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  • Not Again!!!

    I find it hard to get into a worthy series on TV that holds my interest. Weak plot lines, unbelievable characters and hammy THIS WAS AWESOME!!!

    I have just finished watching season one on Netflix and absolutely love the family and friends. You know that season 2 would have been fantastic. SO WHY STOP THERE.

    Just because they didn't get the desired ratings who to say with a rerun, advertising and a better slot it could be different. Don't just give up! Jeez people where is your super powers of passion and conviction. Where is the fight?

    I hope they do pick up the mantle again.
  • Bring Back No Ordinary Family

    Damn people this show was awesome why end it after 1 season??? Seriously I hope it comes back!!!!
  • bring season 2 come on please??.......

    this is an awesome show like seriously give us season 2.
  • Love this show

    i start begin this show at midnight at fox channel, althought late, but i love this tv series, remember me about kyle xy but hate if there is no season 2
  • Where is season 2!?

    Where is season 2? Why did they cancel it? I LOVE this show. My partner and i finished it and want to watch season 2 and its not there! Arrg! Such an amazing show. Strong characters and such an unfinished ending! Make more please!!!
  • Season 2 please !!!

    BEST SHOW i have watch after a long time :)

    Amazing show please give us a season or few episode to end the show properly


    Why did they ended it??? I can't sleep now sighhhh

    I just finished the season 1 now looking for Season 2, where is it?

    I was wondering If finally George is going to have a power because he was with the super villains in the plane. Also Katie and Josh baby's power.. urrrrgggghh please make Season 2!!!!!!!
  • A clever title goes here!

    I agree with many of the previous comments. I loved and kept up with the show online since it aired while I had no cable in college. Finding out it got cancelled was yet - ANOTHER - disappointment. The characters were relatable, the plots interesting, and family situations real. Even the action was great! WHY cancel?!! The season finale (unfortunately also the series finale) left so many questions that could have at least been answered in another episode. Especially considering the show was cut 2 episodes short, if I'm not mistaken. I would love to know who to speak with about getting the show re-aired. Companies are so quick to end a great, FAMILY ORIENTED show like this, but constantly producing a newer, lackluster series that also ends short. Can we just get another family show, *ahem* No Ordinary Family, that doesn't get cut short in its prime! This is one of the reasons I stopped watching most shows and the channel altogether. Just hate the lack of commitment to a series these days.
  • I'm getting rid of Sky

    I recently watched this show on Sky channel Watch, in England. Keen to know when the next series will be aired I come online to find out it's been cancelled. I'm sick of this happening, so I'm going to get rid of Sky and give up watching American shows. What's the point in watching them when they leave it on a massive cliff hanger and then cancel it? If a show is going to be cancelled, at least have the decency to decide this during production and then wrap up all the plots in the final episode. It just feels like the project has been abandoned. There's nothing creative or enjoyable about this corporate approach to story telling. If you are obsessed with money and ratings then why not advertise the show more? Going to stick to books from now on to avoid disappointment. I rate the show a 9, which is generous considering the cliff hanger we were left with!
  • why didn't No Ordinary Family get a chance for season 2

    I get it if shows get cancelled because of dropping ratings - caused most of the times by bad writing. See for example Heroes - episodes and seasons getting worse and worse - , Eli Stone - so sweet, but the second season was not the same as the first, ok, the last episode was cool again ...but I don't get what happened to N.O.Family. Really good cast, cool super powers, drama with super villains, but still, not enough viewers seemed to care. I don't live in America, was't this show advertised enough? We'll never know, and there again died another show with cool science fiction.
  • What????? Cancelled ,,,

    JUst when we find a family show that is decent you take it off !!!!!!! why :(

  • Wondering too damn long!

    Me and the wifey were left wondering for months of when this show was going to come back for another season, thought to myself... it's been way too long and the last time this happened with another show, we found out it was f'n canceled so figured would check it out online and sure enough. I just want to know "WHY?" I really don't undertand why they would cancel this one but it's ashame, we liked this show. Please bring it back A.S.A.P!!! Obviously everyone underneath us -------v agrees also, so bring it back already!!

    P.S. To the individual or individualS that stopped this show.... U SUCK DONKEY B***S!!!!!
  • Our Ordinary Family

    All of our ordinary family (that's six of us including mum and dad) thoroughly enjoyed Season One and were looking forward to Season Two until we discovered that the series had been cancelled!!! Replace that person with someone who knows what viewers want. All the characters of No Ordinary Family were in sync with their viewers far more than the people who cancelled the show. It really is putting our family of watching another new show because so many get cancelled what's the point?

    Even though we are behind on this show here in the Philippines . We love this show . Please to the people who created or started this show Please Release Season 2 .. We are craving for more..........................................................................
  • ABC Slogan is "Start Here"

    I guess that's all they're good at. They can't finish a dang thing. >:-(
  • Bring back

    Please bring this series back!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was really taken aback that this of all shows was canned. It is very entertaining and addictive.
  • Please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please this is one of the best ever shows...!!Why you people stopped it????? Can u bring it back please........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Um, Season 2 Please...

    Not for nothing but the show began a bit slow for my taste but then got very interesting after the second episode. The story was entertaining enough for me to keep on watching and even the fluff episodes were worth a look as well. ABC, if you're going to end the lifespan of a show at least end it on a good note so the DVD collectors can have something to enjoy as a set. Really cool family show and it shouldn't be overlooked.
  • begging please bring it back

    Please please I don't have words to ask but just to say please bring it back am begging :( ABC PLEASE BRING IT BACK


    I believe when this show started out. There were other major shows on at the time. Shows that been on for years. I was hard for it to compete with those shows. This was a really good show. It just wasnt on long enough. To give people a chance. To see how really good it was. they should have changed the show time or day. I'm hooked and i want another season. maybe if we write enough complaints. we will get something. you never know.

    here where a link where you write a little something to abc.


    This show was so good, i dont know why its being cancel, its times like this is why i hate watching ABC they never get to finish a freakin show, freakin ***ed network. Like how they air the show "V" and then cancel it. Cancel the good show, and put on some lame ass tv shows, that makes the rating worse. If ABC would stick to finishing their tv shows, maybe you'll get more ratings.

  • one of the few shows that i enjoy

    I do not watch much television.... recently we 'stumbled' upon "No Ordinary Family".... We tried to pace ourselves, but we could not stop with one or two episodes.... with each episode, we were eager to see the next.... Tonight we completed the set... only to learn that it has been canceled...... Please bring it back!!!! There are not a lot of programs that spark my interest.... this one got me!!!! Reconsider.... great show! Great cast!
  • So much more to give

    My daughter and I just watched the shows last 5 episodes that we missed from last year. We were so pumped up to see where the show was going with the all the new people from the plane crash and all the possibilities were about to happen....BRING THE SHOW BACK!!!!!!
  • bring it back

    I think the show should come back I can't end like that come on
  • Definitely worthy of a full run on tv, I would hate to see this show go the way of firefly


    Very enticing show, I found it on netflix and watched all 20 episodes within two days and it was enough to keep me awake for 32 hours and helpfully reset my sleep schedule to regular hours :) I hope they make more seasons the show just has way too many possibilities and they left it off for a great continuation. :)

  • the show started out great. but there was a little bit of uninteresting twists. thats when i think the show dropped its ratings. but if they've seen the finale.. it was actually great. i know that there are a lot of people waiting for the NEXT SEASON!!

    i think that the show has high potential to stay on TV for at least another 8 seasons. but as i heard.. it was cancelled last May 2011. i really wanna see how it ends. like what power did George have and how the Powell's helped NSA defeat those 80 prisoners and Ms. Helen Burton. i personally wanted to see how JJ's power advanced? can he have an active power? to conclude this review, the show was great! it could use a little improvement when it comes to the twists. but overall it was amazing. sort of like Heroes, only less confusing and more fun. it made me laugh, it made me awe and it made me never wanting to stop watching it. last thought... DON'T CANCEL THE SHOW!!! :)
  • Please bring it back! Please!

    This show was great, to bad it was cancelled, I loved all of the powers, they were interesting, and I loved Daphne, she was so cool, smart, and her power was awesome! The characters were extremely interesting too, like Katie, and how she loved Kitty Pride. It's especially a shame that it ended with a cliff hanger with the government finding out about them, and George getting an unknown power. It didn't have a lot of action scenes, but when it did, they were really good and intense. Julie Benz is also an extremely good actress. So basically, it was awesome, and I hope that they bring it back some time soon!
  • the powell family is like everyone else until a trip to brazil;the family discover they all have different powers.


    the powells try and spend time to together so a business trip the mom has the whole family decides to go with her.they go to brazil and their private plane has a crazy accident.the powells all survive the plane accidentbut shortly after they all discover they all have special powers.

    jim powell (michael chiklis)is superstrong,he cant be harm and he can leap tall buildings.

    stephanie powell (julie benz)she can run superfast and she can see into the future basically she projects herself in the future and see things that will happen.

    daphne powell (kay panabaker)she can read thoughts,she also can control thoughts too and she also as the ability when she touches someone can see what that person did.unlike her mother she cant see the future daphne can only see the past.

    jj powell (jimmy bennet) he is a super smart.he can do anything b/c his very smart.

    the family has all this powers but they soon discover they arent alone with super powers.they find out they are others out there like them but the others supers arent using their powers to save people like the powell family.the other supers are using their powers to do terrible things they are using theirpowers for their own dangerous personal use.

    the powell family also try and discover why they have this powers and how they get them which add mystery to the show.

    the powells eventually starts to work with one another to bring the evil supers down.especially since jim works for cops jim wants to do this and his family helps out.

    the show has great superpowers,great acting,the story and plot of the show is so good,the actors/actress who play the powell family all have great chemistry with one another which is good to see,their lots of characters,and the show is just great it hasyou coming back for more of the powell family.

    the show didnt end on a cliffhanger that was very nice of abc since they cancel the show after 1 season.

    the show is very good nothing i can say bad about it besides sometimes the show does have this little moments where youll be like thats so stupied and the fact people thinks kids can watch it.i repeat this isnt a show for kids.their are alot of killing and violence in ti for a child.i would rate this show pg 13 but other than that the show rocks:)

    the show is like the incredibles but with an adult feel to it.

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