No Ordinary Family

Season 1 Episode 14

No Ordinary Double Standard

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2011 on ABC
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Jim refuses to let Stephanie help him stop a super-powered individual who is targeting her friend, she takes offense and the two end up in a competition to take out the bad guy. Meanwhile, Daphne objects when Jim lets JJ date a senior, but won't let her do the same. And Katie learns something unexpected about her boyfriend.moreless

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  • I like seeing other, "so called normal" people, who have been transformed by Dr. King and Co. This episode featured such an individual.

    We were also let in on the secret program that allowed the doctor to experiment on people and give them strange new powers. The man we met yesterday was angry that he had been turned into a "freak", and targeted the lab assistant, and Drs. Powell and King, to force them to change him back. We also saw the continuing story of Josh and Kate. Josh seems sincere when he tells Kate that he loves her, even though he has murdered people while working for Dr. King. His power,which allows him to erase short term memories from people, really comes in handy. But I'm thinking he's due for a fall, and soon, because he won't be getting any more injections, if he won't do what he's told by Dr. King.moreless
Betsy Brandt

Betsy Brandt

Lena Perkins

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Katrina Begin

Katrina Begin

Bailey Browning

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Joshua Dov

Joshua Dov

Menacing Guy

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Josh Stewart

Josh Stewart

The Watcher

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Luke Kleintank

Luke Kleintank

Chris Minor

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    • Stephanie: I see. So you think your powers are better than mine. That's what this is about.
      Jim: Stephanie, I can be hit by bullets.
      Stephanie: I can run away from them. Can you?
      Jim: No, but I don't have to.

    • Katie: Well, now you know she's safe, so why do you still have your worried face on?
      Stephanie: I have a worried face?
      Katie: Yeah, it's a cross between your "angry" face and your "stop talking" face. The second of which I'm a lot more familiar with.

    • Stephanie: You know, I offered to help, but Jim totally blew me off, said he was going to handle it on his own.
      Katie: What? Doesn't he know that lots of super couples work together? Cyclops and Phoenix. Green Lantern and Hawkgirl. Power Man and Iron Fist? Uh, they're not technically a couple, but you know what? I had my suspicions. And... and there's the "stop talking" face. Okay.

    • Stephanie: Katie, you're brilliant.
      Katie: Yes, that's what the testing shows.

    • George: She lied to me and she violated the sanctity of the lair.
      Katie: Lairs don't have sanctity.
      George: Well, then you violated the sanctity of the smoothie, which is even...
      Jim: Kids, if you don't behave, I'm going to turn this lair right around.

    • Jim: Look, I will find him... we will find him. Even if this guy is made of mist, he still exists, just like we do.
      Katie: I bet you didn't think you were gonna say that sentence when you woke up this morning, huh? (everyone stares) What?

    • Jim: What do you say, honey? You wanna take down a super villain with me?
      Stephanie: I thought you'd never ask.

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