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ep.02: "Runaway" Discussion

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    It's a bit late for this episode, but I'll mimic other forums and make an episode discussion thread.

    Now my own disjointed thoughts:

    A lot of shows pull the "lots of stuff is going on, but we won't tell you what it is" trick, but Noein has successfully interested me in these people in black cloaks. "Mysterious things start happening to average kid(s)" is a huge cliche, but they've pulled it off right. I'm fairly intrigued

    No one mentioned that guy from the first episode who materialized into a tombstone and disappeared. Did he die?

    The arm that guy lost seems to have been replaced after they returned home.

    The higher-ups don't seem to regard the black-clad very highly. They said a "unit" had been "damaged", as if they were talking about an object.

    Apparently the birds that happened to be around Haruka at the time Karasu confronted her are important? How strange.

    "Karasu" means "crow". He also carves statues of them in his spare time...and some real ones seem to be important to the mission?

    Yuu's pretty messed up. Poor kid.

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