No Ordinary Family

Season 1 Episode 13

No Ordinary Detention

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 2011 on ABC

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  • This series is getting from bad to worse. The writers should give more credit to the viewers' intelligence. If it continues down this road I expect this series will be cancelled soon, 'cos many like me, are just not going to continue watching.

    For super heroes, the father and mother sure do some really STUPID things!!! That's even more surprising, given that the mother is some genius scientist. The father runs around bashing up bad guys in broad daylight, without a mask. Then he trembles when Internal Security starts an inquiry in his vigilante acts. Come on, even Clark Kent wears glasses just to hide his Superman identity. The father is bald and big build - he stands out in a crowd. What? He can't afford to buy a balaclava mask to wear on his missions? The mother discovers who the real Katie is and turns her back on the imposter to get her head bashed in? While her super power is speed, can't say she has quick reflexes or thinks fast on her feet.
    And while they parents do not allow the children to reveal their super powers, they both can't seem to wait to reveal their 'secret" to everyone else at the first opportunity. The parents actions irk me so much that I'm very likely to stop watching/supporting this series if the writers continue to treat us like the idiots they've portrayed these super heroes to be.
  • Keeps getting better.

    I had doubts about this show in the beginning. The script was very cheesy and overused. But its been getting better. This is the best episode until now. I have yet to watch the later ones. I hope it keeps getting better.

    This episode was quite fun to watch. The parallels they created with Die Hard, Breakfast Club and Resident Evil was really amusing; and it was done in such a calculated way that I would not be surprised if they were planning it from couple of episodes back. Well done!

    This show is evolving into a more serious show. I hope it keeps on this path and becomes one of the best ones on TV right now.
  • I wasn't thrilled with this episode - it was just o.k. - I also wondered why the lady from Warehouse 13 was guest starring - is she going to abandon ship?

    Anyway - I watch this show from time to time because I am a fan of Josh Stewart, who appears on the program in the recurring role of Josh. We all know by now that Josh has powers similar to the Powells, but that he was the spy for Dr. Powell's boss. I liked the relationship that developed between Josh and Katie - but I feel it has become totally unrealistic. In this episode, for example, Josh is visibly ill (he had stopped taking the injections necessary to keep his powers up and was going through withdrawal). He refused to see a doctor, which was weird, but Katie, once again, didn't catch on that there was something really strange about her boyfriend. He does finally come clean at the end of the program - so maybe things will get interesting in later shows and I'll continue to tune in.