the two friends. Meanwhile, Daphne suspects something is wrong with Katie's new boyfriend, JJ discovers a problem with his powers, and Stephanie and Katie disagree over a personal matter.
    • 11/30/10
      Jim and Stephanie celebrate their anniversary, and end up fighting crime together for the first time when a super-powered individual with the ability to project flames goes on a rampage. Meanwhile, Daphne ends up helping JJ win enough money at poker to buy a new computer.
    • 11/23/10
      Stephanie tries to determine why Jim has lost his powers; Katie gets a boyfriend; Mr. Litchfield catches JJ hacking into the school computer; and Daphne uses her powers to impress a boy.
    • 11/16/10
      Jim goes after a mobster who has plagued George for years, ignoring his friend's request to stay out of the case. Meanwhile, Stephanie disobeys Dr. King's wishes and tries to find out more about Volson's research, and Daphne asks JJ to use his powers to help her impress a boy.
    • 11/9/10
      Jim's in-laws, Barbara and Allan, arrive for a surprise visit and Stephanie and Jim scurry to keep their powers a secret. However, they soon realize that something is going on. Meanwhile, Jim tries to track down some home invaders while trying to maintain his secret, and wants Daphne to help over Stephanie's objections.moreless
    • 10/26/10
      Jim comes across someone else with powers, but isn't using them for the greater good. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Katie pursue the secret of Volson's research, Daphne telepathically learns a startling secret about a classmate, and JJ continues to try and hide his secret.
    • 10/19/10
      Jim is mistaken for a vigilante while trying to protect people in the park at night. Meanwhile, Daphne uses her powers to get herself invited to a party she normally wouldn't have been considered for.
    • No Ordinary Ring
      Episode 3
      Jim and George crash a wedding to catch the thieves who stole Stephanie's wedding ring. Meanwhile, Stephanie is forced to break into a secure lab to retrieve Katie's blood sample after the lab tech substitutes her blood for Stephanie's to protect her, Daphne considers telling a friend about her powers, and JJ asks his sister to read a girl's mind and find out if she likes him.moreless
    • 10/5/10
      The Powells keep secrets from each other as JJ hides his new ability from everyone, and Jim and Stephanie secretly break their promises to the other not to use their powers. Meanwhile, Jim takes on bank robbers and Stephanie attempts to determine the source of their powers.
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      A flight to South America has a far greater impact on the Powells' family dynamic than they had planned.