No Ordinary Family

Season 1 Episode 5

No Ordinary Quake

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 26, 2010 on ABC

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  • Horrible Implications due to tv-morallizing tripe

    I angrily gave up on No Ordinary Family after this ep; the ending with him quitting b/c it's "cheating" was such horrible and offensive tv-moralizing tripe; it's no more "cheating" than the other players' being big and strong is "cheating" people have different skills and abilities using them is not "cheating"! Considering the way an individual's brain works as "cheating" is discriminatory (esp under the ADA). if they had him stop b/c it's too dangerous . his getting tackled/ko'd so easily) when he IS so small and weak vs the other players, that'd have been realistic ethics; it's not fair, but that's life etc. [If the telepath had been reading the other team's minds we could call that cheating since doing the same thing through mundane means IS cheating]

    Aside from that this show bored me till I gave up; last good live action superhero tv show was Wonder Woman (and maybe original Bionic Woman, if that counts as "superhero") imho.

    This show like Heroes tried to be all "mysterious" about some shadowy evil organization and their efforts to control/enhance super-powered people. And then we get to watch all that "mystery" go nowhere, until maybe the season finale. That's what's really boring imho [NCIS has actual mystery, shows like Lost, Heroes, etc try to be "mysterious" and are just frustratingly decompressed w/often unsatisfying payoffs, at least to me.
  • It's nice to see JJ's secret FINALLY out.

    Tonight was a decent enough episode of No Ordinary Family. I was still left frustrated that the show seems unable to focus on one clear-cut genre in a given episode, but whatever: the episode gave us some forward momentum in the Powell's family life, as well as GlobalTech, the place Stephanie works. And it's always nice to see more people with super-powers being introduced to the show.

    After an earthquake interrupts the Powell's while shopping, George does some research and is able to help, with Stephanie and Jim's help, prove that a woman was behind the earthquake. More research helps prove to Jim that the girl has the power to create supersonic waves that shake the earth and are able to push people around. As the episode progresses, we learn that this girl, named Rebecca, has some sort of connection to Stephanie's boss, who we all know is involved with these powers somehow.

    On the family front, Jim continues lying to Stephanie, while Daphne confronts a moral dilemna. She reads the mind of a teacher and a student and believes that they're sleeping together. She spends most of the episode struggling to figure out what to do. Meanwhile, Stephanie FINALLY begins to suspect that JJ may have powers, and things become blatantly obvious after he solves one of Katie's impossibly confusing algorithms in a few seconds.

    There were plenty of developments in this episode, and while we're still no closer to discovering what's going on with Stephanie's boss or the guy they call "The Watcher" on Wikipedia (the guy with telekinesis). However, the show is building very slowly and deliberately, and I'm excited to see where we go from here. But the show really needs to work, in the mean time, on some better writing. This show could be firing on all cylinders right now, but the writing is so forced and rushed that it misses so many opportunities for exciting moments or possibilities.

    But overall, this was a good episode of the show. It's also nice to know that the show's been picked up for a full season. This gives the show a chance to work on developing some sort of story and moving towards a definite end.