Noein - To Your Other Self

Syfy (ended 2006)



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Noein - To Your Other Self

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Fifteen years in the future, by means of great military advancement fueled by scientific knowledge, a violent battle takes place between La'cryma, a dimension which attempts to protect humanity, and Shangri-La, a dimension devoted to the annihilation of all space-time. The key to stopping Shangri-La's invasion is a mysterious object known as "the Dragon Torque". The warriors of La'cryma, a group known as the Dragon Knights, are being sent through space and time to find the Dragon Torque. In the present time, twelve-year-old Haruka and her friend Yuu are contemplating running away from home when they meet a member of the Dragon Knights, named Karasu. Karasu believes that Haruka has the Dragon Torque and attempts to claim it in order to save his own dimension, La'cryma, from attack.
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  • this show had stunning animation visuals and very good voice acting.

    I only saw the ep that was on today about Yuu's aunt Emmy.

    I wonder if they'll ever show how she died cause they only said something aobut a car accident. It seems that since Emmy's death Miyuki thought that her mother only cared about her dead sister and not her. She planned to run away but never had the courage to do so. Its sad that this show has such amazing graphic like spirited away princess monoke

    nafia and the valley of the wind ect. But it lacks a proper plot. All in all a very good show on sci fi's ani-monday. I still can't believe yuu's va is sasuke's from naruto.moreless
  • Balanced somewhere between adventure and a dash of comedy.

    This series takes a new tack on the theme of "a grave menace is threatening the Earth." It sends kids together with a brave knight to find a device that will save the human race from destruction. A lot of shows involve young characters, but sometimes they do nothing but run around, play tag and yell. It was nice to see a series where the kids had to actually take risks and make challenging decisions. Children aren't often posited as thinkers in anime, but this show went a different route. That's good for the audience, and for parents as well. "Noein" could stand to get better, but it's not the worst thing you could rent.moreless
  • Action filled scifi anime in which a war between the dimensions takes place. A young girl Haruka aka., The Dragon Torque, is kidnapped by Dragon Knight Karasu who turs out to be more to her than he seems...moreless

    This is one of the best animes I've ever watched. Beautifully animated and well voiced characters complete the serene artwork and backgrounds. This anime also has an amazing musical score, expertly synced with the show. The story is great, with only one or two "review" episodes or flashbacks. It only gets a bit boring one or two times in the whole series. My only pity is that it was very short. Yet, this also added to the story that they wouldn't have meaningless fillers and a ridiculously drawn out traveling or the like. The series is short and sweet. Sadly, not many have watched or watch the anime. It is truly an overlooked gem of an anime.moreless
  • It was good at first then was it bad and then it got great.

    Noein was A very difficult show to figure out in beginning it was good then in the middle it was boring then at the end it was great. I personally liked the whole multi-universe storyline of this show. I like how everything was intertwined and how the look of the characters was so authenic and fresh from the characters of my other favorite shows.The way they had present and future versions of people was a nice touch. I also liked the way Haruka gradually learned how to use the dragon torque and how Yuu went from being the weakest wimp ever to an actually cool person. So in my oppinion if watch this show beginning you will love it catch in the middle and you will hate it so I would suggest you catch it in the beginning give it a try you will like it.moreless
  • Visually stunning, heavy on science, but a slow moving plot bars Noein from being an all time great.

    Noein is everything you would expect from a mature 26 episode anime. Great interface, an interesting plot, and a nice and memorable young cast with some excellent back story to them. The story revolves around Haruka, Yuu, and Karasu. Haruka is the only hope for the future when a mysterious party referred to as Shangri-la invades La'cryma, the future. She is what they call a dragon torque. Yuu is her bestfriend, and Karasu is Yuu 15 years in the future and one of the best and most notable dragon knights. The ultimate entity, Noein, is out to destroy everything that could possibly exist, but only the dragon torque can prevent that.

    The story is rather simple. Actually it's not simple; it has depth, but for its length you would expect a lot more. Noein has a lot of back story to it that is going on between the cast. In fact, it is safe to even say that it overlaps the slice of life genre. There is a lot of good character development to go around that you feel sort of an attachment to the entire cast when you are done watching the show. A lot of the minor characters have great development to them that you have that tingling feeling in your stomach when a major incident occurs to them. Noein is also a very smart slice of life with its situations and reaches a bit into the philosophical phases.

    The only problem is that there might be too much of this slice of life stuff and not enough of the main plot. Noein could have easily been a 13 episode anime if it got straight to the point. Most of the character development would have been eliminated in that case but to stretch it out is also a detriment. Noein is also heavy on the department of quantum physics which is the science of inter dimensional traveling. It spends a great deal of time explaining this science but the other problem is that it feels a bit too much like school. It is nice to be educated but there is a reason that school is normally not naturally liked, and Noein uses this approach.

    As an art Noein is very successful. Its visual dynamics is one of the best out there containing some very exciting and blood boiling battle scenes with some very nice audio tracks and songs to compliment it well. The only problem is that there might not be enough of this to compensate for the slow moving plot. For a 26 episode anime, you would expect a lot more action when one of its main selling points is its action and nice graphics.

    Overall, Noein is simply solid and worth a watch. Visually stunning, heavy on science, but a slow moving plot bars Noein from being an all time great. At first sight you will be appealed by its animation quality, but you will end up liking it for its strong supporting cast, slice of life scenarios, and long winded yet intriguing plot and story. Of course you will still like its action scenes, but the action will feel more like a compliment if anything. Though if you are someone that doesn't mind learning a thing or two about quantum physics or are already educated on the subject, Noein might be one of the best animes for you.moreless