No Ordinary Family

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  • Season 1 Episode 19: No Ordinary Future

  • Time travel stories are typically paradoxical. However, one major causality problem here is that the only indicated way that Jim can be at City Square in the future timeline to find the sniper is because... Stephanie told him she saw him at City Square looking for the sniper, based on her knowledge of the future. But the future timeline is what happened if Stephanie hadn't traveled in time. So Jim couldn't have been there to cause the incident that Stephanie tries to prevent, because Stephanie hadn't traveled through time yet to tell him to be there.

  • Stephanie's return points to the present are inconsistent. When she was running out of town at the end of the last episode, she returns to her own street when she comes back to the present. In every other instance, she comes back to her point of departure.

  • At GlobalTech, Stephanie at least looks around to make sure no one is looking before she speeds away. But when she leaves JJ to travel to GlobalTech, she superspeeds away in plain sight, in broad daylight, without even bothering to glance around to see if anyone might be watching.

  • Victoria simply ambushes Dr. Klein in the public parking garage, either knocks him out or kills him, and... walks away. There's no indication that he is ever found, but if he were that would ruin the shapeshifter's entire charade. Despite that, she makes no effort to dispose of him so he can't be found.

  • When Cordero falls down after being shot, his right arm is above his head and extended above, while his left arm is perpendicular to his body stretched outwards. When Jim and George run over, both arms have instantly moved so that they are neatly at his sides.

  • As established in this episode, Stephanie runs toward where she wants to go when she travels through time. But in the preceding episode, she is running away from her home. Despite that, she arrives at her home when she jumps to the future.

  • Season 1 Episode 11: No Ordinary Friends

  • Trivia: Daphne's middle name is Nicole.

  • Season 1 Episode 10: No Ordinary Sidekick

  • After the events of "No Ordinary Mobster," Jim quite rightly takes several seconds making sure he is properly disguised before taking on the first group of conductors. However, when he fights crooks at the money train, he doesn't bother to conceal his face at all.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: No Ordinary Quake

  • When J.J is giving his urine sample to Katie, it is in a ziplock bag. However, in the next scene the cup is in his hand.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: No Ordinary Marriage

  • With only a few days having passed since the pilot episode, indicated by Stephanie and Katie only beginning their investigation into the powers the Powells developed and JJ bringing home his first "A" on the test he had done in the pilot episode, why then did Detective Cho give no indication whatsoever that she had been recently shot in the shoulder?

  • While Stephanie was pushing the vaccuum cleaner at super-speed to get the house cleaned up quickly, that does not mean the machine will pull dirt up proportionately faster. She would actually overpass any dirt on the floor before the vaccuum cleaner could pick it up.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

  • While Tate Donovan was credited as having a starring role in this episode, his character, Mitch McCutcheon, was only on screen for a matter of moments.

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