No Ordinary Family

Season 1 Episode 16

No Ordinary Proposal

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 22, 2011 on ABC

Episode Recap

A burglar is running down the street and George directs Jim to intercept him. Jim catches up to him in a dead-end alley, but the criminal draws a gun and shoots Jim. He deflects the bullets, but one goes through a window and hits a boy, Jasper. After Jim knocks out the criminal, he hears Jasper's mother Ruby yelling for help as she discovers that her son has been shot.

At the hospital, Jim watches as the doctors tend Jasper and Ruby looks on. George arrives and tries to assure Jim that it wasn't his fault, and that there's nothing he can do. Jim figures that Stephanie can do something.

Katie wakes up and discovers that the Watcher is already up. He gives her an engagement ring and asks her to marry him, and she immediately agrees. Later, Katie shows Stephanie her ring but admits that she's worried that they might have superpowered kids. Stephanie attempts to reassure her, and says that she'll throw a party for her to celebrate.

Daphne comes to see Chris, who is trying to deal with his wheelchair-bound father, Rob. Chris says that he got a new job to pay the bills and can't come to the party. However, he finally says that he'll be there for a bit and goes out with Daphne.

That night, Jim is moping at the party and Stephanie notices. He talks in private to her and asks her to use the trilsettum serum to cure Jasper. As they talk, they're unaware that someone is watching them.

Dr. King arrives and offers his congratulations to Katie. Stephanie tells Jim that he invited King to maintain his trust in her, while King tells the Watcher that he has no plans to miss the engagement party. He then calls everyone's attention and explains that he and the Watcher go way back. King says that the Watcher can be anyone he chooses to be, and now he's chosen to be a fool in love. Everyone shares in a toast, and King whispers to the Watcher that he's doing his father proud.

Afterward, Jim cleans up and Stephanie asks him where the serum is. They soon realize that someone at the party took it, and call JJ and Daphne in to compile a list of the guests. Jim thinks that King is responsible, but Stephanie points out that King could get it anytime. The next day, Stephanie confronts the Watcher as the likely suspect, but he insists that he chose Katie over powers. He asks Katie if she believes him, and she insists that she does.

At school, Mr. Litchfield informs his class that there'll be an application for a scholarship the next time. He then calls JJ back and invites him to join the academic decathlon team. JJ says he isn't interested and walks away. He spots Natalie in the hall and suggests that they hang out at friends, but she doesn't want to be distracted when she works for the scholarship. Dr. Litchfield overhears them talking.

Jim goes to see Jasper, and tells Ruby that he was the ambulance drive for her son. Stephanie calls to tell Jim that she believes the Watcher is telling the truth. Jim figures that Chris is the thief and has George look up the boy's record. They get a report of a robbery at an ATM and go to investigate. It appears to have been blown open, but Jim notes that there's no blast residue and the explosion was directed inward. He figures that someone with superpowers punched a hole in the ATM to take the money. A witness saw the robber take off on a blue motorcycle.

Jim finds Chris at school and warns that he took something dangerous and it will make him do things that he might regret. Chris wonders if he's a psycho and trying to undermine his relationship with Daphne. However, George calls and says that there's just been another robbery, meaning that Chris is innocent.

The Watcher confronts King in his office and says that King isn't his son. King insists that it's not a matter of biology, and defends the fact that he pumped the Watcher full of drugs when he was six. The Watcher says that he won't come back, and King realizes that Stephanie is helping the Watcher. He figures the Watcher is using Katie to get close to Stephanie, but the Watcher insists he loves Katie and leaves.

Jim comes home and finds Daphne waiting for him. She's angry that he accosted Chris in front of the entire school, and insists that Chris didn't take the serum. She goes to see Chris and apologizes for her father, but Chris gets her outside and makes excuses for Jim. As he hugs her, Daphne gets a telepathic flash of him giving his father Rob an injection of the trilsettum so that Rob can walk.

At Global Tech, Stephanie and Katie confirm that the experimental rat injected with the trilsettum serum has responded to the antidote.

Daphne returns home and tells Jim that he was right, but Chris took it on behalf of his father.

Chris finds the stolen money in Rob's drawers and confronts him, and Rob lies about it at first. He then tells Chris to stay out of his business and starts drinking, punching a hole in the refrigerator. He tells Chris that the serum made him better before, and he's going to make their lives better. When Chris tries to stop him, Rob shoves him aside and walks away.

Litchfield approaches JJ and suggests that Natalie's chances of getting the scholarship will be much better if JJ joins the decathlon team.

Katie brings the Watcher to the lab and explains what they have planned. He asks for a moment alone with her and explains that he's worried she might view him differently. Katie insists that her feelings for him won't change and he reluctantly agrees to take the injection. A wave of energy surges out of him briefly and then he apparently stabilizes. Stephanie has him try and use his powers, and he confirms that he still has them.

Jim goes to the Minor house and notices that Rob has left his wheelchair behind. Chris tries to make excuses and Jim warns that the serum can alter behavior. He asks Chris to help him, but the teenager refuses to tell him the truth. George calls to tell Jim that the robber has hit another ATM, and Jim asks Chris to help them.

Jim tracks down Rob and corners him in an alleyway. Rob throws a hesitant Jim through a wall, and then drives away.

Jim gets home and Stephanie tends to his injuries. He explains to Stephanie and George what happened, and she explains that the serum just amplifies existing abilities. George insists that Jim has to go all out, but Jim worries that if he does then he could cause widespread devastation. Instead, Jim suggests that Stephanie use the same antidote to negate Rob's powers, and George gets an idea of how Jim can take out a stronger opponent.

Chris tries to get Rob to stop, but Rob ignores him and says that he's starting to lose his powers. He wants Chris to get more of the serum, and when his son refuses, throws him through a window and goes to get it himself.

King calls Stephanie in and explains that the Watcher was one of Chiles' experiments, and the abilities he gained were dangerous. He tells Stephanie that the Watcher probably tampered with Katie's memories, and Stephanie remembers Daphne's amnesia. King suggests that Stephanie tell Katie before Katie learns it the hard way.

At the lair, George trains Jim in boxing and shows him how to keep an opponent off-guard so he wastes energy, and so Rob will burn out the serum in his bloodstream. They're interrupted when Daphne calls to tell Jim that Chris is in the hospital. Jim goes there and says he needs to know where Rob is. Chris wonders what Jim can do, but finally admits that Rob said he was going to GlobalTech to get the serum.

Stephanie arrives at the lab and discovers that Rob has taken Katie prisoner. He demands more of the serum and threatens to break Katie's neck if Stephanie doesn't comply. She goes to the cabinet and gives him the key, and then uses superspeed to try and inject him with the antidote. The needle breaks on Rob's skin, and he throws her into the wall.

As Rob goes to the parking garage to make his escape, Jim confronts him, knocking the case out of his hands, and Rob goes after him. However, Jim stays out of his way, taunting him into losing his temper and then finally taking him down once he's weakened himself. However, Rob goes for the case and Stephanie arrives in time to take it away. She then tells Jim what the Watcher did to Daphne.

Jim goes to Katie's home and attacks the Watcher, who insists that he took away Daphne's memories to keep her from becoming like him. He tells Jim to hit him, and Jim is glad to oblige. However, Katie stops Jim and demands to know the truth. The Watcher admits that he stripped Katie of her memories to protect her and because he loved her. Katie gives him the ring back and insists that she doesn't love him, and can't .love someone who has been lying to her since they met. She tells him to get out and the Watcher goes.

Later at school, Natalie informs JJ that she got the scholarship. He insists that he's happy for her and then goes to see Litchfield. When JJ points out that he didn't sign up for the team, Litchfield says that he can still take the scholarship away.

Daphne and Chris get together and he admits that he's glad that Rob has been taken care of. He's finally accepted that Rob has been messing up his life as long as he can remember, and that since he's met Daphne, he hasn't felt so alone. She hears him think that he loves her, and she responds out loud, saying she loves him as well.

Jim goes to the hospital and Ruby tells him that Jasper's surgery was successful. The doctors found a tumor during the operation, and Jasper getting hit by the bullet saved by his life.

Stephanie comforts Katie.

The Watcher leaves town on a bus, and tries to use his telekinesis without success.

At school, JJ works out a formula for Litchfield. Later, Litchfield goes to see King and says that JJ solved the problem he gave him in seconds. King pays him off and Litchfield asks why King had JJ solve that particular problem. In response, King tells him that it's none of his business and escorts him out.