No Ordinary Family

Season 1 Episode 4

No Ordinary Vigilante

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2010 on ABC

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  • Not sure what to make of this show yet. Really want to like it but so far I haven't found a character I like or a story line to follow.

    Dad keeps wanting to make use of his powers to make the world safe. He comes across as incredibly naive about how he should pull it off. Not worried about him making mistakes its just that each episode starts with the same whinge and absolutely no insight into what he has learnt from past experiences. Mom has super speed and is satisfied doing the housework with it and enabling her to make more time with the family. She's a super uber brained scientist and that's all she wants to do with her powers. How Mrs Robinson can you get.
    The daughter can read minds - it had to be the troubled hormonal angst driven teenage girl that got those powers it just had to be.
    AND to top everything off reasonably intelligent Dad, super intelligent Mom makes no correlation between Son's sudden and unexplained ascendancy into Einsteinhood territory and the timing of their acquisition of super powers. So keen to have him elevated out of 'learning impaired' to rocket scientist and super jock the writers have decided to make the parents super dense.
    And the brains behind it all ... ta da da! Extremely unexpected, caught me by surprise, had no idea that was coming, absolutely wow!!!!
    And to prove how super bad he was he authorised the killing of the Detective - no idea what that achieved but it did not fit at all.

    I am really working hard to like this show but is there any way the writers can put some effort into developing decent personalities, a plot line that makes sense, continuity that I dunno continues, characters with common sense as well as brains. A decent story arc would help and maybe not so transparent mysteries.
  • This show needs to decide what it wants to be: comedy or drama.

    It seems this show has gone from above average with a lot of potential to below average with absolutely no potential. The only thing about it that's interesting right now are the parents and the sidekicks.

    Jim is struggling with what he is; a hero or a vigilante. It's interesting and has a lot of potential, but the writing has to get better.

    Stephanie is only interesting at work these days, but at home she tends to fade into the background. It does help that there is something sinister lurking in the shadows of that lab, that really should be explored more.

    Daphne has the power to read minds, so she uses it in the least interesting way possible?! There are a lot of things she could do with that power, for good or evil, and she uses it to try to be popular (and is really bad at it too). The rest of the time she just sits around keeping her brother's secret.

    Which brings me to my pet peeve; JJ. For some reason this kid just makes me want to slap him. He wants his parents to be proud of him, so he lies and "cheats" to get it. Why not just tell them he has powers and get it over with, then try to be good at something unrelated? Does he think he can get away with this indefinitely, and that noone will mind if he lied? Do I actually care? (The answer to the last question is: NO!) If he disappeared from the show altogether I don't think I'd even notice, except I might wonder why I feel a bit less annoyed at the end of the episodes. Oh, and I can't figure out whether the writing or directing is bad, or if the kid just can't act.

    The other interesting thing about the show is the sidekicks:

    George is funny and interesting, he keeps Jim grounded in reality while still pushing him to be a hero. He has a lot of unexplored potential.

    Katie is also funny, and helps keep the lab a brighter place. I keep hoping she'll stumble onto superpowers any moment, she'd be hilarious!

    Basically, this show needs to figure out what it's trying to be. The writers have two options: give the kids personalities and make it a comedy about a supernatural family, or focus on the grownups and make it a drama about heroes vs. villains and dealing with superpowers.
  • Clash of the genres.. not a bad episode.

    Normally, I enjoy shows that blend genres together. However, No Ordinary Family is struggling with this. Comedy and dramas usually blend together well, but throw in the superhero angle, and things get a bit fuzzy. For me, this episode was just more proof that the show needs to figure out exactly what it wants to do, because otherwise, the drama, the comedy, the superhero elements and the dysfunctional family parts are all going to cancel each other out and make for one wildly inconsistent show.

    This episode followed Jim attempting to bring down a vigilante who is killing people who commit crime. However, things get bad when he's mistaken for the vigilante. There's more of the usual school drama as Daphne uses her powers to get into a party and JJ uses his powers to join the school football team. And as for Stephanie and Katie? Well, apparently the new lab tech guy is not who he says he is.

    There's a lot of potential for some good scenes in this show, but everything feels bland and under-written and broad. There's no over-arching theme throughout the season to show us they know what they're doing (the writers, that is). We get a lot of speeches from character to character, some funny lines here and there, musical montages that are used to let us know that something is important, but the problem is, none of it feels that important. The vigilante, in fact, felt like a forced way to get Jim to realize that he was neglecting his family. None of these villains or vigilantes or supporting characters (except for Romany Malco and Autumn Reeser, who are the best things about the show) are interesting or fleshed out.

    I'm glad that the show got picked up, but it needs to do way better than this. Tonight's episode was entertaining, sure, but it felt like more of the same. In fact, these past four episodes have felt like one long pilot. The show needs to kick into high gear.
  • Awesome!

    Awesome Episode! Loving JJ and Daphe more and more,But the family needs to be a little more careful with hiding their powers! JJ: He wants to play football. He looks so tiny compared to all the huge boys in the locker room!JJ's teacher: What a jerk! Especially when he insulted him a few episodes back. When he said I'm not the one who is dumb. Or was it stupid?Oh what a great ending!!! I am beginning to hate the wifey for not supporting Jim and making him responsible for the caring of the children. JJ should tell about his powers and then have all the family work together.
  • Some very interesting stuff!

    There were a lot of very interesting components to this next episode of No Ordinary Family/Vigilante!

    The story with JJ and using his mathematics to enter the football team was great! Who nknew how much mathematics was required to ezxcel in football!?

    Then there was everything with the party - that was a very interesting set of scenes, and it craeted some interesting parent-child dialogue at the end of the episode.

    Additionally, Jim's storyline with the bad guy and the sketch artistry was interesting. I found it very hilarius when he was attempting to hide hi s aface!

    All up, a great episode! Early days, but this show is doing brilliantly, thus far!
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