No Ordinary Family

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

At the Powell household, Jim Powell talks to his wife Stephanie and children JJ and Daphne, and insists that they should go with Stephanie on her excursion to the Brazilian rain forest so that they can have an experience together as a family. They reluctantly go. In Brazil, the family pulls up to the plane, which is in poor condition. They fly off but are caught in a sudden storm. Jim runs to get the life vests, while Daphne is busy texting. Jim tries to reassure his family and they buckle up. The pilot tries to guide the plane down toward the river.

Jim admits that the downside to being close to his family is that they grow apart, and Stephanie's career had taken off. But he missed his family despite the fact they were all living under the same roof.

The plane smashes into the river and water rushes through the windshield. The Powells swim to safety but the pilot is killed.

Back in the States, the family returns and immediately goes about their individual lives. Jim is unhappy that nothing has changed. Stephanie assures Jim that they'll have dinner together the next night with no interruptions.

Later, Jim is practicing batting with his friend, DA George St. John, who recommends that Jim and Stephanie see a therapist. The next day, sketch artist Jim is at work at the police station, trying to get a witness' description of the masked robber who killed her husband. He doesn't have much success and goes to get some coffee, and Detective Yvonne Cho comes over. He wonders how she gets by day after day when so many people are in trouble. Suddenly a suspect goes berserk. In the struggle, an officer's gun goes off. Jim shoves Cho out of the way. Afterward, she wonders where the bullet went, but Jim says he has no idea. However, as he walks away, he checks the bullet... that he caught.

Stephanie talks about how she woke up one morning and found a far different Jim than she'd seen in years.

Jim is getting ready for the day and inadvertently breaks off a door knob with his newfound strength. Stephanie drops JJ off and then wonders if Katie has something on her mind. Daphne notices a rival girl, Lindsay, flirting with her boyfriend and races off to assert herself.

Stephanie gives a presentation at work concerning her discovery of a prehistoric plant with unlimited potential. She is interrupted by rival researcher Frances Chiles. Despite his heckling, she gives her presentation, impressing her boss, Dr. Dayton King, and the company chairman.

Jim rents out the batting practice cage for an hour and then launches balls at himself. He can't resist dodging the first one, but braces himself and catches the next one, and the next, and the next... with his bare hands. Jim then turns up the speed on the pitching machine and lets it hit him square in the chest.

Stephanie returns to her desk and finds Dr. King waiting for her. He tells her that he has good news: the chairman is intrigued by her plant and is flying in for an in-depth presentation over drinks. Stephanie is less than thrilled since it will interrupt her plans with Jim.

George comes to the practice cage and Jim demonstrates his newfound ability, letting a ball smash in his hand. George figures it's some kind of a trick, and Jim takes out a gun he borrowed from the police supply closet. He then gives it to George and tells him to shoot him with it.

Before George can fire, Stephanie calls Jim and tells her that she won't be there for dinner. He says it's fine, surprising her, and Stephanie says she'll be there as soon as she can. Jim then tells George to shoot him, and assures him that he did it the previous day. He finally convinces George to fire, and George pulls the trigger. George accidentally shoots him... and Jim catches the bullet. He shows his friend... and discovers that George has fainted.

As Stephanie leaves, she gets a message to meet King and the Chairman at the hotel. She starts running... and accelerates even faster. In a matter of seconds she's halfway across town.

Jim continues to act normal with his family, and meets with George later to jump off a building and see if he can fly. He finally throws himself off the building, and crashes to the ground below. He's unharmed, and realizes that he can jump. He leaps back up atop the building next to George.

Stephanie decides to share her abilities with a peer, her lab tech Katie, and demonstrates her superspeed abilities. They go to the track and check Stephanie's maximum speed, and Katie wonders how her abilities work. Stephanie realizes that she has to eat to keep her metabolism going. She superspeeds back home to help JJ with his homework.

George and Jim confirm the extent of Jim's abilities, and George wonders when Jim is going to tell Stephanie. George realizes that Jim is listening to the police scanner and trying to locate the masked robbers. Stephanie calls and tells Jim that she's got everything done, and invites him home to do the kind of things they used to do when they had a free afternoon.

Later, Jim and Stephanie are in bed and he observes that she seems different. She says the same about him and notes that he seems happy for the first time in a while. Jim admits his life wasn't turning out like he hoped, and he couldn't keep up with her. When she points out that he stopped trying, he says that they both stopped trying, and explains that JJ is struggling with his learning disability while Daphne is considering whether to have sex with her boyfriend. However, Stephanie doesn't know it because she's never home. George calls Jim and tells him that there's a robbery in progress.

Jim leaves Stephanie and jumps into the city toward where the police are chasing the perps. George directs him via the radio and Jim leaps across the city. He lands on top of the robbers' car, rips the door open, and pulls one out. The other one shoots him in the back of the head, but Jim pries the bullet out. The first robber runs away while a staggered Jim collapses, and then calls George for help.

George gets Jim home and explains that the bullet penetrated the skin but not the bone. Jim realizes that George told Stephanie, and she demonstrates her own abilities. They realize that something in the Brazilian river water affected them... and that they were all in the water. Daphne calls and Stephanie goes to pick her up. The girl explains that when she was playing basketball, she confronted Lindsay and told her to stay away with Lucas. Lindsay says that Daphne has already lost Lucas, and Daphne realizes that she can hear her thoughts. Then the game started, and Daphne could hear the thoughts of everyone on the court. Stephanie assures her that she believes her, and takes her home.

The family gets together and JJ admits that he's disappointed that he doesn't have any special abilities. Daphne hopes that her abilities will simply go away and doesn't want to talk about it, and figures that Stephanie and Jim want to convince themselves that they're different. She tells her parents that Stephanie and Jim are the problem, and walks out. JJ goes as well, and Stephanie and Jim realize that their kids are right.

The next day, Jim does a sketch of the robber and identifies him from the police files as Reed Koblenz. Cho and her partner go to arrest the suspect, and Jim suggests he might tag along. Cho doesn't see the point. Once they're gone, Jim leaps toward the address.

Daphne meets with Lucas privately at his house. They start to kiss, but she "hears" him thinking about meeting with Emily. He denies it, but she can hear his thoughts as he thinks about the fact he's sleeping with Emily. She leaves and Lucas wonders how she knew everything.

Cho and her partner Hixon go to see Sally Downes, who claims she hasn't seen Koblenz. Koblenz comes out of the elevator. He kills Hixon and injures Cho, and takes her as a hostage.

Daphne comes home and Stephanie is there. She insists that she's there for her daughter now and realizes that she had another episode of telepathy. Daphne insists she can't be a virgin and a freak. JJ arrives and Stephanie insists that they're all still a family despite the fact he has no powers

Koblenz gets Cho into the trunk of his car and Jim arrives to confront him. When Jim tells him to surrender, Koblenz starts teleporting around him and says that Jim isn't the only one with powers. They fight but Koblenz manages to get the gun to the back of Jim's head. He says that he can shoot him from point-blank range and kill him. However, before Koblenz can pull the trigger, Cho shoots him dead.

That night, Stephanie talks to Jim as he comes home, and says that she wants him back now that he's found himself. She asks Jim not to do any more crimefighting and he promises not to.

The next day at school, JJ is taking a test and suddenly starts processing the data on the board at lightning speeds.

Jim discovers that George has set up his garage with TVs and police scanners and turned it into Jim's "lair." They high-five.

Stephanie and Jim finishing telling their counselor, Dr. Allan, about what they've been through. He says they should start meeting twice a week, and the couple agree so that they can work things out for their family.

King goes to an underground tunnel and examines Koblenz's body. He tells his assistant to find out who else knows about Koblenz... and kill them. As he leaves, the lights around the assistant flicker.
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