No Ordinary Family

Season 1 Episode 17

No Ordinary Love

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 01, 2011 on ABC

Episode Recap

At his facility, Dr. King receives Lucas Winnick, a new patient suffering from lymphoma. He says he has someone in mind to perform the operation, to see if the person can be trusted.

At home, the Powells are playing family games to keep Katie entertained since the Watcher has left her. George calls to tell Jim that a silent alarm has gone off at a pharmacy. Jim arrives as the thief, a middle-aged man named Jonah Stephens, drives away with stolen cough syrup. He lands in front of the gar and the man tries to run him over, only to see his car shatter on Jim's body. Jim knocks him out and then gets away before the police arrive.

The next day, George assures Jim that he can put Stephens away, but Jim thinks there's more at work and that there's no reason why the man would steal cough syrup. As Jim leaves, a friend of Stephens, Sophie Adler, arrives. She suggests that George look at the case a different away as she exudes pheromones.

King calls Stephanie in and explains that he wants her to perform the trilsettum injection on the patient, Winnick. When he asks if she's having second thoughts about joining his team, Stephanie assures him that she'll conduct the operation.

Chris arrives late at school and Daphne meets him. The teacher intercepts them and tells Chris that he'll be going to detention, and Daphne uses her powers to have the teacher give Chris one last warning.

Jim is working at the lair when George arrives and says that he has a date with Sophie. He says that he's dropping the case against Stephens, and Jim is surprised that he no longer thinks there's a basic to prosecute. George goes to Sophie's apartment and she tells him there's one thing they have to do before they go. A little later, George goes to a pharmacy and steals all of their cough syrup.

Jim is in the lair playing solitaire when he gets word of a robbery at the same pharmacy. He jumps there and the clerk tells him that the robber already got away. Jim does a sketch from the clerk's description and goes back to the station. The next day he shows George the sketch and notes that he looks like George. George insists that it isn't him, and says that he was out on a date with Sophie. He invites Jim and Stephanie to join him and Sophie on their date that night.

Chris meets Daphne after class and asks how she's able to persuade people, pointing out she did the same thing with a mugger a few weeks ago. He passes on his father Rob's suspicions that the Powells have superpowers, and she "pushes" him into dropping the matter. She then tells JJ and admits that she feels guilty for altering her boyfriend's mind. JJ says that she did the right thing, but wonders how long it will last.

Stephanie explains to Jim what King wants, and insists that she needs to do it to gain King's trust and find out what he's up to. The Powells then meet with Sophie and George for a double date, and Jim soon notices that George does everything that Sophie suggests. Jim gets his friend off in private and suggests that something is wrong, but George accuses him of jealousy for not having as great a relationship. George walks away in disgust and tells Sophie that he's leaving. As they go, George explains that Jim tries to impress cops by solving crimes, and Sophie says that he's just being protective. She sends George to get the car and then returns to suggest they get together again. As she kisses Jim on the cheek, she uses her pheromones to bring him under her control.

Back at home, Jim comes to Sophie's defense when Stephanie dismisses her, and she's surprised at his change of mind. He describes Sophie as the most beautiful girl in the world and goes to bed.

The next day, Chris repeats his same suspicions to Daphne, and she uses her powers to stop him. But as they go out, Chris keeps coming to the same conclusion and Daphne keeps pushing him to drop the matter.

Jim brings flowers to Sophie at her apartment, and George arrives and wants to know why he's there. When Jim says that he loves her, the two men square off and Jim shoves George into a wall. Sophie gets him to tell her what he can do, and tells him she can use a man like him. She asks him about MREs, and says that she wants Jim to bring her the heating packets. That night, Jim breaks into a military base, easily takes out a guard, and steals the MREs.

At home, Stephanie is preparing dinner when the news gives a report on a security breach at the base. Jim comes in and notices the broadcast, and turns off the TV. Stephanie asks where he's been all day, but he's interrupted when Sophie calls. She tells him to pretend that he's George, and orders him to bring over the heating packets. Jim tells Stephanie that he's leaving to meet with his friend and walks away. As he goes, Daphne reads his mind and learns that he's going to see Sophie, and tells Stephanie.

Jim delivers the MREs to Sophie's apartment. As they stand on the balcony and kiss, Stephanie arrives in the parking lot, having followed Jim, and sees them kiss.

Later at home, Stephanie confronts Jim, who insists that he's perfectly fine with abandoning his family. She packs up his belongings at superspeed and kicks him out, as Jim insists that Sophie is worth it.

Sophie meets with a brunette woman in a limo, Mrs. X, who chides her for not completing this plan of the operations. She warns that King is getting sloppy and Sophie assures her she has the perfect person to deliver the "package" to King.

Jim goes to the lair to crash and explains to George what happened. George feels sore and doesn't remember anything about the last couple of days, and Jim tells her that he's marrying Sophie. He's shocked that Jim is casually throwing away his family, and then goes to the Powell home the next day. JJ tells him what happened, and George insists that he has no memory of Sophie. JJ realizes that Sophie is using pheromones, and suggests that he go with George. George reluctantly agrees after getting him to promise that he won't tell Stephanie.

At the facility, King notices that Stephanie is upset and offers her a shoulder to learn on if she needs it. They go to see Winnick, who asks what will happen to him afterward. King tells Stephanie to explain, and she assures Winnick that the treatment will make him fine.

JJ picks the lock on Sophie's apartment and they discover that she's mixing enough explosives to bring down a building. George wonders what Sophie needs Jim for.

Outside the facility, Sophie gives a backpack to Jim and tells him to slip it between two propane tanks on the roof.

Stephanie prepares to give Winnick the injection of the trilsettum, but King notices that she's hesitant. She goes ahead and injects the serum, and Winnick has a "stage seven" reaction. King assures Stephanie that it's normal, and she goes outside to get some air. George calls to tell her that they have a situation, and Sophie is building a bomb. When JJ blurts an explanation, Stephanie realizes that he's involved. George and JJ explain that Sophie is a super using pheromones, and triangulate his cell phone. Stephanie realizes that he's at her current address.

Stephanie runs outside and finds Jim, and tries to get through to him. However, Sophie arrives and invites Jim to speak for himself. He tells his wife that he loves Sophie, and Stephanie explains what's going on. Despite that Jim, jumps up to the roof to deliver the bomb. Sophie tells Sophie that real love is stronger than true love and superspeeds after him.

On the roof, Stephanie confronts Jim and tells him that Sophie is using him to blow up the building. She insists that what they have is real and describes the precious moments in their lives, and then kisses him. Jim snaps out of Sophie's chemical haze and apologizes, but they turn as the bomb starts counting down from 20 seconds. Jim takes the bomb and throws it into the air where it detonates harmlessly, and then kisses Stephanie again.

Sophie meets with Mrs. X and says that she doesn't know why her plan failed. She apologizes and Mrs. X says that she'll be calling on her again. Once her employer leaves, Sophie goes to her car... unaware that there's a bomb rigged to the underside. As she starts the engine, it goes off.

When they're together again, Chris once more suggests to Daphne that her family may have superpowers. She admits that his suspicions are correct, and addresses his mental question that she can read and plant thoughts. When she worries that he'll think she's a freak, Chris tells her that no one has ever trusted him with that big a secret before, and "thinks" to her he loves her as they kiss.

At the facility, Stephanie discovers that Winnick has been transferred, and the orderly notes that he was a cold-blooded murderer who was on death row.

Winnick, back at full health, comes to see King and says that he feels better than he ever has before. King asks him to demonstrate his new abilities, and Winnick grows claws from his hand. When he wonders what he has to do to pay his debt, King says that he'll call upon him as necessary and ushers him out. As Winnick walks outside, Mrs. X pulls up in her car and says that she knows about his past. She offers him a job and notes that her previous employee was terminated. Winnick considers for a moment and then gets in with her.
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