No Ordinary Family

Season 1 Episode 3

No Ordinary Ring

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 12, 2010 on ABC

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  • We want to see people using their powers not people whining about them!!!

    Worst episode of the show so far. Julie Benz goes into Rita-mode, nagging and quite frankly ruining the show. It'sthe reason why I was shocked but kindoif glad she got killed off in Dexter. It's fine touse your powers for saving your job, but not to use them for the greater good... Lame!!!
    Hope they'll crank op the action and turn down the soaplike drama.
    Besides that the writers have to put on their A-game and fill up those plotholes, to name a few: First bullets can hurt Jim, now he's completely bulletproof. The power is turned of at the wedding, yet the lights on the tables stay on and no they were definetly not candles (the lampshades were made of cloth. At Stephanie's work there are camera's everywhere, but not in the parking lot. JJ's a genius but completely clueless.
    Finally a mindreading teeenage girl doesn't know anyway to have fun with this ability??? Come on!!
    A great cast, enough resources, a great premise, no more excuses let's have some fun!!!!
  • A little more exciting than last week, but the show still needs to improve on some key elements.

    I like this show a lot, despite what my reviews or scores might indicate. It's a harmless show that an entire family can watch, or a fan of superheroes can watch.. the problem is that the show still seems to be just a sketch of a show, not a fully developed, fleshed-out show with characters we can truly care about. The Event is suffering from the same problem right now, and while No Ordinary Family is doing a better job at character development than The Event, they both have an issue getting us to care about things.

    Last night's episode was entertaining at least. We had Jim and Stephanie each using their powers to do something that might not go over well with each other: Jim and George attempt to crash some weddings in order to capture wedding thieves who have been crashing weddings themselves and stealing everybody's stuff (including Stephanie's wedding ring). While they use George's lair to track down where the thieves might hit next, Stephanie realizes that her boss (played by Stephen Collins of 7th Heaven fame) is forcing her to take a blood test if she wants to get funding for her project. The problem is that her blood has tons of abnormalities and can't be submitted. However, her assistant, Katie, replaces Stephanie's blood with her own, which is no good either since they can compare her blood now to her blood when she first got the job, which would indicate fraud. Therefore, Stephanie and Katie come up with a plan to sneak into the building and steal the blood back.

    As for the children, JJ wants to know if a girl likes him and uses Daphne's power to figure it out. And Daphne is frustrated that she can't tell her friends about her power. Nothing that important.

    The episode was entertaining enough. I'm really waiting for the show to kick into high-gear and just shock me. So far, it's made me laugh occasionally (Romany Malco is really the best thing about this show right now..) and has stuck in some good action scenes, but for the most part, it feels as if this show is ripe with potential, but the writers are refusing to push it. The ratings are getting lower and lower as well, which doesn't bode well. The show needs to do something great, and fast, or it'll be canceled before it has a real chance to stretch its legs.