No Ordinary Family

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2010 on ABC
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A flight to South America has a far greater impact on the Powells' family dynamic than they had planned.

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  • What this family lacks in chemistry, they make up in cool & fun scenes.

    Many scenes of the family together lacked chemistry and seemed boring. I also noticed a lack of soundtrack in these key bore-scenes; did the music editor take a holiday or something?

    Individually, most characters had great scenes. I loved the mother's 2 major running scenes, they were done very well. The dad's scenes were great and he had alot of chemistry with his friend (who becomes "Wi-Fi").

    Kay Panabaker's character was a big disappointment. I love the actress so I blame it on the character written too whiny and a real kill-joy.

    The effects were great, even if they overdid the dad's jump landing. Seriously, the way he tore the ground the 1st few times landing, he'd be destroying all those buildings he's jumping on.

    I loved the twist with the super-bad guy; it gave more dimension to what looked like too mellow a show until then.

    While there's much improvement needed, there were enough fun scenes to keep me watching and the story development looks hopeful. I'll watch more!moreless
  • The pilot episode for "No Ordinary Family" finds the family discovering their powers after a freak plane accident!

    Gotta say that I was not too impressed with this pilot and I really wanted to like this show. The pilot had too many cliches and the writing was sloppy.

    First the family drama was over the top and non-believable. The plane crash was met with unrealistic reaction and of course there's no follow-up to how they got home, investigation, etc.

    The initial discovery of their powers are pretty silly as well. The idea that a friend would willfully shoot his friend????? Why not shoot yourself or have your friend shoot just to the side of you? After this insane scene the friend then is crazy enough to suggest a flight attempt when there were better ways to test "flying" abilities.

    The mother with the running in the middle of a busy freeway without getting hit or running into a car changing lanes (which of course just so happen none were changing lanes at all)? You then stop in the middle of a freeway with no reaction from the drivers?

    The only part of the show I enjoyed was the quick fight scene between Mike and the Villian. I'll be trying this show again to hope they pick up the tension, fights, and drop some of the outrageous!moreless
  • Pilot

    The pilot episode of No Ordinary Family was really good. I enjoyed the way the story unfolded. The parents were awesome, the kids I'm not sure if they are going to be annoying or cool. I think this series is kind of similar to Kyle XY in the way every thing is going to relate to each other. I thought the powers were cool and the supporting characters interesting. This series could go either way and so I will definitely watch the next episode and I look forward to seeing more of how the family deals with their new powers!!!!!moreless
  • Entertaining, Funny and Heartwarming

    I wasn't sure what to expect from the show, but I was very pleasantly surprised. I loved the episode! The story was established quickly and we got to know the family, their dynamic and many of their quirks in the opening episode.

    This isn't like most shows I watch in that it's not a crime drama and it certainly does not appear that it will be made up of stand-alone episodes, but developing storylines for each family member and the family as a whole.

    I love the relationship between Jim and Stephanie. Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz make an interesting couple, but it's clear that they love each other and want their marriage and family to stay together and be happy, and that takes work. For me, that's the heartwarming part.

    I"m very much looking forward to Episode #2.moreless
  • No Ordinary Series

    This is one amazing series. I didn't like the way bashed it. It has a few cliches sure,but it is a well enough series to override that fact.

    Father:His powers are good and I enjoy his character. He struggling with his family and I can relate,because my father is struggling with the family. Mother: Her powers are impressive. I like the struggle with her marriage to the father. Hopefully they overcome this.

    Daughter: Kay Panabaker is the perfect choice for the daughter. Kay is the reason I started watching the show. Her telepath powers are interesting,but I'm unsure how far they can extend.

    Son: Right of the bat,I will say he deserved more screen time. I can relate to his struggle in math. The use of his powers at the end of "Pilot" was excellent.

    George:The father's friend is funny as heck. He makes a good addition. A little exaggerated at times though.

    All in all,a great show.moreless
Tom Amandes

Tom Amandes

Dr. Robert Allen

Guest Star

Jamie Harris

Jamie Harris

Reed Koblenz

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Nathan Keyes

Nathan Keyes

Lucas Fisher

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Reggie Lee

Reggie Lee

Dr. Francis Chiles

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • While Tate Donovan was credited as having a starring role in this episode, his character, Mitch McCutcheon, was only on screen for a matter of moments.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Katie: (to Stephanie) Thanks to your increased metabolic rate, your life is like a never-ending spin class. So despite the need for massive caloric intake, you're gonna be a size zero for the rest of your life. (sighs) I hate you.

    • George: I'm no expert in marriage, as my first two wives will attest.

    • JJ: I don't know why you guys can't just go without me and Photoshop me in later.

    • Lindsay: Yeah, I'm really glad that you survived the accident. Those memorial assemblies are super depressing.
      Daphne: Oh, I know. I remember the one we had for your virginity. What was it, two years ago?

    • George: Most of them can fly.
      Jim: I can't fly.
      George: I remember when you couldn't catch bullets, either.
      Jim: I can't fly.
      George: Just take a running jump. Look, get a head of steam, right -- and you just think like something that can fly. Swoosh.
      Jim: That's easy for you to say, but if this doesn't work, I'm roadkill.
      George: From the guy that begged me to shoot him the other day.

    • Jim: The problems we face may no longer be ordinary. But then again... neither are we.

    • Stephanie: (to Jim) You were extraordinary before you could ever catch a bullet.

    • Daphne: It's not fair! I can't be a virgin AND a freak!

    • Stephanie: How did I do?
      Katie: You were doing a mile every six seconds!
      Stephanie: Huh. I thought I was faster than that.

    • Jim: Okay. Let's do this.
      George: I can't believe I'm gonna kill you.
      Jim: You're not gonna kill me, George. You're just gonna shoot me.

    • Stephanie: (voiceover) But I had to share my new abilities with someone. A peer. Someone who had the scientific capacity to understand what was happening to me.
      Stephanie: Can I talk to confidence?
      Katie: Oh my God, you're firing me! Are you firing me?
      Stephanie: (voiceover) Admittedly, I might have chosen better.

    • (as Jim pulls out a gun from his bag)
      George: I think you're stepping over the line, here. Where did you get that?
      Jim: Precinct supply closet. Surprisingly poor lock.
      George: What do you need that for?
      Jim: I don't. You do. I need you to shoot me.

    • Jim: When was the last time we did something as a family? Yellowstone. Three years ago.
      JJ: We all got poison ivy.
      Jim: There's no poison ivy in Brazil, kid. (Jim turns to Stephanie) Right?

    • Jim: Day after day, facing people you know you just can't help. How do you do it?
      Yvonne: By not asking myself that question.

    • (when it seems apparent that their plane will crash)
      Jim: Listen! Listen! We're gonna be all right. I promise. Have I ever lied to you before?
      (Daphne nods) About anything this important?
      Daphne: Yeah!

    • Jim: Every story has a beginning. But ours doesn't start the way you might think.

    • JJ: This is unbelievable. My whole family gets dipped in some super-water and all I wet.

    • Stephanie: Dr. King.
      Dr. King: Stephanie. I've been looking for you.
      Stephanie: Oh, sorry, I had to step out for a second.
      Dr. King: No need to be defensive. I'm not that much of a taskmaster, am I? (pauses for a moment) Don't answer that. At least, not honestly.

    • Daphne: We go on vacations to reconnect. Why would we want to connect in the first place?

    • (as their plane flies through an intense storm)
      Stephanie: Who are you texting now?
      Daphne: God!

    • Jim: Hey! This storm really came out of nowhere, huh?
      Mitch: Don't worry. I've flown through much worse.
      Jim: Oh, yeah? When?
      Mitch: Actually, I was just trying to make you feel better. This is about as bad as I've ever been up in.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: September 28, 2010 on CTV
      Latin America: November 2, 2010 on Sony Entertainment Television
      Sweden: January 02, 2011 on Kanal 5
      UK: January 11, 2011 on Watch
      Australia: May 2, 2011 on Channel 7
      Slovakia: June 27, 2011 on JOJ

    • Music: An der schönen blauen Donau [a.k.a. The Blue Danube] (Johann Strauss), Shut Up and Let Me Go (The Ting Tings), Dilly (Band of Horses)


    • Katie: Oh, Kitty Pryde. Yeah, she's my favorite X-Man. X-Woman, technically.

      Referencing a teenage Marvel superhero and mutant, Kitty Pryde, created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne. She has the power to phase through solid objects and disrupt electrical circuitry. As can be seen on Katie's figurine, Kitty is accompanied by a small alien dragon-like creature, Lockheed, which breathes fire and is highly intelligent.

    • Minor character: Chad Claremont

      Comic book writer Chris Claremont is a major figure in the industry, credited with turning the X-Men into a major success in the late 70s and 80s. He created Kitty Pryde (see above). Executive producer Marc Guggenheim, himself a comic book writer, often slips the names of famous comic writers and artists into his works.

    • Jim: Hey, George, I'm on top of the Simonson Building, heading north.

      There is no Simonson Building in San Francisco. However, Walt Simonson is a comic book artist who has worked for both DC and Marvel comics, as well as an adaptation of Aliens for Heavy Metal. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim often includes comic book references in his TV production such as Eli Stone.

    • George: Here's what we know so far: you can jump just over a quarter mile in a single leap.
      Jim: A single what?
      George: Fine. A single bound.
      A reference to the famous line describing Superman, who can leap tall buildings in a single bound. It originated in the 1940s radio show and was carried into the 1950s television show The Adventures of Superman, in which the announcer said at the beginning of each episode: "Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound!"