No Ordinary Family

Season 1 Episode 20

No Ordinary Beginning

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 05, 2011 on ABC

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  • beautiful ending for season,but season two please!

    Wow!this is the best like d ending because it left me wanting for produce season see how George reacts with supers in the the super family works with the government,how global tech Ceo uses d super powerful freaks n how she eventually katie n joshua's child grows up as a up with something!I'm an inspired writer too!
  • Never has a phenomenal cast and a good plot been combined with such shallow characters, flat dialogue and moronic twists.

    The episode started with a nicely packed 'previously on' which proved the plot was moving in a great direction. The finale of No Ordinary Family has an end game that was truly engaging. The twists and turns it had to make to get there were ridiculous to say the least. On paper, the kidnapping of the son, the various characters being thrown in life threatening situations, the return of a missing character and the final showdown between this seasons villain probably looked like the next Christopher Nolan film. The execution of it all isn't worthy of that name. In no scene did the cour four have any kind of chemistry. Many shows die because the main family doesn't feel like a family. When this show flunks, it will be because there isn't a split second where you wish at least one of these four would be killed off so that the rest can get some depth. They are miserable stick figures without feeling, depth or growth. The words they utter resemble those of people who see each other after a long separation while hating each others guts. It feels icky, unreal and pushes the horrible setting into the grave.
    The story isn't all bad. A big corporation that tries to copy their powers, the family gathering to save one of their own, the pregnant girl being held hostage by a copycat. It's good stuff, so why does it fail to be translated to the screen? Perhaps it's the many cliches that the writers mistake as curveballs. The lame diversions they see as twists. I don't know why, but a fifth grader could deliver this script. In fact, NOF feels like the next Spy Kids, aimed at children who settle for anything that moves with bright colors. Only without the cool kids. This is no ordinary garbage. It's just embarrassing.
  • Liked it, but didn't love it.

    I'm sad that the programme ended so soon, but I liked this finale. Well-written and nice way to answer almost all questions.

    It's a shame, though, that they conveniently forgot about Stephanie's newly-acquired ability to travel in time, that could've been handy!

    The big question was left unanswered though: why are all those super-villains afraid of Lucy Lawless? Because I don't see any logic there: if she's got a superpower like, let's say, screaming like Xena and causing a 20 sq mile are to implode, she wouldn't need criminals working for her and could do everything herself; and if she's got no superpowers, why doesn't one of those villains rebel and become the new big boss?

    Anyway, very good episode and fair finale.
  • What felt like a very unnatural ending for the season. or possibly the series.

    First the good:
    This episode answers most of the lingering questions that have been going on for most of the season. The action they did end up showing was good and the hook for a new season works well as a hook.

    Now the bad:
    While all the questions are mostly answered it didn't really feel satisfying. It's as if they realized they made it to the end of the season and forgot to build on a few things before that like Joshua's dad having a thing for the mother which I always saw as him wanting to use her not actually wanting her.

    This means that while the action in the story is still good, unlike other episodes it's just a means to an end. they didn't end up with a big fight with the real bad guy so the false bad guy suddenly decides to turn on the people who saved him and they kinda work as a team to stop him.

    And the Hook was out of place, mostly because they crowbared in a new plot point in the last minute literally that pretty much make the entire point of the last episode mute meaning they could have used it to help build this episode up better since only the baby subplot was handled well. the writers really dropped the ball here.
  • Not the best ending

    At least you can watch the whole show with most of the questions answered. But the answers how and why they have powers were a bit lame. The questions left arnt to hard to fill in,so at least the fans are happy if it's cancelled. I do feel they ran out of ideas as the show went on, having the shape shifter popping up all the time was a bit bland, so much more could have been done. And as for the very last scene, maybe the worst in sifi history
  • Dr. King was a great villian throughout the 1st season. Too bad they killed him. George was a wonderful sidekick. Not sure I enjoy Mrs. X and the shape shifter is annoying, especially the way she came back to life. Overall I will miss this show!

    Dr. King was a great villian throughout the 1st season. Too bad they killed him. George was a wonderful sidekick. Not sure I enjoy Mrs. X and the shape shifter is annoying, especially the way she came back to life. It was an entertaining episode and a great show. Overall, the show was like a real life Fantastic 4. You would think there was a lot more suspicion in a town full of supers?

    Overall I will miss this show as cancellation appears imminent! Maybe if the stars of the show could dance, sing or hover close to the R rated material they would be renewed for another season?
  • Incredible finale! Give this show a chance for further story development! NOF fans, cross your fingers and hope that this show doesn't end with a cliffhanger (because cliffhangers are excruciating!).

    I'm really glad that they wrapped things up for season one. First, the mystery of how the Powell family's permanent powers are solved (as usual, give credit to JJ for deducing the case). Then we have Katie reuniting with Joshua and giving birth to a healthy baby boy (who apparently revived himself when stillborn). Oh, and looks like George got himself into one heck of a mess (getting caught in a plane with 80 super criminals). Alright, so I made more of a recap than a review, but I just can't stop cringing over the fact of how Dr. King died! It's a shame such a villain like him had to bite the dust after all. Well, I'm not being a critic for today, so feel free to share your thoughts for this episode.
  • Most extraordinary Sidekicks

    In a show that was mostly misses than hits, the season finale focusses on its only strong point: the sidekicks. And so, George finds himself in the middle of a plane crash, as the Powells embark on a fool's errand to rescue JJ from previously unseen kidnappers.

    Katie's baby takes it after his Grandpa, as he fights for its own survival when early labor triggers the very powers the baby inherited from Joshua. Luckily for them, his Grandpa takes it after his father for Dr. King finally puts his son first, just in time for Joshua to help George caught the shapeshifter threatening his family, as they figure out Victoria has been posing as The Watcher in Katie's home all through the episode.

    As Katie's own no ordinary family reunite together, George follows Victoria to the airport, where soldiers are gathering the prisoners who'll get the shots that'll give them superpowers. Unaware of his identity, the soldiers pull him in ...only so that George would survive the plane crash and the combination of trilsettum & stress, finally, give the right sidekick the superpowers he deserves. The Powells, exposed for what they are during JJ's rescue, must now help the government and George out.