Noein - To Your Other Self

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Jul 02, 2007 on Syfy

Episode Recap

The Ouroboros ring materializes onto the city once again. Yuu goes through one of his "I'm going crazy!" little phases once again, but he's not the only one. Haruka is seeing the same images too of the large ring staring down at them, and the afterimages of the people they once saw. The mysterious ring around Haruka's neck constantly forms, and vanishes.
Haruka looks out onto a cliff. A man is running up the rail wires. He jumps in front of both of them, teasing and taunting the two. Yuu pulls out his little pocket knife, but Atori just intentionally stabs himself with it, which just melts the little piece of metal. He slaps Yuu onto the floor, even stepping on his head with his boot. After he realizes that Yuu is the Karasu of the present timespace, he revs himself up, and attempts to obliterate the poor little kid. Haruka begs Atori to stop, but he continues anyway. The ring around her neck reacts, and as a result, Atori explodes.
Haruka grabs Yuu's hand and takes him towards the rail lift, which started working because of the earlier explosion. They think they're safe, believing Atori is gone from their lives, but he stares through the window with a sinister clown face, and melts the support that's keeping the rail and lift together. It's only a matter of time before the railcar disconnects. Karasu however, saves it by tangling his black wire-like arms onto the railcar. Atori takes advantage of the situation, and starts pounding on Karasu with his energy projectiles.
Yuu simply sits in the corner, holding onto himself. Karasu gets mad at his cowardly behavior. There's only so much that Karasu can endure, but he continues to hold on. Haruka's invisible necklace starts reacting again, and disrupts the time flow of the current space. Atori seems to have been caught in the disruption, and he disappears. Karasu has gone missing, but he's still in the present timespace.
Haruka and Yuu land safely on the bottom of the mountain. They manage to make it onto the road, and encountere the same people that have been investigating the weird signals. They drive the two kids back to their homes. Yuu's mother is particularly mad, taking away his outside privileges and only allowing him to go out during cram school. Haruka's mother seems to be laid back as usual.
Atori came back early. He's surrounded by a group of people in a black room lighted by golden circles, held down onto a stretcher. He starts pleading for his life, and cries out "If that, If that comes here...La'cryma, La'cryma will be destroyed!" He's taken out of the room, screaming out loudly like a madman.
The next day, Haruka is at her friend's house, talking about the situation they went through. Miho even confesses she liked Yuu for a long time, but will gladly give him to Haruka since they're friends. When they watch the news, there seems to be no reports of anything about broken lifts, shattered glass, etc. because the dragon knights have fixed anything that was once destroyed to cover their tracks.
Haruka decides to visit Yuu instead. His mother refuses her entry. When she walks away, both she and Yuu go through some odd mental shift. When Haruka opens her eyes, she's not at Yuu's house any more. She finds herself at the lake surrounded by warehouses that screams out nostalgia and makes old memories of she and Yuu playing, flood back into her mind.
A door to a warehouse opens up, and in it she finds a crippled Karasu, hiding in the corner, breathing heavily from pain. He asks for water. Haruka goes gets some water, which Karasu quickly gulps down. Haruka was going to get some more, but Karasu stopped and grabbed her hand, uttering "Let's go together, Haruka!" More dragon knights appear.
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