Noah's Arc

Season 2 Episode 5

Give It Up

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 06, 2006 on LOGO

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  • Alex gets the shaft, Noah gets a date and Chance gets a lesbian!

    Okay this was the episode that I was waiting for. The show opens with Alex fed up with Guys psychotic stratigies and begins searching for proof. Noah decides to help Alex by enlisting the help of Wade in doing a little research and ends up discovering more than he bargained for. Chance helps two lesbians find love and Noah goes out with the Notorious "Baby Gat" and his Beard and realizes that he derserves so much more than what "Baby Gat" has to offer. In the end Trey has the final word.
  • Interesting and heated drama best describe this episode.

    I really truly enjoyed this episode. It should that the cast members are not afraid or ashamed to step out of the comfort zones, and truly showcase their acting abilities and acting styles. Yet out of the entire episode my favorite part was when Chance and Eddie were in bed, and Eddie was mounted on top of Chance. It was my favorite part because it gave me and all the other "Eddie" fans to see his left foot up-close, and I really truly love his feet and toes! They are just far beyond all words and all expressions! Thanks Patrick! Keep it up!