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  • Season 1 Episode 1: Tomorrow Never Knows

  • The homepage for Webweave reads as follows:

    Yes, you've made it, to the coolest and hottest place on the net... webweave.

    Are you creative?
    Do you have imagination?
    Are you completely mateless?

    Then webweave is the place for you. Re-invent yourself, make new friends, fool them into believing you have a personality.

    There's no messy discs and programs and no interfaces that are supposed to be interactive but you'd have to be a psychotic Cypriot visual effects person with way too much education and not enough sense to even bother to try and understand.

    Because it's webweave, a name some writer with an extremely short amount of time and who's not big on thinking twice just pulled out of his arse.

    It's webweave, and we're not even sure we're not infringing someone's copyright by just using it.

    Webweave... it doesn't sound like much, but as a name, it sure beats kahootz.

  • The avatar creation page for WebWeave reads as follows:

    Now you're into the nitty-gritty, what it's all about, the reason you're here.

    It's time to remake yourself in the best possible light by choosing one of our unique and wonderful avatars.

    Not that you're bound by what we've made. To tell you the truth, our designers ran out of ideas really quickly, so you can export your own images and make your own avatars, though in all honesty, I don't know why you'd be bothered.

    Or why we bother for that matter...
    I mean you are a pack of conformists and the only reason you're here is to be with like-minded people so why stick out, right? Right.

    Which is exactly my point when we had the meeting and decided to sack the design team.

    So, choose an option, make away, and get yourself into chat ASAP. The sooner you start lying, the sooner you'll become popular - even if it is just in your own bedroom.