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  • Yes, I must say. This is an amazing show,

    You get caught up in all the drama and you want to see every episode until you have seen them all. This is a great show keep up the good work. I too await the season 3, 4, 5, and so on keep them coming this is a good show. I enjoy the irony of the show. It teaches you to be aware if AIDS and that is a good thing. It also teaches you to be yourself and handle yourself regardless of what others think of you. This show is very positive I have enjoyed and I'm about to rent the movie.
  • Non-sitcom w/ "brown" people

    This was a refreshing show. Forget that the lead characters are gay That was a "who cares" for me, although I realize that it was important "culturally". I applaud because the characters were African Americans and it wasn't a sitcom (but it had its moments). Man, I was pissed that Logo didn't renew it - to make way for boring reality dating shows? Reality programs are cheap and "fast food" voyeurism AND they are scripted!

    Great music and boy, the "extended scenes" on the DVD were surprising (*in a good way*) and some of the love interests were major eye candy. Okay, most of the time I was lusting after "Trey".
  • Noah's Arc is a show about a gay male named Noah and his gay friends and their lives and love together. Very addicting.

    Personally, I think that Noah's Arc should definitely be brought back! I had never heard of it until recently and once I started watching it I was HOOKED! It's an amazing show that shows real life struggles of gay america and the ending of season two left alot to be shown. It had me on the edge of my seat wanting to see what happened. This show was the best show I've personally watched. I'm just itching to see what happened so BRING IT BACK! I don't mind watching Noah's Arc non-stop. It makes me feel like there is still hope for us homosexuals.
  • Noah's Arc is one show I don't mind watching over & over again. I have both seasons on dvd, and I am waiting on the 3rd season to premier..does anybody know when that is? Whatever you do, please continue with the show, I have turned others onto it also.

    Excellent!!!!Excellent!!!Excellent!!! I love Noah and Wade we must see what happens after the car accident. These 4 african american brothers have so much going on for them. The situations that they are in are no different from me and you, and the show keeps you coming back for more. This is such a groundbreaking show, it should continue as long as people like me want to watch. I beg of you to bring back the show that people are calling sex in the city meets soul true. I look forward to seeing those 4 handsome men every week, gay or not.
  • Don't leave me this way

    Finally there's a show that I can really relate to! Each of the characters plays an important part in what I find to become one of the most talked about taboos in the gay black culture. I give enormous credit to Patrick Ian Polk for having the strength to see this project through. It's been a long time coming.
  • Four gay best friends living in LA help each other through lifes trials.

    The moments in the show are the enteractions between the friends. Unlike other shows they stand by each other and try to help each other. The acting isn't the best but between the core actors you get the feel that they are actully friends. One of my pet peeves is Noah's voice after a few episodes it really starts to grate.
  • Noah's Arc is the improved show of the 21st century.

    Noah's Arc is one of the best shows on TV now. Introducing the first African American Gay Series, filled with Drama, Romance, Comedy and even a little mystery. Each character brings something special to the show and i feel that every person who watches the show would be able to relate to one of them, Noah the one who turns to his friends for every life changing decision, Alex the "Momma" and "Drama Queen", Ricky, the wild one and even though he doesn't really show it he is a true friend, and last we have Chance, the one you can always look towards, to get the rational decision I hope to see Noah's Arc continue to air years from now!
  • 10
    Do not do this patrik Ian Polk. you better bring back my show. how can you take it away, I watch it all the time. My girl and i do mean the female group have a noah's arc party everytime it comes on and to find out that you're not trying to bring it back for another season is not the business. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my wine and noah night and i would love to keep it that way. We won't know what happened to wade after the accident. Is he going to die or live? man....Let a sista know?
  • Noah's Arc seems to be full of stereotypes, but as I don't live in LA, I might be wrong. This show is a black/gay version of Sex and The City.

    Yes, the same characters are there in black/gay versions. Noah is Carrie and both are writers. Ricky is Samantha. Sluts and loveable. Alex could be Miranda? Maybe not... And Chance is definetely Charlotte!
    BUT, the thing is it portrays gay men and God knows how great it is to see gay people on the screen! I'm just not sure about the ensembles they wear, but then again, I don't live in LA and I'm not sure if it's a hip thing or just plain bad taste. Anyway, I have fun watching Noah's Arc and I - like all the zillion of viewers out there - wish I could find me some character like Wade on the next corner! :-P
    Hope there'll be a third season!!
  • Who Knew.... I didn't... Did you??

    I came Noah's Arc 1 day. I could not get over how FINE these men were. I had NO IDEA what the show was about. I was so taken back by the acting, the plot, I was hook.I go thru my viewing and 'lock' into the next showings so I dont miss a one. Being a heterosexual female 1 would think I would have no interest in this show, UR WRONG! You are telling true facts of life, love, lust, relationships and desires, love does not see color, sex or creed. i laugh, cry, get mad and laugh some more.
  • N noah\'s A alex R ricky C chance

    I need more! more! more! This show is my top show on tv right now, all i want to see is more episodes next season. im tired of all the short episode\'s. Each episode leaves us wanting more. everyone finally see that wade truly loves noah, and ricky needs to just be the player he is but i liked him and junito together he brought out the best in ricky and that Guy got on my nerves. if i was alex i would have left trey the way he was treating him but im glad they worked through there issue\'s. I think if eddie dont get his act together he will lose chance next season cause he has very selfish ways. chance does so much for him and his daughter but he seem like he doesn\'t appreciate it. i just dont want this show to go off the air. just gives us about 20 more seasons maybe then , nah give us more.

    FINALLY, a good totally gay show. Cliches aside, well written, excellently performed. Just got LOGO in our area and I am rushing to find somewhere local that carries Season 1. HURRAH for the cast...they have lots to be proud of. It is a REAL look at our lifestyle and community, unlike some of the others out there, Noah\'s Arc doesn\'t make the gay community look like a bunch of drug addicted alcoholics that just screw around whereever they can find space, liie alleyways and such. A bold step in the right direction....I just wonder if Best Buy will carry this show
  • It's great to see how young, black homosexual men live, but...

    Ok, so this show is the first of its kind. Young, gay black men living life in California.

    You've got your 'types.' The young, struggling artist falling in love; the slutty rich boy who needs a serious reality check; the stiff, motherly, marrying kind; and the dramatic, flamboyant almost-queenie.

    The characters are diverse, but are almost cardboard-cutouts. The writing is OK and the acting is just as OK. The characters and the writing never seem to really relax, if that makes anysense. Everyone is always definitely acting.

    I love that fact that this show exits, though. I know a few gay black men who appreciate seeing any kind of non-negative reflection of themselves on the television.

    If I had to choose a favorite character, I guess it would be Alex, the dramatic, queenie one. The actor that plays him always seems the most natural, he looks great in drag, and he's funny.
  • 10+ LOVE this show!!! Too bad I cannot get on DISH! or local Time Warner TV. We may dump DISH and get DirecTV just to watch this show. We have downloaded prev shows from Itunes.

    Excellent- it is like a gay \"sex in the city\". 10+ LOVE this show!!! Too bad I cannot get on DISH! or local Time Warner TV. We may dump DISH and get DirecTV just to watch this show. We have downloaded prev shows from Itunes. I cannot sit too close to my partner because each time he is surprised, he practically pulls my arm off- which is about every 5 minutes with this show. Very creative and funny.
  • I love THIS SHOW.

    I love THIS SHOW. It is such a shame I have to watch it secretly, but I can relate to the show in so many ways, until its ridiculous. I have friends just like Noahs', All in differnt geographic locations, and the situations on the show are all situtaions I have been in once or twice being A closeted gay AA Male.
  • I love this show.

    It\'s edgy, original and it shows black gay men in a positive light.Noah is just so cute. Him and Wade are the most sexiest gay couple I have ever seen. The love scene between them in the second episode was tasteful and tender. I wish they would reunite because the the whole show would not be the same without them.
  • Ahhhh.......finally, the male version of Sex and the City!

    I have to say that this is practically the best show I've seen since SATC ended. Noah's Arc is a show about 4 gay friends that live in LA trying to combine being fabulous with love! Who cares if they're's some fine specimen on that show, I have to tell you! And the drama, I shouldn't even begin to talk about it because I could not stop! Noah reminds me so much of "Carrie" on SATC-looking for consuming love instead they seem to find cusuming people. Ricky is just like Samantha-neither of them can keep their pants up for longer than 30 seconds and feel the word "love" shouldn't have been invented. Chance, of course, is the loving housewife such as Charlotte and Alex is the a spitting image of the **** Miranda; all with so much drama in their lives you wouldn't have the time to write a column about.

    The first season filled with drama, sexiness, more drama and more sexines; which is a classification Ricky and Wade contribute to the most. The woredrobe is risky but it works especially with Noah. Now, that the second season has started up and introducing many more hot characters, I'm sure there will not be a dull moment....
  • The show revolves around the friendship of four gay black men, who live in Southern California, and their struggles with romantic relationships.

    This show is great! I didn't catch the first season when it first came out but caught it in reruns when channel surfing one day. After "Queer as Folk" ended, TV needed another gay-themed program to fill the void and "Noah's Arc" does a great job. My first thought was that it was just another black show, but after sampling a few episodes I was hooked. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a racist, but when I first saw the show and realized all the characters were black, I thought it was targeted to a black audience and that I couldn't relate. However, after watching several episodes, I was able to look beyond race and color and see the characters for what they represent- interesting gay men with active love lives, who happen to be black.

    The show works very well for several reasons. First, it's extremely entertaining. The characters are very fleshed out and different from one another. Noah is the boy next door, kind of romantic dreamer looking for love (kind of like Michael on QAF), Chance is the uptight prissy snob whose very caring underneath, Ricky is the promiscuous, playboy type (like Brian on QAF) and Alex is the flamboyant one who's not ashamed to be anything other than what he is (like Emmett on QAF). Also, the show is not overly preachy and is actually quite funny. The show actually feels more like a sitcom at times, even though it has dramatic elements. I think it works well in a half hour format as the plots move along quickly and aren't dragged out for dramatic effect. In fact, the episodes move so quickly that it always leaves me wanting more and that's always a good thing.
  • \"Girlfriends\" with a twist that keeps you coming back for more.

    OK, Nobody knows that I watch this - SERIOUSLY! Originally, I came across this show by accident as I flipped through my channels; however, once I saw the name of the show, I had to watch it in support of Jensen A. aka \"WADE\". My original reaction - \"OH MY GOODNESS!!!\" - I could not believe the level of homosexual intimacy that was displayed. I am a wife and mother and I have never seen this type of intimacy between men. But, once I looked past that and followed the storyline - I fell in love!! Noah is absolutely beautiful! Each of the characters are positive, unique, and well-written. If there is a show that represents the Gay Black Male, Noah\'s arc is it. Although, there are times that gets a bit overly-dramatic, it\'s OK, because it makes for good entertainment, which is the overall point of the show. Noah\'s Arc is a secret pleasure that I have, so.... Brotha\'s keep up the good work, and writers, keep the story line interesting. P.S. - I am very excited to see what\'s up for season 2.

    JENSEN - Keep up the good work!!
  • \\\"Sex and the City\\\" meets \\\"Queer as Folk\\\" w/ black guys...

    This show is \\\"ground-breaking\\\" in the sense that there aren\\\'t many movies and/ or television series that chronicle of lives of gay black men in the city, but Noah\\\'s Arc doesn\\\'t cover any new ground. If you\\\'ve seen Sex and the City and Queer as Folk, then you\\\'re not missing much of anything if you don\\\'t watch Noah\\\'s Arc. The guy who plays Noah is hot, so that in itself is a sufficient reason to watch this show, despite it\\\'s many short-comings, which I don\\\'t want to discuss at the moment. In sum, watch the show for the hot guys.
  • A series about the escapades and lives of four Black homosexual friends. It's like a "Gay Girlfriends Meets Sex In The City."

    I have been waiting for this show ever since I saw a website about it. It's refreshing to see a comedy about Black homosexual guys. The characters are not stereotyped they are such that one can relate to.

    There's Noah who is an aspiring writer and who likes questionably "Straight" Wade. Then there is Ricky who is slutty but "real" about it. And you have Chance who teaches and who has recently moved in with his mate Eddie and Eddie's small daughter and is trying to decide if he's done the right thing. And last but least there is Alex who has been in a relationship with Trey for the past 7 years and although they appear to be getting along well, one can't help but wonder...

    I am looking forward to following these characters each week and seeing their adventures.

  • This show is the best!

    I love watching this show and the actor's who make it happen, especialy the fine and sexy Wade. This show has to continue airing because they can not let it go the way that they did, I have to know what is going to happen between Wade and Noah and lets hope that they are not splitting apart.
  • Love the show!

    I lovelovelove this show. I think it's so great that there is a show like this out ther finally. It puta a positive lite on the subject of four gay black men. I love that its not to dramatic like other shows like it (i.e Queer as folk) Plus Ricky & Noah are very good looking.
  • The show everyone need to see

    I think the show noahs arc is a great show.It\'s classy,edgy.and perfectly done.If there is the one show to watch this is it.The show does a very good job in showing the real day to day life stuff.Noahs arc shows that just because you love the same sex doesn\'t mean you don\'t have and face the same problems everyone else does.this show truly shows that no matter who you choose to be all comes back to one thing love.
  • Noah's arc is a classic. I started watching LOGO because of Noah's Arc. I rank it up there with my DVR/VCR must...the Young and the restless. Please bring it back. I find myself watching all reruns as if the first.

    Noah's Arc is a classic show about male homosexuality. There is your classic homo, your thug undercover/ on the DL homo (wade) and so many more. I find myself relating to all of the characters in some way. The characters are all well rounded and I love the fact that they are educated brothers!! please bring noah back!!
  • GREAT ACTOR!!!!!!!!!

    Jensen Atwood is the most talented young man on televison.. I watch the show because of his consistant brilliance..Not to mention the brother is the sexiest man on the planet! His eyes, that smile have men and women collectively swooning at the mere sight of this Adonis. The brother needs more exposure because he has the potential to be the next Sidney Poiter or Ossie Davis. Keep up the good work Jensen!
  • Has great potential

    I know this is a new show and as many great series of the past, it takes a little time for the actors to develope the character. I hope this is the case here because some of the acting in this show is 2nd rate to say the most. However, if you look back at some of the best shows, the acting was kinda bad but the characters developed to Emmy quality. Given time I think this show will be a 10. The writers and actors need to grow, which is ironic since lead character is a screenwriter.

    I hope to see the show heat up a bit, all of the characters are attractive men. The show needs to be more cutting edge and push the sensors. Even the Golden Girls pushed the sensors more in their time than this one is in its own. I hope to see Alex in Drag more, it is a part of gay life not explored in depth enough and he is really hot in frock. All in all I look forward to this show and it will be a priviledge to see it grow.

    If politics are left behind, the professional life of the characters allowed to grow,it will be a true window of what the black community can be and be proud of gay or striaght. Its a must watch.
  • i hope that this season is not an example of what is to come.

    the opening hour of this series showed much promise. but things fell apart quickly. i hope that is was due to time constraints that the story moved at such a fast pace. the series final left me feeling betrayed. how could the four friends make light of what had just been a diaster? how could Noah, who up until the hook-up party, had shown class and maturity. knowing that Wade was a newby to the "life" he should have been more understanding. instead he acted like a combination of Ricky and Alex, slutty and queeny. i hope there is a second season and a much more "realistic" view of gay life.
  • i love this show.i really watch it for SEXXY .JENSEN ATWOOD.HAHAHAHA

    i love this finally shows the life and contributions of gay black sexuallity.but it has a hott star in it.hopefully in real life he is bi or straight because he is sexy.i am talking about wade he is jensen atwood in real life.if he ever came my way i dont know what i would do.
  • The lives, loves, and tribulations of 4 black gay friends.

    Noah’s Arc! Great Show with intriguing characters. And so far the “guest star” list has been impressive. All of the “couples” (even Chance and Eddie who are having big problems as of the second episode) have great chemistry. Noah and Wade are so charming together (Noah has Wade’s nose wide open!) And since Wade has come out to and been accepted by his friends, things look great for them. I’ve noticed in the credits that Rikki Beadle Blair from the UK (Stonewall and Metrosexuality a British comedy series) is script supervisor. It’s great to see his input and spin in the series. The show has become a Wednesday night must for me!
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