Noah's Arc - Season 2

LOGO (ended 2006)


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Episode Guide

  • Noah's Arc: Tales from the Arc Side
    In this 30-minute retrospect, cast members, crew and creator Patrik-Ian Polk talk exclusively on how the series has impacted the GLBT world. Clips from the show and behind-the-scenes footage are included.
  • Say It Loud...
    Episode 8
    In the final episode, everyone is reminiscing about how they met, what choices they've made and should make, and they come to realizations about their feelings.
  • 9/27/06
    Tempers and emotions flare as the guys rush to Noah's side after receiving the news of Noah's gay bash. Quincy initiates a new crusade, Alex learns to defend himself and Chance steps up to the plate for Eddie. Meanwhile, Ricky becomes Noah's caregiver and realizes the meaning of mortality. Dre opens his eyes as Wade takes matters into his own hands and finds himself at square one.moreless
  • Under Pressure
    Episode 6
    Quincy puts Noah's writing career on the spot and impacts their friendship. Eddie and Chance deal with the repercussions of the situation between Vonda and Clayton. Ricky mobilizes the troops to put a stop to Guy's scheme against Alex.
  • Give It Up
    Episode 5
    Baby Gat shows an unique interest in Noah. Meanwhile, Vonda, the wife of Eddie's boss, appears at Chance's house and makes a startling announcement. Alex's quest to prove that Guy is psychotic takes a shocking turn.
  • 8/30/06
    Noah meets with British hip-hop star Baby Gat. Meanwhile, Ricky has a hard time trying to express his feelings to Junito. Alex tries to devise a plan to make his friends believe that Guy is up to no good. Chance has a difficult time disciplining Kenya.
  • Desperado
    Episode 3
    Noah has been invited to join Dre and Wade for dinner, which rekindles creative sparks in Noah and Wade, while Dre's friend shows an interest in Noah. Meanwhile, Chance and Eddie host dinner for Eddie's bosses and their wives, and Chance happens upon an interesting coupling. Ricky continues to have thoughts about his new relationship with Junito. Alex's suspicions of Guy's friendship with Trey continue to grow.moreless
  • 8/16/06
    Noah still has strong feelings for Wade which he cannot deny. These are confirmed when they have yet another unexpected encounter. Noah and his friends are moving in and fixing up Noah's new place and the furniture delivery man turns out to be none other than Wade. Noah tries to apologize but Wade won't bend. Chance and Eddie continue to slightly bump heads with regards to Kenya, while Alex and Trey finally start to pick up where they left off. Ricky meets up with Junito once again and is forced to deal with his feelings for him.moreless
  • Housequake
    Episode 1
    After six-months apart, Noah unexpectedly runs into Wade at a bar and learns that he has moved on with his life. Meanwhile, Alex anxiously awaits the arrival of Trey but his plans for a welcome home party falter when Guy arrives as well.