Noah's Arc

Season 2 Episode 8

Say It Loud...

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2006 on LOGO
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Say It Loud...
In the final episode, everyone is reminiscing about how they met, what choices they've made and should make, and they come to realizations about their feelings.

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  • Great runway scene with Quincy and Noah.Ricky battles with Junito not wanting to be with anyone else and ultimately dumps him. Alex and Trey come to the decision that they should get a baby.Dre catches Wade and Noah in the bathroom after they had sex.moreless

    I liked this finale better than last season\\\'s because it leaves it open more for a third season. The car crash at the end was unexpected for me because I only see the episodes on I-Tunes and I have not seen the previews. Noah and Wade\\\'s relationship has gotten better but the big thing now is whether or not Dre is okay. Guilt will play a huge part in this. Ricky and Junito breaking up was bound to come, just too soon for my liking and Alex and Trey wanting a baby is tres off the wall. This finale was filled with fun and many moments of \\\"OMG\\\". Hopefully there is a third season.moreless
  • As the gang celebrates Black Gay Pride, Noah break ups with Quincy and hooks up with Wade momentarily until fate intervenes, Ricky breaks up with Junito, Alex and Trey decide to become daddies and Chance and Eddie relieve their first encounter.moreless

    They ended with a cliffhanger? After waiting all season (and it was a short one), for Noah and Wade to reunite, viewers kind of (sort of) got their wish when Noah and Wade hooked up again in a public bathroom at the beach only to be caught by Wade's current boyfriend, Quincy, who planned on proposing. Then, Quincy drives off with Wade in a huff, only to crash, leaving both their lives in peril. Huh? Girl, is this "Noah's Arc" or "Melrose Place"? I assume "Noah's Arc" has been renewed for a 3rd season, otherwise, why would they end it with a cliffhanger and not a happy resolution? Well, going into the episode, I didn't know it was the finale and afterwards, I wanted more... but I guess that's what a cliffhanger does, teases you to the point that you want to come back next season.

    All in all, the episode was pretty good. The celebration of Gay Black Pride was pivotal and I especially loved the catwalk parades with the announcer calling out the characters. I'm glad Noah dumped pretentious Quincy, but sad that Wade (a.k.a. Mr. Honorable) wouldn't own up to his true feelings towards Noah because he was in a relationship with Quincy. Oh well, I guess a quickie in a public bathroom counts as romance these days.

    As for Ricky and Junito, as much as I hate to say it, it's better for the Ricky character that he moves on. What did Junito see in him anyway? Aside from his good looks, Ricky has practically no substance and Junito seems like a much, much deeper person. I'm glad Junito found somebody else and the irony was that Ricky set them up. I guess that means Ricky's going back to his playboy ways, which suits his character better.

    I'm glad Alex and Trey are doing well and decided to become daddies. Still, being the cliffhanger and all, it would've been a hoot if Psycho Guy came back one more time to stir up the pot (like Kimberly on "Melrose Place"). Eddie and Chance's subplot was okay, nice to see Chance break out of his uptight mold once in awhile.

    Looking forward to another great season of "Noah's Arc."moreless

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    • Chance: Why did you and Quincy break up again, anyway?
      Noah: I don't's complicated.
      Alex: Does the name "Wade" have anything to do with it? He was the first to come to the hospital, and he did jump on those guys who attacked you. So maybe Quincy thinks something's going on between the two.
      Ricky: Please, he is so over Wade. Besides, Wade is with Dre. So by Noah's puritanical standards, nothing can happen there anyway, right Noah? (Noah changes the subject)

    • Chance: Do you remember making out in you car?
      Eddie: We did more than make out. We went all the way.
      Chance: On the first date...slut! We could've been arrested.
      Eddie: I know. Thank God we're older and wiser. (awkward pause, then both leave beach to make out)

    • Alex: Tray and I are gonna be daddies.
      Ricky: Unless you sprouted a uterus we didn't know about, how the hell you gonna manage that?
      Alex: We haven't figured out yet, but we're doing it.

    • Ricky: Fidelity is not love. It's laziness and fear.

    • Chance: Do you really think a calendar is the best way to raise money...I mean how well do you think it will sell?
      Alex: A calendar like this, with Trey like that, at Black Gay Pride? Those queens are gonna snatch it up like free lube and condoms. It's gonna raise major coins for the clinic.

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