Noein - To Your Other Self

Season 1 Episode 5

And Then...

Aired Unknown Jul 16, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Not your normal anime with kids possessing supernatural powers.

    Atori has taken the next step in his plan to fulfill his goal. He hijacked the time operating machine, and traveled into the present time in search of the Dragon Torque. Haruka and her friends play a little spiritual game. The game produced the word "Noein". The three girls meet up with Isami, who further talk about the situation with Yuu.

    That's when the same old man from before appears, and warns Haruka of the dangerous future ahead. He then disappears, as well as Haruka, into another location. Atori, Tobi, and Isuka, appear, but are confronted by Karasu. He defeats the three, and takes Haruka with her. Though he was forced back in into his own timespace.

    The story seems to be revving up into something interesting. One thing that I dislike in animes regarding a child with supreme powers is that they do something spectacular, and how they did it is because they're just so great.

    Here, Haruka was able to stop the flood from happening because she switched timespaces. Everything seems to be supported rather than based on supernatural hope. Other than that, the story is getting pretty exciting so far. All these unexplained events that you're excited to see explained, makes you want to rush through this entire series.