No Ordinary Family

Season 1 Episode 12

No Ordinary Brother

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2011 on ABC

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  • Very interesting storyline!

    A lot of intresting developments took palce on this episode of No Ordinary Family. This ranged from the introduction of Jim's brother to Katie's long distance promotion, to absolutely everything that happened with Dr. Dayton.

    The storylines developed nicely, and I thought the relationship with Jim and his brother was certainly a unique one in many ways.

    I really found myself enjoying Daphne's dstoryline, in which she utilises her powers in her new position, and I also thought JJ's role in the episode was good too.

    All up, a very good episoed! A lot to commend about this episode, and I highly recommend it to you! Keep up the great work, guys!
  • Aaaagain?! really NOF? really?

    wow.. this show has a lot of "Holy Cow!" moments but they end up being dismissed like water on a duck. the first of this, is when Daphne lost 3 months of her memory. It was discussed no more than 5 minutes, touch me, remember bits of memory and poof! it's gone. not even the scientist mom was curious on how that happened. and now! katie.. tsk tsk. sure you're blinded by love and all but as a superhero geek you have disgraced us all. so will/joshua/psycho-killer-for-global-tech changed the words and the writings. you SAW it! you read it, you went through it and waited for him to wake up for it. and! a big AND, you are now exposed to the world of the super powered, by this time you should be thinking, "maybe pigs can fly!?" and you just believe, take a look at again. tada! and you believe him. if that was me, i'd be shouting, "how did you do that?" "you changed it you virginity taking freak" "aaahhh! call mr. powell" but nooo. all katie say was, "oops! my bad." wow.. that was weak.
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