Noah's Arc

Season 1 Episode 9

Got Til It's Gone

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 14, 2005 on LOGO
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As the tension between Noah and Wade escalates, a handsome stranger threatens to rip them apart. Meanwhile, Chance and Eddie have their wedding but the affair isn't a pleasant one. Alex misreads his relationship with Trey and learns that his man is leaving for Africa for six months. Meanwhile, Ricky tries desperately to forget about Junito.moreless

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  • noah goes to find ricky...ends up finding himself cheating. Wade so finds out and ends his relationship with Noah.

    I was so suprised to that Noah was the one cheating instead of Wade it was so suprising.My favorite part had to be when Wade told Noah that he loved him and walked away because it was so sad yet so beautiful. When Chance told Wade that he understood i guess it was because what Chance went through with Eddie in the beginning of the season.

    It was also very suprising to see Ricky falling in love with somebody let along somebody with HIV.

    I also understood exactly where Alex was coming from. Why would any straight guy be rubbing another man's feet. And going of to Africa with him.moreless
  • It was nice to see Noah screw up. Gave it a touch of reality to this show. Even better was to hear Wade say 'I don't hate, I love you' That WAS a punch in the stomach!moreless

    When I started seeing this show I thought it was kinda unreal, full os stereotypes and sort of a black/gay version of Sex and The City. Yep, they're all there! Noah is Carrie(the outfits gave it away), Alex is Miranda, Chance is Charlotte and Ricky is Samantha. OK, so much for being original, but...

    Anyway, I just watched season 1 and was pleased to see all main characters have their moments of humanity, they are not the same ALL the time. This episode showed it when Noah gets laid with gorgeous guy at the hookup party and comes back to find a loving Wade who cleaned up after his mess. The house is spotless!! And there was no guilt, no pain, until they meet the next day at the wedding. I didn't see that coming! Hope they keep up the good work!!moreless
  • I was so totally thrown when Noah ended up cheating on Wade. I just new Wade would be the one. I'm sorry Wade for doubting you.

    This episode was real to me. Most of us want all the happy and loveable moments to be a constant in our lives and that's not how life is. I'm a romantic myself and I could have never imagined Noah would be the one who cheated. I had it all set in my mind that the episodes to follow would have Wade being the one. I loved the idea of showing the two sides of Wade. The loving attentive man cooking dinner and flowers and lights all over and then the hurt, angry, kicking but man who finally called Noah his "boyfriend". I knew Trey would either breakup with Alex or do something because Alex was taking him for granted for too long. Poor Eddie, after being totally exposed on his "DL" thing he gets knocked out by Wade. When Wade apologizes to Chance and Chance says "So am I", you really know that Chance is probably the only one that knows how Wade feels. Now Malique had to play his part, but you know he's not my favorite. He I hope is Wade's wake up call. Noah is very irristable and there's not a man or woman that wouldn't mind claiming him as theirs. Of course, the words, " I don't hate you Noah, I love you " by Wade put the icing on the cake for me. This was a great episode even though it was painful for me.moreless
  • What happened?

    Last night was the season finale of the best new series that has debuted in 2005: Noah's Arc. Each week, fans (including myself) have been glued to their tv sets and anxiously awaiting each week for the comedic drama that ensues in each episode. The series started off at a good start but the season finale did not live up to its expectations (or mine). Now don't get me wrong it wasn't entirely awful. The episode still had some of its good moments (i.e. the church scene). But the end is what lost me. I expected much more. Hopefully, if the series gets picked up for season #2, the show will patch things up nicely.

    Until then,


    this episode made me laugh, made me cry. i felt so sorry for wade, i hope wade and noah figure things out, because i like them as a couple. i know wade has issues on who he is, all he needs is a little time, and communication is the key. i just cant beleive noah cheated on him. ricky could'nt even cheat on genito. i just hope they bring genito back to the show, i know he only suppose to be on 3 episodes but i like his character, it fits in the show. alex's man trey left him to go to africa to help aids kids. the fight scene at chance's wedding was the funniest!! cant wait for the next season to start, so i will be watching repeats!!!!moreless

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