Noein - To Your Other Self

Season 1 Episode 1

Blue Snow

Aired Unknown Jun 18, 2007 on Syfy

Episode Recap

A large halo like ring is embedded within the earth. Within the clouds, a mysterious object with a face on it comes flying down onto the planet. Three people with black capes chase it down, walking on the shield that doesn't allow them to make contact with the object they wish to destroy. The three use energy projectiles to try to penetrate the barrier, and the white haired one was successful. As a result, he was unable to escape, and was absorbed within the explosion that sent him to modern Japan. There, he stands atop a cross on a church, with Haruka observing from a distance.
Haruka wakes up to a pretty regular day, making breakfast and coffee after getting up. The dog, Baron, desires the same food, but Haruka tells him it's for her mother. During students are gossiping about ghost sighting incidents. As the teacher comes in and asks what her students are going to be doing for summer break, Haruka notices a strange aura surrounding Yuu.
Miho asks Haruka and her other friends to go ghost hunting with her. They argue about the matter if ghosts even exist, but what concerns Haruka the most is Yuu's strange behaviour recently. Just as the group of young friends were heading home, two people within a car seem to be doing an investigation of their own.
At home, Yuu is studying, and is told by her mom about his extra writing in his cram school. She looks over his pictures with him and his friends, and tells her son that he should stop hanging out with them. At Haruka's home, she tells her mother about it, who is quite surprised of the activity her daughter wishes to play. A non harmful argument about trivial matters starts ensuing.
The same halo like ring that appeared in the beginning of the episode, makes a reappearance with the same white haired man in a black coat standing atop the same cross. Haruka then wakes up, and realizes how late she is because of her oversleeping. She decides to visit Yuu at cram school. Yuu appears to be not very happy, and even brings up the scenario when Haruka wanted Yuu to runaway to Tokyo to see her dad. Yuu takes a rest on the steps of a nearby building. Haruka bends down to touch him, but her hand travels through. Blue snow starts falling from the sky, and the entire world around Haruka has turned blue and red. The rumoured man in the black coat approaches her, but reality shifted back to normal.
Next day, Haruka and her friend were hanging out in the park, talking about ghosts still. Haruka even says she saw the black coated ghost. Just then, a man--the same one in the car earlier--approaches the two. Ai grabs Haruka and runs away from the park, assuming the man is a pervert. The man calls her partner--the woman in the car earlier--and have an interesting conversation that involves the supernatural.
Yuu is studying, and is visited by Isami. Yuu lies to her mom that he's going to cram school. The two boys meet with the other three girls at the cemetery. Miho is enthusiastic about seeing the ghost, leading the way for the others. However, Yuu's mom comes raging in, and quickly takes her son with him. The other four continue without him.
Everyone, with the exception of Haruka, who seems too worried about Yuu, sees the ghost everyone was talking about. Their flashlights disintegrated half of his body as he struggles to crawl in their direction. A plug came off his leg, and blood started flowing out of it. The three kids ran for their lives. They told Haruka to do the same when they eventually caught up with her. On the highway, the same man starts chasing them. Haruka noticed he was concentrated only on her, and isolates herself from her other friends. The ghost cornered her in another cemetery, but Yuu came in all heroically. The ghost then utters some usual words about he and Yuu being the same.
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