Noein - To Your Other Self

Season 1 Episode 5

And Then...

Aired Unknown Jul 16, 2007 on Syfy

Episode Recap

The time operating machine was hijacked by the trio of Atori, Tobi, and Isuka. They say goodbye to their home, as they're rather sure they won't be coming back.
Ai and Haruka visit Miho's home, where they are greeted by a daughter and mother, both of whom are equally superstitious as the other, wearing 3D sun glasses, believing they can detect a person's aura. The four then play a ghost related board game. Following the instructions of it, they spell the word "Noein".
The dragon knights in La'cryma are on the case behind the disappearance of Atori's group. Fukurou meets up with Karasu, who has a little short talk about Haruka with him, and how she's not the same person they use to know.
At Yuu's home, Yuu comes home, and his mother pleads not to betray her. Isami is thinking about Yuu again. Ai kicks a soccer ball at his face, telling him to practice, but he just can't help but pity the boy. She gets frustrated, and tells some of the other members of the soccer team to practice as well.
Atori, Tobi, and Isuka, release their tubes that connects them with La'cryma. Now they won't be able to come back. Isami comes back to the group after unsuccessfully trying to bring Yuu with him. That's when time stops, and Haruka is sucked into a vortex, but to the other kids, they simply see her vanish. She finds herself in the same town, but another area. Tobi, Atori, and Isuka are there. Tobi collapses from exhausting too much power. Karasu comes, and battles Isuka after he threatened to fulfill his goals.
Atori once again disrupts the time flow, making it unstable. Isuka was close to choking Haruka to death, until something happens that causes him to become stronger. He kills Isuka. Atori gets away. Time becomes normal, but Karasu is frustrated, that he destroys the dam that's keeping the water from flooding the town. Haruka uses the power within her to stop it, changing timespaces with that of another. She collapses from depletion.
Fukurou congratulates Karasu for a job well done, but said he wouldn't give her up. Karasu finds Yuu, telling him to take good care of her, but he was forced back into La'cryma, taking Haruka with her before he had the chance to drop her off.
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