No Ordinary Family

Season 1 Episode 7

No Ordinary Mobster

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2010 on ABC

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  • a little puzzling

    I don't get it. how did the telekinetic watcher guy end up right where he could witness what Jim was doing and see his face? and later on, how did he know to go meet Katie? I mean, even if he was granted access to all the computers in the facility and found out that she was having a blind date, how could he know that she was going to be stood up? does he have any other powers besides telekinesis because if he had telepathy too, than he would have known about Jim ever since he killed the cop lady. maybe it's one of those weird powers like extreme luck and manipulation of chances in your favor?

    other than that I liked the touch of reality they gave to the show... fighting crime is not as easy as it seems in the comic books. that mob thing could have turned way bad... someone like that mobster wouldn't have left the info alone even if he went to jail. i guess a killer is pretty useful in these situations. and the method is awesome, right under the cops' noses. I feel bad that Stephanie got fooled and she bought the whole mess no questions asked. i hope she realizes soon that something is not right at work and I hope that the dead scientist is alive and on the run hiding from her boss. at least he would be able to explain some things.
  • Some very interesting developments!

    This was a great episode which fdeveloped a few storylines very brilliantly!

    First of all, Jim's case with that mobster was quite hilarious in some ways, and also quite intense in other ways. There was a lot to like about this episode's storylines, and thi s was certainly a great episode for sure!

    In addition, Daphne's storyline was great, particularly the ending of it! I really enjoyed it, and it seems that it will be even more interesting in the future!

    The JJ storyline was a little random, and seemingly pointleess, but it was a ilittle funny, so I didn't mind it.

    All up, a great episode! Please keep it up, and I absolutely can not wait until next week!