Noah's Arc

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 09, 2006 on LOGO
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After six-months apart, Noah unexpectedly runs into Wade at a bar and learns that he has moved on with his life. Meanwhile, Alex anxiously awaits the arrival of Trey but his plans for a welcome home party falter when Guy arrives as well.

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  • After waiting several months and accepting this show as one of my personal, regular favorites I was a bit disappointed in the second season premiere and I finally realized what this show needs - either a new director or for the actor's to step up a bitmoreless

    I am sorry. I would like to say I love this show and give it a 9+ rating, but I can't. The acting is what seems to be really suffering here. After a nice break, I almost knew these actor's would have gotten it together and got past the community theatre way of things. Aside from Doug Spearman's Chance and Wilson Cruz's Junito, I have consistently found the acting on this show contrived, if not borderline theatrical. The writing offers much more meat that perhaps more, better trained actors would deliver better. Either that, or they need a new director. I mean, Darryl Stephens, as cute as a button as he is, falls short to me everytime and his Noah is the focal point of the show. Sure, it's cool to have an African-American, gay comedy/drama a la Sex in the City-esque for us to enjoy, but this episode was proof positive to me as a viewer that in order for me to stick with it they either need to step up and do better or find whatever it is that Spearman does to stand out or get some high profile guest stars like Cruz. I admit, I was a bit happy to see Junito was coming back for the following week's episode. Bottom line: As an actor, I absolutely can't stand to see an actor LOOK like they are 'acting' and most of this cast trifles through it like a high school/community play's cast. I was hoping the break would have shown us some growth, I didn't see it, I want to support this show, but I want to be entertained as well.moreless
  • Welcome Back! A brand new season begins with twists turns and surprises. The earthquake is not only literal but symbolic and as all earthquakes do, it brings things to the surface that will keep you watching.moreless

    After a much waited return, The Boys are back. Although I liked this season opener, it didn't quite have the, "umph," that I expected. Don't get me wrong, it was a good episode, but just a little something was missing. I am excited about the changes and twists and turns that have occured (I don't want to give anything away yet) but I'll have to see what happens next. I will say the following though: Noah, Wade, Malik, "Interesting interesting." Alex, Trey, be careful or things may not turn out so well for you." Chance, Eddie, "Congratulations and let's hope good things happen for you." Ricky, "One can only wonder what antics you will be up to..."And to all, "I'll be waiting with bated breath to see what's next."moreless

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    • Dre: When I first met my man, he was rebounding from this real bitch. I mean dude had it messed up in the worst way. But you know what, he got over it, and now it's tight. So sometimes rebound relationships really do work.
      Ricky: And how does your man feel about you slugging cocktails shirtless at "The Punk Bar?"
      Dre: Why don't you ask him that yourself. Here he is now.
      Wade: Noah?
      Noah: Wade.
      Dre: Noah! The Noah?
      Ricky: The bitch himself.

    • Alex: You called him the perfect boyfriend.
      Chance: Maybe he's a little too perfect.
      Eddie: Chance, stay out of it...
      Ricky: That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. He's a front desk attendant at a sex club, for god sake. That's better than perfect.

    • Alex: At 5:30 he gets into LAX. Around 7:30 he'll be getting into me.
      Chance, Noah and Ricky: Ew.

    • Ricky: You interrupted my four-gy for this?

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