Noah's Arc

Season 2 Episode 4

Excuses for Bad Behavior

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 30, 2006 on LOGO
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Excuses for Bad Behavior
Noah meets with British hip-hop star Baby Gat. Meanwhile, Ricky has a hard time trying to express his feelings to Junito. Alex tries to devise a plan to make his friends believe that Guy is up to no good. Chance has a difficult time disciplining Kenya.

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  • U.K. #1 M.C.

    I Like Baby Gat and his "hit" B**** get on Top and Do some Work. Other than that, it is a good episode. That's when season 2 got exciting. And the fact that Wade called Noah "baby". I mean wow a bit of a shock at that. But despite of it, I give it 10/10 because the episode was funny and dramatic. I hope the movie they're making is going to be off the chain. Baby Gat played by Jason Steed was indeed a smart move cause Steed did acting good. There is my review and hoepfully it is good.moreless
  • Noah plays babysitter to potential acting client. Ricky experiences the pangs of those 3 little words. Chance and Kenya struggle over power. Alex and Guy continue the chess match over Treys attention.moreless

    This episode opens up with Noah meeting the notorius "Baby GAT" (a stereotypical selfish hip hop artist with too much pride and not enough sense). Stuck Babysitting Baby Gat, Noah almost gets shot during an illegal drug transaction. The more these two interact the more they both get lost in translation. We meet up with Qunicy in an art gallery. He uses his "sauve", smooth talking skills to get under Noah's skin. "You are truly an Oasis in a California dessert." This could only be said by the likes of Quincy. Noah gets Wade in the mix by tag teaming the baby sitting. This time Noah goes to lunch and Wade goes to Jail. Somehow, even with the shoot out with a drug dealer and going to jail, "Baby GAT" manages to leave us with an even bigger shock in the end. I'm just going to say that Noah can't catch a break when it comes to men.

    Kenya and Chance struggle for power that is similar to the domestic princess daughter and evil step parent scenario. Eddie tries to understand Chance's style of discipline that he uses with Kenya. As emotions flair between Chance and Kenya, these two experience an emotional breakthrough that evolves from Kenya defending Chance against a school mate. Alex tries to convince everyone that Guy is really up to no good. In an attempt to win Trey's attention, Alex surpises Trey with NBA tickets. Alex believes that he has the upper hand and then Guy trumps him again. Just so you know, Guy is a pyschopath and I am starting to think that his former girlfriend was a BEARD!

    Ricky becomes nuerotic over those three heavy words: I LOVE YOU. He recieves mixed messages from Junito's signature term of endearment. This leaves Ricky pondering his emotions throughout the entire episode. Rest assured that, as always, the two work it out and move forward with their relationship.moreless
  • Noah has to deal with a spoiled British rapper, Wade lies to his boyfriend to spend time with Noah, Alex realizes Guy is a psycho, Chance bonds with Kenya after disciplining her and Ricky says those 3 little words to Junito.moreless

    What a great episode. The plot revolving around Noah's love life is thickening. First, he obviously still has feelings for his ex, Wade, who mistakenly called him "baby" and lied to his current boyfriend to spend time with Noah. Then Noah has attracted the attention of Quincy, who seems a little too pretentious to me. I'm not sure I like this Quincy guy with Noah, they should reunite him and Wade ASAP and not wait for the season finale. Finally, Noah gets kissed by the British rapper Baby Gat, who was an absolute riot with his bad boy antics!!

    On another development, we learned that Guy is PSYCHO!! I think it's kind of funny that nobody believes Alex because he cried wolf too many times before, but seriously Guy is like "Fatal Attraction" waiting to happen. I can't wait to see what happens next.

    In another plot, Chance bonded with his stepdaughter Kenya after punishing her for being a manipulative little brat in the beginning of the episode, but then realizing in the end that she really cares for him. I thought it was touching when little Kenya stood up for Chance to a bully at school and Chance started to cry.

    The weakest plot had to do with Ricky saying those 3 little words to Junito. First, he gets all freaked out when Juntio says, "Love ya," so he has to find the perfect way to say it back, first writing "I love you" on the bathroom mirror with shaving cream, then finally settling on an oh-so romantic TEXT MESSAGE (are you kidding me?). The resolution was a let down as Junito ran over to Ricky and said those 3 little words back. I mean not even any discussion on how impersonal that was. Oh well, at least the other plots were entertaining enough to keep me hooked...moreless
  • Encounters abound, heads butt, claws come out, flirtations happen. Noah has a full plate and his hands full as well. The battle is definitely on between Alex and Guy. Chance and Kenya come to an understanding. Ricky surprises himself and Junito.moreless

    Fantastic episode. This was well worth the wait. There are all sorts of twists, turns, and surprises that will keep you saying, "Whoa!" Now I understand why the first two episodes started out the way they did. They had to lead to this one and it will not disappoint you. Noah's encounter with the scripts' newest star is hilarious and will definitely keep you waiting for each scene. Christian Vincent, in the role of Ricky, does a great job in this episode as he continues to struggle with his feelings for Junito (played by Wilson Cruz). The chemistry between these two is wonderful. I actually watched this one twice, back to back and each time was just as good.moreless

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    • Noah: Nothing is worth this. No movie, no career is worth kissing some crazy rapper/wannabe actor's butt for. Are you hungry? I missed lunch.
      Wade: (distracted, text messaging Dre) Yeah, sounds good, baby.
      Noah: (continues rant) I mean, whatever happened to the good old-fashioned English gentleman? I can't believe I was thinking I'd be able to talk him into playing the character gay. It'd be a stretch to have him play the character human. (pauses) Did you just call me "baby?"

    • Wade: What's goin' on is, this brother here is crazy.
      Baby Gat: What's going on is the brother's a star, you get me? That's why they let us go, so how's about you giving me some credit?
      Wade: For what? Getting us busted for groping a stripper?
      Baby Gat: Can't a brother feel a peach to see if it's ripe?
      Wade: Lucky she didn't kick you in the twig and berries with her glass shoe.

    • Ricky: You manage to dump Dennis the Menace to Society?
      Noah: I wish. I had to leave him with a Baby Gat-sitter.

    • Noah: Quincy, what are you doing here?
      Quincy: Quincy, in a gallery, what next? Book learning. I'm here to check out the Da Vinci while it's still on loan.
      Noah: What do you think?
      Quincy: (looking at Noah while he looks the other way) Small...but beautiful. (Noah looks back at Quincy) Oh, you meant the Da Vinci...

    • Noah: If we're going to be kickin' it, we need to set some ground rules.
      Baby Gat: Rules?
      Noah: No blunts. No beating up on drug dealers...or anybody else for that matter. And no calling anyone a tosser, or a wanker, or a bullocks, or whatever. Understood?
      Baby Gat: You're quite butch, ain't it?

    • Baby Gat: What's wrong, where you going?
      Noah: You just dragged me to the middle of a shootout with a cross-eyed drug dealer, and you're asking me what's wrong? I am so over this.
      Baby Gat: Stop talking bollocks.
      Noah: What?
      Baby Gat: Bollocks...balls.

    • Alex: What in gay hell is a tosser?
      Ricky: Is that as in salad?
      Noah: Apparently, it's what they say instead of jerk in England.
      Ricky: So all these years I've been jerking, I was really tossing?

  • NOTES (1)

    • Music featured in the episode included:
      "B**** Get On Top (And Do Some Work)" by The Bama Boyz
      "Hot 4 U" by Icon
      "Calling Me" by Adriana Evans
      "Everythings Just Wonderful" by Lily Allen (broadcast only)
      "Kathy In Her Bedroom" by Bedroom Walls
      "Words" by Anthony David