Noein - To Your Other Self

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Unknown Jul 09, 2007 on Syfy

Episode Recap

The dragon knights have cornered the dragon torque--Haruka--into a single warehouse. Karasu was about to capture her, but a mask appears. The dragon knights refer to him as Noein. They try battling him, but a hand teleports from another dimension and negates the attack. Karasu is sent to chase after the dragon torque, who was teleported into another area, while the other dragon knights were sent back to their own timespace by Noein.
Uchida and Kooriyama are driving after detecting another phenomenon, and accidentally run into Haruka, though she claims she was teleported in front of the car, instead. They enter the warehouse she was previously in, but find nothing. Kooriyama finds deep, graven and tiny holes connected to the other side of the warehouse, and thinks he and Uchida should investigate the area more.
Isami visits Haruka's house to talk about Yuu's situation. They try to plan a way to end his suffering under his mother. Miho comes back from walking her dog, and misinterprets as the two flirting. She reports this to Ai, who gets rather jealous when she hears the story.
Atori, in his quarters within his own timespace where the dragon knights reside, suggests to his two roommates that he wants to destroy the dragon torque. He rants on how the dragon torque will destroy La'cryma, and only they're capable of stopping its destruction.
Back in Japan, Miho brings Ai to Haruka to hopefully clear up their misunderstanding. In that instant, a voice out of nowhere says the words "Existence itself, lies where the Ouroboros shows. Dragon Torque, everything that exists in this universe will seek you". Ai snaps Haruka back into reality.
The three are walking down a street slope, and Ai gets heated even more when Haruka does her best to clear up the situation. Ai takes Miho with her, leaving Haruka.
In Yuu's home, Yuu is playing around with his little pocket knife. He is visited by Karasu, who continues to tell him he is also Yuu.
Ai is walking around, when she happens to cross by Haruka's house. She is jealous when she sees Isami there, sitting down, talking to Haruka, and giving her a strap; a one similar to hers that Isami also gave her. Ai calls Haruka, and tells her to meet her as soon as possible. She heats up the argument quickly, and slaps Haruka in the face. Haruka retaliates, and the two keep arguing with fierce words and slaps. Ai rips the strap out of her cell phone, and throws it onto the grass.
That night, Ai is remembering the first time that Isami gave her the strap, and regrets getting rid of it. Haruka is taking a hot bath. Her mother tells her to apologize to whoever she fought with even if she didn't start it. Haruka lays on her dog, pondering what she did wrong. When she looks out into the window, the rain freezes in motion. A mysterious voice guides her to a time in the future. Ai is looking for the strap that she had lost, looking desperately and regretting it every bit. Haruka runs towards that same location, and helps Ai look for it. She finds it, and the two rejoice, and exchange apologies.