Nobody's Watching

NBC Premiered Jan 01, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • Should be decent, if not killer!

    Though the show as a bit of a let down when these guys first got picked up by the Wb there guys are just beyond funny and from I understand the NBC pilot will be totally different and has a great shot at be killer. They are hilarious though. You can watch a lot of their skits and shorts on youtube and they make comedy look so easy with their great and completely original ideas. They work so well together, too. More like brothers then co-workers. If you haven't seen of heard of them yet you will.
  • You can go watch it at

    So I've been hearing dribs and drabs about this show for a long time, but I thought it was dead until I became a YouTube user and blogger (

    The team behind it is stellar: Family Guy's Neil Goldman, Scrubs' Bill Lawrence, Friends' Gail Mancuso. The cast is young and attractive, the idea quite novel, the script is tight.

    Yet, it didn't get picked up by the braintrust at the soon-to-be extinct The WB. Instead, they bought Twins with Sara Gilbert and Melanie Griffith.


    You see, this is why I sit at home having to watch "I Love The ..." over and over and over again, because network executives obviously don't knwo what they're doing.
  • This show is perefect especially since we lost Friends and Sienfeld.

    When I saw the internet pilot off of I thought it was brilliant, funny creative and perfect. I am typically a Drama type of person I get into some the the reallity shows, This seems to have it all Comedy number one, reality and a little drama. The moment it started I was hooked. They only had three episodes too watch and making me wish they had more. I am hooked! This is something I would add definitely add to my weekly TIVO list.
    A lot of things have been going on in our world it would be nice to have a good down to earth show.