No Ordinary Family

Season 1 Episode 3

No Ordinary Ring

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 12, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

Jim is practicing baseball on a cliff near the beach, and George finds him. He admits that he has a lot on mind since Cho turned up dead and he learned his family has powers. George suggests that he protect himself, and reminds Jim that if he isn't on time tonight, he's a dead man. Jim goes leaping away while George opens up the trunk of his car and uses his tracking equipment to guide Jim to a landing. Jim hits a roof and trips, lands below, and gets to where he needs to just in time. His destination: a tuxedo shop.

That night, Jim arrives at a wedding reception and finds Stephanie and the kids. They wonder how he managed to miss the entire wedding. The bride comes over and thanks them, and remembers how she babysat Daphne and JJ She admits that seeing the Powells as a happily married couple is what encouraged her to get married. Once she leaves, Stephanie invites Jim to dance and the kids agree.

As he refuses, the lights go out and armed robbers burst in. They force everyone to turn over their money and valuables. Jim insists he can handle it, but Stephanie warns that someone could get caught in the crossfire. Jim relents and the robbers demand Stephanie's ring. She turns it over, despite Jim's objections, and the robbers leave. He chases after them and watches as they use a mechanized winch to make their escape up the side of a building. Jim leaps up after them but misses and falls back down to the ground. They get to the roof and a helicopter takes them to safety.

The next day, Jim claims that he slipped away to call the police, and JJ wonders why he didn't use his powers. Stephanie insists it was too dangerous and that it's the cops' job to stop crime. Once the kids leave, Jim wants to know why he can't tell the kids he's found something to be proud of. Stephanie reminds him that he's not a cop, but a superstrong man who isn't a trained crimefighter.

At school, Mr. Litchfield hands out scored tests and sarcastically congratulates JJ on his streak. A ate, Sara Berg, congratulates him and appears impressed. He awkwardly offers to tutor her and she immediately agrees. Daphne comes over and realizes that he has feelings for Sara, but doesn't care. She gives him her homework to do, warning him that if he doesn't do it, she'll tell his secret to their parents. As Daphne walks away, a friend, Megan, comes over and suggests they hang out. Daphne hears her thinking that Megan doesn't want to be alone, and accepts the invitation.

At Global Tech, Katie and Stephanie arrive at the lab. Dr. King is waiting for them and tells Stephanie that the board is funding her research into the plant. However, he explains that they're taking out an insurance policy on her and she needs to take a standard physical. Once he leaves, Stephanie and Katie worry that if they take a blood test, they'll discover that she's abnormal and make her into a research project.

Jim meets with George and admits the cops told him to butt out. He wonders if he should go public, but George warns that in the comic books, heroes need secret identities because he'll be blamed if anything goes wrong. George then tracks the robbers' pattern and figures that they'll strike again, and tells him that they have some wedding to crash.

Megan and Daphne meet at the Powell house, and Daphne hears Megan thinking about how the Powells are perfect parents, and that she wants her mother to forgive her father so he can home. Daphne asks if her parents are splitting up, and Megan thinks that she went through her purse and found out. She angrily leaves as Jim and Stephanie arrive, and Daphne thinks that she needs to tell someone. Jim warns that if the wrong person finds out about their powers, they'd all be in trouble. Daphne insists that she should be able to tell her friends, just like they did, and walks away.

That night, Jim and Stephanie have Katie and George come over so the kids can talk to them about their powers. Daphne doesn't see the point, and JJ insists he has nothing to talk about since he doesn't want his parents to know he has powers. The kids go up to their rooms, and JJ finally asks Daphne to read Sara's mind and see if she really likes him... and offers to do another report if she do it.

The next day, Stephanie goes to see Dr. King and complains that it's unfair that her grant award depends on her physical status. He interrupts to tell her that they already have a blood sample that she gave this afternoon, and they'll have the results in the morning. Stephanie realizes what's going on and goes to confront Katie, who explains that she pretended to be Stephanie. Stephanie warns her that she gave a sample when she joined the company, the lab techs will realize the whole thing is a fraud. Katie suggests that they have to break into the lab and get the blood before they test it in the morning.

At school, Daphne fakes an accident to bump into Sara and mentions. She learns that Sara thinks that JJ is a jerk.

Jim and George crash an expensive wedding, and the bride's father Lou comes up to them. They lie and claim that they're with the groom and that Jim's a doctor. They go out on the wedding floor, but Lou brings over the groom, Pete. Pete has no idea who he is, and they try to bluff it out. Before Pete can pursue the matter, the lights go out and Jim spots a man with a knife. He tackles the man, into the cake, and realizes that he was going to cut the cake.

Back at the Powell home, George tells Jim that he needs to learn how to dance to perfect his landing skills. Jim follows George's lead but inadvertently smashes a support pillar. Daphne comes in and wonders what he's doing, and she asks to talk to George. Jim leaves them alone to talk.

At the lab, Stephanie and Katie try to figure out a way to the lab with the blood sample, and realize that they need to steal a key card from Dr. Chiles. Katie pretends that she wants to join his team and gets him to talk about his project. While he's distracted, Stephanie comes in at superspeed and steals his key card.

Daphne explains what she learned about Sara, and George boasts that he knows all about dating. He tells her not to let JJ get hurt, and that Daphne should lie and say that Sara is into guys that aren't like JJ. When she asks what George and Jim are doing, George tries to block his thoughts so she can't learn what Jim is doing. She talks to JJ about it, but he's rather talk about Sara. Daphne tells him that Sara doesn't think he's her type. JJ wants more details and Daphne says that Sara only dates Jewish guys. JJ then looks up Hebrew language tutorials on the Internet and masters the language in a matter of seconds.

As Stephanie prepares to leave, Jim points out that she's using her powers to commit a felony and it could be dangerous, but realizes there's no deterring her. He tells her to be careful and she goes. Daphne comes downstairs and Jim starts talking with her. However, he's interrupted when George calls and tells her there's another likely wedding. Jim claims it's work-related but Daphne uses her telepathy to realize that he's lying and learns where he's really going. She asks him if he would ever to lie to him, and Jim lies, saying he wouldn't.

Stephanie and Kate meet in the Global Tech parking lot, and Stephanie asks her to help break in. They have an old sample of Stephanie's blood that they'll substitute for Katie's fake sample. Katie warns that Stephanie can't stop or she'll be spotted on the cameras. Stephanie goes in and manages to swipe the card reader and get inside the lab without the guard noticing. She makes the switch, but the guard comes to investigate. Stephanie gets out invisibly before he can spot her.

Sara comes over for tutoring and JJ pretends to be Jewish. When he tries to get closer to her, she suggests that they just study and has no idea why he's talking about his Jewish practices, or why he thinks she only dates Jewish guys. Sara quickly leaves and JJ realizes something is wrong.

At the target wedding, Jim gets hauled out on the dance floor and gets the hang of dancing. The lights go out and the robbers burst in. Jim leaps up to attack them and one robber shoots him in the chest. He gets up, and the robber figures that he's a cop wearing Kevlar. They run for it and Jim goes after them. Daphne is outside, having followed him, and wonders what he's doing. He runs past her and then jumps up to the roof ahead of them. He successfully makes the jump this time, grabs one robber, and tosses him down onto the street below. The other ones manage to escape.

Back at home, Jim finds Stephanie and Daphne waiting for him. Daphne accuses him of lying to her, and he insists that he was trying to protect her. She's disappointed that Jim isn't honest with her any more, and he won't let her tell the truth to any of her friends. She goes off to tell Megan what she can do, and Stephanie tells him to let her go. Stephanie says that they'll have to trust Megan or they'll lose her. George calls Jim to tell him that they have a problem and he needs to get down to the precinct.

Daphne finds Megan and starts to tell her how she knew her parents were getting a divorce.

Jim arrives at the station as the robber is released. George explains that no one could ID the robber at the scene, and there was nothing to connect the robber to the getaway car. He warns Jim that they don't always win, and that the next time they'll get the robbers. Jim wonders if it's all been worth anything, but George gives him Stephanie's ring and explains that one of the policemen found it at the scene.

When Daphne comes home, JJ accuses Daphne of setting him up. She insists that she was trying to protect him, but JJ angrily walks away. Jim arrives and Daphne admits that she lied about how she learned that Megan's parents were getting a divorce. She admits that she didn't want things to change, and she wanted to be considered normal. When Daphne admits that she's always worried about Jim, he explains that his powers let him be the kind of person he's always wanted to be. Jim tells her nothing will happen to him, but admits that he can't promise it.

Dr. King calls Chiles into his office and explains that someone used his key to access the medical lab. However, there's nothing on the security tapes, and King apparently dismisses it as a security glitch. Once he leaves, King slows the tape down and sees Stephanie's blood vial flicker.

Jim takes Stephanie to an expensive restaurant and carries her up to the roof where he's set up a private dinner for two. As they sit down, he gives her the wedding ring back. Jim admits it's the smallest, ugly ring but the only one he could afford, and reminds her of how she thought it was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen when he gave it to her the first time. They kiss and then he invites her to dance.