Noah & Saskia

BBC (ended 2004)


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  • Season 1
    • Tonight Live With Noah and Saskia
      Noah and Saskia put their friendship to the ultimate test and ask each other ten questions.
    • Would the Real Max Hammer Please Log On?
      Noah decides to take on Max Hammer's persona, and his life immediately gets better. However, the lives of Eddie, Clive and Phil instantly get worse. They each decide that Noah's rocky relationship with Indy is to blame, and decide to do something about it. One by one, they each go on-line and pose as Max Hammer, causing Indy such confusion that by the time Noah himself logs on, she is ready to call the friendship off.moreless
    • Don't Give Me No Love Song Blues
      Saskia is disillusioned by her belief that everybody, including Max, wants her to be something she's not.
    • Almost
      Episode 10
      Jealous of Indy's new boyfriend, Noah decides to sell the rights to the Max Hammer comic and end it once and for all.
    • Extra Spicy
      Extra Spicy
      Episode 9
      Saskia finally gets the opportunity to put a band together and out of the blue, has her first 'real' kiss.
    • You'll Never Be a Man
      Bryce acquires a tent so strong it could survive re-entry into the atmosphere, and decides a camping trip with the boys is in order. But disaster strikes when a dry creek bed becomes a raging river, washing the tent away. Cold and miserable, Noah realises he misses Indy. And he discovers that even the thought of her is enough to spur him into action...Max Hammer style.moreless
    • Piggy in the Middle Blues
      Saskia finds herself in a tight spot when she has to choose between going to the snow for Renee's birthday, and staying at home to write music for the 50th edition of the Max Hammer online comic. But as the pressure mounts for her to choose between her two best friends, Max mysteriously backs down. Saskia goes into a spin... Doesn't he like her music any more? Is there somebody else? Or is there another explanation?moreless
    • Eddie
      Episode 6
      Noah's world is turned upside down when his younger cousin Eddie comes to stay. A sickly child with endless needs, Eddie manages to exhaust Lena, drive Phil and Bryce out of the house, and jeopardise Noah's relationship with Indy. Noah sets out to expose Eddie as a manipulative fake. Then Noah learns that Eddie is just an unfortunate kid who gets tossed from family member to family member, and all he really wants is to belong - and be part of Noah's comic.moreless
    • I Got Shades of Indy Blues
      Saskia refuses to budge from her bedroom. Her excuse: it's casual day at school, and she doesn't feel like being judged by the fashion police. But Deb and Renee don't buy it. Saskia's never cared what anybody thought before. Renee concludes that it must be about Max, and sets about getting Saskia to build a bridge and get over it.moreless
    • Walsh on Wimmin
      Walsh on Wimmin
      Episode 4
      At school, Noah is greeted by giggles and whispers. The rumour has spread that he has a cyber girlfriend. Humiliated, Noah decides to sort things out once and for all, if only for his own peace of mind. On-line, he tells Indy they'll never be more than friends, almost managing to convince himself it's true... and he's shocked to learn that it is. Indy is thousands of miles away... in Australia...moreless
    • Don't Blame it on Hormones Polka
      Saskia has only one explanation for her flourishing friendship with Max Hammer. It's love. It has to be. The problem is, everybody else thinks she's being ridiculous. How can you be in love with somebody you've never even met? After being ear-bashed by her mum Deb, her best friend Renee, and a bunch of girls at school, even Saskia starts to wonder... could it really be love?moreless
    • The Very Real and Excellent Adventures of Max Hammer
      Facing certain doom on the football pitch, Noah turns to Indy for advice.
    • Tomorrow Never Knows
      Saskia vows to get revenge when one of her songs is stolen from the Internet by a faceless geek named 'Max Hammer'. But when she goes in search of him on-line, everybody warns her - Max will mop the floor with her. Not one to back down from a challenge, Saskia re-invents herself as 'Indy', and lures Max into a trap. But instead of a cyber storm-trooper, what she finds is a funny, charming guy. And to her further surprise, he offers her a partnership in his on-line comic. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?moreless