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Noah Knows Best

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Noah Knows Best is about a young teenager called Noah Beznick. His sister Megan Beznick, loves getting him in trouble and thinks she's a princess of her own world. They both have a Mom and Dad, and live in an apartment in Central New York. You may recognize the voice of Noah (Phillip Van Dyke) from Hey Arnold! He used to do the voice of Arnold (Seasons 2-3), now he does Ludwig (Seasons 5+). The show premiered on October 7, 2000 at 8:30 P.M. and was canceled with five unaired episodes out of thirteen produced. Nickelodeon USA no longer airs "Noah Knows Best". It has not aired on Nickelodeon USA since it's cancellation in early 2001. Nickelodeon UK & Nickelodeon AUS also no longer air re-runs of "Noah Knows Best".
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  • did noah know best

    no this show sucked gave it a 10 to throw the average no this show sucked gave it a 10 to throw the average no this show sucked gave it a 10 to throw the average no this show sucked gave it a 10 to throw the average no this show sucked gave it a 10 to throw the average
  • It was the most borring thing I have ever watch, next to the flims at school!

    When this show first started, I thought it looked pretty cool. So I watch the first episode, I tried so hard to pay attention, but it was so borring! I had to watch the next episode to give it a chance, but it was still borring. What was Nick thinking putting this borring crap on the air? I'm glad it's cancelled, it was stupid!
  • Just one more show that nick did not give a chance.

    This was one of the few nick made sitcoms that were good. But it was not given a chance, I just don't know when Nick is going to learn. I mean all the show they make now are crap. Noah knows best, Kenan and Kel, and Clarissa Explains It All are some a few shows that Nickelodeon did good. So they have made good shows in the past, but whats in the past is past.moreless
  • Yet another prematurely cancelled Nick show..

    As of the date of writing this review, this show has a mere average of 4.7/10 from users - and only 5 people have voted!A crying shame in my opinion, as this show could have gone on to become a Nick classic if it had been given more time.

    The show focused around Noah Beznick, 15-year-old high school and pizza parlour attendee, and his sister Megan Beznick. The two rival siblings consistently got themselves into trouble with their parents, although some episodes focused more on the school life of Noah, and the odd episode was largely based in Noah's favourite pizza parlour with his school friends.

    It's a shame this show didn't last longer than a mere 13 episodes, and after largely being lost in obscurity it's unlikely to see a DVD release, even as part of Nick's Rewind collection. A shame, I suppose it never really found the audience it deserves.moreless
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