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  • This Is The Series Out Of The Franchise That Introduced Me To The Eponymous Character.


    This is another one of the PBS Kids shows (or kid shows from any channel or network for that matter) that I consider among my favorites and I consider the best. Firstly, I had never heard of Noddy prior to watching this then latest incarnation of a program featuring him nor did I know about any of his other shows aside from the latest series that's in CGI, Make Way For Noddy, until years later, after this one's run ended. I was 11 going on 12 when this came to the airwaves and maybe those were the ages that may have been excluded from the target demographic, but despite that it got me hooked anyway. I loved it back then as much as I still do today.

    Having thought about this show again for the longest now, I've been so nostalgic that I miss it. I used to tape the episodes but have since taped over them. I wish full episodes were available via Youtube or any other video site (since they're so hard to find online currently), and I know one of the other reviews here mentions that it supposedly was supposed to be airing again, this time on the Nick Jr. channel, but I couldn't find it listed as part of the schedule on Nick Jr.'s site. Either because perhaps it did air there but briefly and I missed it or that never happened, so I can't really say for sure if it's true if it ever did air on Nick Jr.

    But enough of not getting to the point of why anyone who may be reading my review should check out this Noddy series. I find it to be one of the perfect kid shows as an example of how it should be done properly. In this edition of the Noddy franchise, an ex-sea captain named Noah owns and runs a toy shop called Noddy, which is actually in acronym form N.O.D.D.Y. (I forgot what the whole acronym stands for exactly I'm afraid, I just remember it begins with "novelties" and ends with "yesteryear"). And there a few kids for frequent the shop and they often use the doll Noddy and other dolls from his world or universe to tell stories involving them, pertaining to the situation in the episode. And other toys in the shop come to life when no one is there. Including, among others, Sherman the Turtle Tank and Rusty the Clown who are often together with the latter riding on the former's back, Benita Flamingo the Latina flamingo, Planet Pup (my favorite of the toys), a tin dog whose duty is to serve and protect the planet, Warlow Q. Weasel, a jack-in-the-box weasel who sometimes puts one of the definitions of his species surname into effect, Granny Goose who often spoke in rhymes and others. Aunt Agatha, a relative of one or a couple of the kids, is a regular visitor too. I'm not sure which part of the show is the main draw, the Noddy stories (although that may go without saying apparently due to the title, one would think) or what goes on inside the shop, but I like the latter even more. I say this must be as great as anything else Noddy-related because of the lessons or morals it teaches. It doesn't divert from that traditional purpose of the norm or right way (unlike some, certain other kid shows from some of the reviews I read on here). Anyway, if anyone is lucky enough to come across it, whether for the first time or again, this is not one to be passed.

  • Noddy returns to PBS along with the new Nick Jr Channel

    We want to let you know that the Noddy shop returns on PBS Kids beginning next month along with the season premiere of the show starting Feb 1st on the new Nick Jr channel.

    Well, thank you so much for bringing you the Noddy Shop on PBS for two seasons and 2 years of the Noddy Shop and we look forward to return you on both PBS Kids and Nick Jr starting Feb 1st at 9am eastern, 8am central, 7am mountain and 6am pacific along with 3am Hawaii and 4am Seattle, we thank you for your pressure and thanks for visiting!

  • Something you remember from your childhood...

    I remember when i was younger watching Noddy and emersing myself in to the world soooo fictional yet the imagination of a child must run deep. Until i was searching through the archives of tv series i didn't even remember the show...Then WHAM! flooded memories.

    It's odd the things you remember. I just loved Noddy and his car, i barely remember any of the story lines seeing as it hasn't been aired on free to air tv in australia for years, and when i saw it last i was still in the childhood stage where colours are awesome technique tools to attract youngsters and likeable and distinguishable yet unique characters bewcome their best friends... ;)
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